16 X Twitter Hashtag Analytics & Hashtag Tracking Tools [+Updated 2024]

Rajat Singh Chauhan

13 minute read

Rajat Singh Chauhan

May 6, 2024

In the ever-altering world of social media marketing, Twitter holds the throne for real-time conversations and audience engagement. However, with millions of tweets flying every second, composing a great tweet is just half the battle.

To genuinely boost your message and get the right audience, you need to have powerful Twitter hashtag tracking tools at hand.

This article is a guide that gives you the knowledge and tools to master hashtag tracking for Twitter. 

We’ll be covering the best Twitter Hashtag Analytics Tools, diving into the world of hashtag analytics.

16 Best Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools in 2024

Here is a list of some of the market leaders of Twitter Hashtag Analytics Tools.

  1. Social Walls (AI-powered social media display platform)
  2. Tagbox (Hashtag tracking, UGC curation, social media wall displays)
  3. Brand24 (Social media listening and analytics platform)
  4. Tweet Binder (Tracks hashtags, mentions, keywords, and profiles)
  5. Hashtagify.me (Hashtag research, trend analysis, influencer identification)
  6. Sprout Social (All-in-one social media management platform)
  7. Buzzsumo (Content discovery and influencer marketing platform)
  8. Keyhole (Social media analytics and reporting)
  9. Mention (Social media monitoring and analytics)
  10. Brandwatch (Enterprise social listening and analytics)
  11. Followerwonk (Twitter follower analytics and competitor research) 
  12. Hootsuite (Social media management platform)
  13. AgoraPulse (Social media listening and engagement platform)
  14. Semrush (SEO and social media marketing toolkit)
  15. Canva (Graphic design platform with built-in hashtag suggestion tool)
  16. Twitter Advanced Search (Native Twitter search functionality for hashtag tracking)

What is Twitter Hashtag Analytics?

best twitter hashtag analytics

Twitter hashtag analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing the data that is related to certain hashtags. Let’s do a post-mortem on Twitter hashtag analytics and understand its parts.

  • Hashtag reach and popularity: How many people are using the hashtag and how much is it being used?
  • Audience demographics: Who is the person behind the hashtag? (Age, location, interests)
  • Engagement metrics: Tweets with the hashtag led to likes, retweets, and replies.
  • Sentiment analysis: Generally positive, negative, or neutral sentiment regarding the hashtag.
  • Trending conversations: What is the subject of conversation within the hashtag?

How Do Hashtag Analytics Help You Identify Best Hashtags?

By leveraging Twitter hashtag analytics tools, you can:

  • Discover high-volume, relevant hashtags: Seek hashtags that are popular in your niche and have a chance to reach out to a larger audience.
  • Track competitor hashtag usage: Find out which hashtags your competitors use and think about what gaps in your strategy you might have.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your hashtag campaigns: Monitor the impact of the selected hashtag campaigns and adapt your strategy as needed.
  • Identify trending topics and conversations: Stay relevant and participate in the trending topics to maintain engagement.

Top 16 Twitter Hashtag Analytics & Tracking Tools in 2024

By incorporating these free and paid Twitter hashtag analytics & tracking tools into your social media strategy, you can utilize the power of Twitter hashtags.

1. Social Walls

Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tool

Social Walls is not just a typical hashtag tracking tool, but a full-fledged solution for the brand to leverage user-generated content (UGC) for building audience engagement and trust. 

1. Powerful Hashtag Tracking:

  • Monitor hashtags that are relevant in real time, collecting conversations and user-generated material about your brand or campaign.
  • Track the volume and sentiment of hashtag mentions to decipher audience opinion and measure the campaign’s effectiveness.
  • Identify the best-performing content and influencers that are part of the hashtag conversations you’re monitoring.

2. Engaging Content Curation:

  • Filter the UGC according to the pre-established criteria such as keywords, mentions, or sentiment.
  • Moderate content to secure brand identity and a positive user interface.
  • Personalize content displays using AI for better response to the different audience segments.

3. Dynamic Display Options:

  • Feature curated UGC on digital touchpoints such as websites, landing pages, event screens, and digital displays.
  • Design appealing social walls that will attract the attention of the audience and encourage them to join in.
  • Integrate with any existing website or CMS platform, just like that.

4. Enhanced Audience Engagement:

  • Promote user-generated content by displaying user posts and generating a sense of community.
  • Boost brand trust and authenticity through displaying customers’ real experiences.
  • Engage your audience through calls to action, contests, and polls that are integrated into the social wall.

5. AI-Powered Personalization:

  • Use AI to tailor social wall content for users based on demographics, interests, or browsing habits.
  • Provide an experience that is more relevant and entertaining to every single viewer with features like recommendation score and sentiment analysis.
  • Promote the efficiency of your social wall in achieving the conversion or awareness of the brand.

Benefits of Social Walls

  • Extends brand reach and visibility by way of user-generated content.
  • Develop trust and credibility through exhibiting real customer experiences.
  • Enhances the engagement and interaction of your audience on your digital channels.
  • Enables the discovery of valuable audience sentiment and performance of the campaign.

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Analyse and Track your Hashtag Success

2. Tagbox

Twitter Hashtag Analytics Tool

Tagbox offers hashtag tracking for twitter, UGC curation, and social media wall displays as one easy-to-use solution. Monitor conversations around your hashtags, look for valuable user-generated content, and put it together in an appealing social wall

Tagbox integrates with different social media channels and you can showcase content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more. The free plans are limited, but the paid tiers open up more advanced features like analytics, scheduling, and customization options.

3. Brand24

Hashtag Tracking for Twitter

Brand24 is a social listening platform that is more than just a Twitter hashtag tracker. It helps you to track brand mentions, analyze sentiment, and identify influencers within your industry. 

Although hashtag tracking is available in the free trial, advanced features like competitor analysis, in-depth reporting, and influencer outreach tools can only be accessed by the paid plans. 

Brand24 will help you understand the whole online talk about your hashtags and you can then optimize your strategy as well.

Pricing: Free trial, Paid plans from $99/month

4. Tweet Binder

Twitter hashtag tracking tool

Tweet Binder is a specialized hashtag tracking tool that lets you track conversations, analyze engagement, and discover trending topics. It extends beyond hashtags, enabling you to monitor mentions, keywords, and specific profiles. 

The free plan offers basic tracking functionality, but the paid plans provide advanced features like sentiment analysis, historical data access, and exportable reports. Tweet Binder is a good option for users who require tracking of a specific hashtag.

Pricing: Free plan with limitations, Paid plans from $42/month

5. Hashtagify.me

Twitter Hashtag Ananytic

Hashtagify.me is a fantastic tool for Twitter hashtag analytics. Get familiar with related hashtags, find trending topics, and find out the possible influencers for your niche. It offers information about hashtag popularity, historical patterns, and emotional associations. 

The free plan provides basic functionality, while paid plans give access to advanced features such as competitor analysis, influencer outreach tools and in-depth reports. Hashtagify.me provides you with data-driven hashtag strategies that will help you reach and engage a larger audience.

Pricing: Free plan with limitations, Paid plans from $19/month

6. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a comprehensive social media management platform that includes hashtag tracking among the many features it offers. You can schedule tweets, operate several accounts, and track the progress of your hashtags across various social media platforms. 

Sprout Social offers invaluable data on your hashtags’ reach, engagement, and click-through rates. With the free trial, you can experience the features, while paid plans come with additional features such as social listening, reporting, and team collaboration tools.

Pricing: Free trial, Paid plans from $199/month

Take Your Twitter Strategy To New Heights

7. Buzzsumo

Although Buzzsumo is not only a Twitter hashtag tracker, it provides helpful statistics for hashtag research. You can find out what content works best for particular hashtags and draw inspiration for your own content creation. 

Buzzsumo also helps to identify influencers who are actively participating in your chosen hashtags. The free trial has limited functionality while paid plans offer advanced features like competitor analysis, influencer outreach tools, and in-depth content performance reports. 

Utilize Buzzsumo to refine your content strategy and optimize engagement around your hashtags.

Pricing: Free trial, Paid plans from $199/month

8. Keyhole

Keyhole concentrates on social media analytics and reporting, including hashtag tracking. Follow the important metrics such as reach, engagement, and sentiment analysis for the selected hashtags. 

Evaluate the effectiveness of your hashtag campaigns, figure out who the top influencers are, and compare your results with your competitors. 

Keyhole provides a free trial with paid plans that open up advanced features like audience demographics reporting, social media listening capabilities, and custom data exports.

Pricing: Free trial, Paid plans from $89/month

9. Mention

Like Brand24, Mention is another effective Twitter hashtag-tracking tool used for gaining important insights for your hashtag campaign. The free plan allows you to monitor mentions and track basic hashtag analytics.

Premium plans enable access to more advanced features such as sentiment analysis, influencer identification, and automatic reports. Monitoring enables you to keep track of brand mentions, understand the audience’s perception, and optimize the hashtag strategy to get the best results.

Pricing: Free plan with limitations, Paid plans from $41/month

10. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a powerful social listening and analytics tool targeted at the enterprise level. It gives complete hashtag monitoring, in-depth sentiment analysis, and sophisticated influencer identification tools. 

However, the pricing isn’t disclosed, Brandwatch targets large companies and agencies that need complex social media intelligence.

Pricing: Enterprise plans

11. Followerwonk

Followerwonk, mainly centered on the analysis of Twitter followers, provides useful information for hashtag research as a Twitter hashtag tracker. It is possible to monitor the engagement level of your followers with a particular hashtag and find out the potential influencers in your niche. 

Paid plans provide you with competitor analysis, enabling you to view which hashtags your competitors use and discover the holes in your strategy. Followerwonk helps you narrow down your hashtags and target a more specific audience.

Pricing: Free trial, Paid plans from $23/month

Best Twitter Hashtag Tracking & Analytics Tool For Campaigns

12. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another popular multi-purpose Twitter hashtag-tracking tool that can schedule tweets, manage accounts, and analyze your hashtag performance on Twitter. 

Hootsuite gives you information on the reach, engagement, and click-through rates of your hashtags. The free plan has only basic features, but the paid plans have advanced features such as social listening, team collaboration tools, and advanced analytics reporting.

Pricing: Free plan with limitations, Paid plans from $22.93/month

13. Agora Pulse

Twitter Hashtag Tracker

Agora Pulse is a social media listening and engagement platform that can track hashtags. The free plan has basic tracking capabilities, while the paid versions have more advanced features like sentiment analysis, influencer identification, and automated scheduling tools. 

Agora Pulse enables you to track conversations, detect brand ambassadors, and interact with your audience in real-time through the hashtags you choose.

Pricing: Free plan with limitations, Paid plans from $49/month

14. SEMrush

Semrush, essentially an SEO and content marketing toolkit, provides unexpected benefits for hashtag research. It is not a dedicated hashtag tracking tool, but its social media tracking capabilities enable you to track brand mentions and analyze competitor hashtag strategies. 

Paid plans are designed to give access to advanced features such as competitor analysis reports, social listening capabilities, and in-depth audience insights. Utilize SEMrush to get a competitive edge and uncover unexplored hashtag opportunities.

Pricing: Free plan with limited features, Paid plans from $129.95/month

15.  Canva

Canva, a popular graphic design platform, offers a hidden gem for social media marketers: a built-in hashtag suggestion tool. As you create Twitter graphics with Canva, the tool suggests hashtags that are relevant to improve your visibility. 

The free plan has limited suggestions, while paid plans provide more comprehensive hashtag research and analytics. Utilize the Canva hashtag suggestion tool to come up with visually appealing content and target the right audience using relevant hashtags.

Pricing: Free plan with limited features, Paid plans from $5.99/month

This Twitter hashtag analytics tools allows you to search tweets using hashtags, keywords, location, and more. It is a built-in tool on Twitter that is an ideal starting point for both discovering popular conversations and seeing how hashtags are being used in real time. 

You can narrow your search by specific terms, filter by date and location, and even target tweets by language or account type. Take advantage of Twitter Advanced Search to explore deeper into your target audience as well as the hashtag landscape of your niche.

Pricing: Free

Which Hashtags Should You Track?

The ideal hashtags for your Twitter strategy should be:

  • Relevant to your niche and target audience
  • Have a decent volume of usage, but not overly saturated
  • Aligned with current trends and conversations
  • A mix of popular and niche hashtags


Learning how to use Twitter hashtags is an ongoing process, but with the right tools and strategies, you can multiply your reach and engagement.

It is a lot more than just selecting trendy words that would make your hashtags effective. Through Twitter hashtag analytics and tracking tools, you discover the audience’s interests and create relevant campaigns that touch their hearts.

Best Twitter Hashtag Tracking & Analytics Tool For Campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Track Twitter Hashtags?

Absolutely! You can follow Twitter hashtags using a wide range of tools, both free and paid. Some of the well-known choices are Social Walls, Tagbox, Tweet Binder, and Twitter’s advanced search function.

What are Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools?

These tools measure the performance of selected hashtags on Twitter. They provide worthwhile data on reach, engagement, demographics, and sentiment analysis, which help you tweak your hashtag strategy.

Is there a way to follow hashtags on Twitter?

Yes, Twitter lets you follow hashtags the same way you follow accounts. This allows you to add tweets with that hashtag to your timeline, thus making it easier for you to stay in touch with the related conversations.

How to do Hashtag Analytics?

Hashtag analytics is about collecting and analyzing the data associated with specific hashtags. This can be done by using hashtag tracking tools that are dedicated or by exporting data from social media platforms.

What are the 3 Best Practices for Twitter Hashtags?

1. Research and choose relevant hashtags: Don’t only pick trending hashtags but make sure they are in line with your content and target audience.
2. Use a mix of popular and niche hashtags: Strive for both wide exposure and focused engagement.
3. Track and analyze your hashtag performance: Track the key metrics and modify your approach according to the data.

Which is the best Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tool for Free?

Although free tools have limitations, Twitter’s Advanced Search and RiteTag’s free plan are where you should start. Explore by taking advantage of the free trials of premium tools such as Social Walls or Brand24 so that you will get a feeling of the tools.

By applying the guidelines and utilizing the capabilities of the hashtag analysis tools, you will be able to uncover and multiply your social media marketing possibilities.