Your Event Elevator: Maximizing Social Media Walls ROI

Palak Mishra

Content Writer

December 13, 2023

When it comes to any occasion, every detail holds considerable importance. If you aim to captivate a larger audience and keep them eagerly anticipating your event, it’s essential to introduce new approaches, like setting up these social media walls for increased ROI. 

The days of ordinary event services are gone. It’s time to go the extra mile and create a buzz around your event. 

Rather than relying on traditional printed advertisements, explore the potential of social media tools

Enhance your event’s online presence by encouraging individuals to share their experiences, moderate digital displays to stay relevant, expand your sponsorship opportunities, and more.

So, let’s start with what more you gain from these digital screen displays and how to strategize around them to improve your performance. 

Goal Getter Strategies for Increased Social Media Walls ROI

In this section, we will learn how effective your social walls can be when you strategize through a specific pattern. Go ahead and read the tips for using social walls

1. Set Your End Goals

Setting goals involves clearly defining what you want to achieve with your social media wall during the event. 

Ask yourself: What are the specific outcomes you’re aiming for? Whether increasing attendee engagement, reaching a wider audience, or enhancing brand visibility, having well-defined goals provides a roadmap for your social media wall strategy. 

These goals guide what you can display on your screens and measure your efforts during and after the event. 

2. Learn About Your Audience

Understand the preferences of your target audience. Tailor your social media wall content to align with your attendees’ interests, ensuring a more practical approach.

Understand your audience using the features of social media walls and run questionnaires to get to know the people attending your event. 

The better you know your audience, the more effortlessly you can connect through your social media wall, making the event more memorable for everyone involved.

3. Display UGC= Build Trust 

When people attending your event share their experiences, thoughts, and photos, it creates authenticity. You can flaunt UGC on social walls to build trust among the viewers, convert them into your buyers, or take your sales higher using that authentic content. 

Other attendees see real stories from real people, which builds trust. It’s like saying, “Here is the review from another buyer just like you.”

User-generated content adds a layer of credibility to your event, making it more trustworthy and relatable. So, make your guests the storytellers, building a stronger connection. 

4. Use Live Content 

Using live content means showcasing what’s happening at your event in real time. It’s about encouraging attendees to share their experiences, thoughts, and questions as the event unfolds. 

You create an instant and interactive connection with the audience by displaying live updates on your social media wall, like through live Twitter feeds

This adds an exciting element to your event, making it more participatory and enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved.

Use Live Content on Your Social Media Walls to Up Your ROI

5. Moderation is The Key 

Moderation means keeping things under control. It’s like ensuring that the content displayed on your social media wall aligns with the vibe and purpose of your event. 

By moderating the social wall, you prevent any unwanted or off-brand content from showing up. Not only that, but you can also protect your brand image by not displaying any inappropriate visuals or negative reviews. 

It’s about maintaining a positive and on-brand atmosphere, creating a space that reflects the goals and values of your event. 

6. Interact to Perform Better

On your social media wall, it’s about encouraging attendees to participate in different ways—through polls, Q&A sessions, or even fun contests. 

This keeps attendees engaged and creates a lively and participatory atmosphere, enhancing the overall event experience.

Think of it as turning your beneficial social media wall into a platform, making the event more enjoyable and memorable for everyone.

7. Maximize Sponsorship Opportunities

Explore opportunities to monetize your social media wall through sponsorships. Collaborate with brands willing to partner with your event and display their logos or messages on the social media wall.

Partnering with brands can help you enhance sponsorship revenue in the future. It’s like having companies support your event and, in return, getting some visibility. It’s a win-win: they get exposure, and you get some help covering event costs. 

Think of it as teaming up with businesses that believe in your event and want to be a part of its success. 

Maximize Sponsorship Opportunities Through Social Media Walls

8. Monitor and Measure 

Measuring means tracking how many people interact, what they say, and what content is most popular. By analyzing this information, you gain insights into what works and can be improved. 

You can do so easily through social media wall analytics and learn from the current event to improve the next one. 

Think of measurement as a way to fine-tune your social media wall strategy, ensuring that each event is more successful than the last.

9. Display Social Media Content 

By displaying Instagram hashtag campaign content, you’re showcasing posts from attendees who use a specific hashtag on Instagram. Bring their Instagram experiences to your event.

And then, there are YouTube Shorts—short-form videos for adding excitement in the pre-event phase or showing a crux on social media channels. 

Attendees, speakers, and exhibitors can create quick videos capturing event highlights. Think of it as offering a diverse content experience that everyone can enjoy.

Display Social Media Content to Boost Social Media Wall ROI

Benefits of a Social Media Wall at Events

From enhancing the overall experience of your event guests to helping you get closer to your goals, integrating a social media wall is here to help you. Below are some advantages of setting up this digital display at your events. 

Benefits of a Social Media Wall at Events

1. Offers Increased Engagement

Social media walls take event engagement to another level by creating interactive displays and displaying real-time social media feeds for attendees. 

You can keep your attendees updated by showcasing updates, running posts, and more from various social media platforms. Turn your event into a two-way conversation rather than a one-way communication channel. 

Ask your guests to exhibit their content on screens using the hashtag and sharing on social channels. This facilitated direct interaction and allowed for networking among participants.

2. Gamifies Your Event

Creating a social wall with gamification elements in your event through social media walls adds fun and competition. 

Attendees are motivated to participate actively through the polls or CTAs on social walls, knowing their contributions might be featured on the big screen. This gamification enhances the overall event experience and encourages attendees to explore and engage with the event content more thoroughly.

A live quiz on their social media wall encourages attendees to answer questions about the exhibited products rather than simply asking your guests the answers. Correct answers and the responder can be highlighted on the digital screens. 

3. Reach into a Broader Audience

One of the most evident plus points of social media walls for events is their ability to extend the reach of your event far beyond the physical venue. 

User-generated content on social walls becomes a promotional tool to help you reach and create a place for your brand.

If your brand hosts a music festival, encourage attendees to share their favorite moments on social media using a specific hashtag. The resulting flood of posts reached a global audience, attracting attention from music enthusiasts who couldn’t attend but be converted into your brand advocates. 

4. Gives a Personal Touch 

Customized social media walls offer a personal touch to the viewers that can be tailored to match your event’s theme, branding, and objectives. 

This personalization enhances the visual appeal and allows organizers to convey a message using the social walls’ design and themes

Attendees appreciate the effort to create a unique and memorable experience. As a brand, you can also give your corporate conferences a branded social media wall that incorporates the company’s color scheme and logo. 

5. Cost-effective Marketing 

One of the most important benefits you can imagine from a social wall while planning a product launch event or any other event is that compared to traditional event marketing methods, social media walls offer a cost-effective solution with a high return on investment. 

Leveraging user-generated content reduces the need for extensive promotional materials and advertising expenses. The interactive nature of social media walls also minimizes the need for additional event staff to engage attendees actively.

Generate buzz without investing heavily and turn your attendees into event promoters. 

While it may seem easy and quick, you should follow some steps and take some precautions when it comes to using social media walls ROI. 

Over To You!

So, there you have everything you need to know about boosting your ROI using social walls at events! It makes things more exciting, connects people, and helps your event reach new heights. 

Remember to know your audience, keep things lively with live content, and learn from it all for the next time. 

It’s not just about the event day; it’s about creating a memorable day for your guests that makes them come for your next event. So what’s the wait for? Get started

Palak Mishra

Content Writer

December 13, 2023