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Palak Mishra

Content Writer

February 8, 2024

Hashtags have come a long way from simple search tools. Now, they’re powerful tools for social media marketing, making a big impact on various platforms. They can elevate your brand and boost your online visibility, especially during major events.

Now, meet Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools – They’re like your trusty sidekicks for discovering the most relevant hashtags so that you can use them to track your marketing campaign performance to achieve desired goals. 

And that’s where Twitter hashtag analytics and tracking tools become your companions! 

Twitter Hashtag Tracking tools have come a long way from simple search and management tools. Now, they offer social media marketing and make a significant impact on various platforms. They can elevate your brand and boost your online visibility, especially during major events.

Meet Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools, and were you aware of the fact that employing hashtags with your tweets can double individual engagement and increase it by 50% for brands? That’s why having a Twitter hashtag tracking tool is essential for measuring their performance.

They’re like your trusty sidekicks for discovering the most relevant hashtags so you can use them to track your marketing campaign performance to achieve desired goals. 

And that’s where Twitter hashtag analytics and tracking tools become your companions! 

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to some of the best Twitter hashtag-tracking tools that will equip you with tactics and tools to speed up and energize your social media campaigns like never before.

Get ready to start your Twitter hashtag analytics success story.

Table of Contents

    What is Twitter Hashtag Analytics? 

    Twitter Hashtag Analytics is like watching how well certain words used with hashtags are doing on Twitter. It helps brands see if their hashtags are working or not. Hashtags do many things, like organizing posts, making tweets more popular, and helping brands get noticed.

    Twitter wall tools that show Twitter website posts also show which hashtags are popular. This helps people get more involved and talk more online. 

    This Twitter wall strategy using the hashtag analytics feature helps brands understand what people like so they can make better marketing plans later. The info they get helps them figure out how to get more people to see their posts and know about their brand on Twitter.

    Methods For Conducting Hashtag Analysis?

    Now that you know what Twitter hashtag analytics is, let’s understand how you can look at how well hashtags are doing on social media like Twitter. Here are some simple things to remember when using Twitter hashtag analytics:

    • Choose the Right Hashtags: Pick the hashtags you want to check based on your Twitter campaign.
    • Use Analytics Tools: Special tools for hashtag analysis can be beneficial.
    • Keep Track of Numbers: Monitor essential numbers, such as how many people see your posts, how much they engage with them, and how they interact with others.
    • Check Content Performance: See how well your posts with specific hashtags are doing. Are people liking, sharing, or commenting on them?
    • Know What’s Trending: Keep an eye on what topics are popular and related to your hashtags. This helps you make posts that people are more likely to engage with.
    • Look at the Competition: See how other brands are using hashtags and what they’re doing. It can give you ideas for your strategy.
    • Measure Reach: Figure out how far your hashtags are spreading by seeing how many people are using and sharing them.
    • Report and Improve: Make reports based on what you find so you can plan better for the future. Use insights to make your content reach more people and get more engagement.

    We’re off to our next section, which will discuss why you need a Twitter hashtag analytics tool and how it can help your brand.

    Why Do You Need a Twitter Hashtag Tracker?

    Twitter hashtag analytics can help you see what topics are popular among users. They look at how these hashtags are reacting to news, what users are doing, and what people are sharing.

    You can determine which hashtags are important and see how well your brand’s hashtags are doing. Using Twitter hashtag analytics tools, brands can get more people involved, which means more people see their posts and learn about their brands.

    When you combine these tools with social media aggregators, it can really help your brand grow in marketing.

    The Hashtag Advantage: Why Tracking is Essential

    To boost your online presence, start by using hashtag analytics and find the hashtag that can help you achieve the results of your marketing campaign with the help of a Twitter viewer that helps you determine what topics and posts your target audience enjoys. 

    Tracking hashtags on Twitter reveals what’s happening, your actions, and what your audience loves. Read about some benefits that you can enjoy by tracking hashtags. 

    1. Stay in the Loop

    You can stay updated on trending topics by tracking hashtags keeping your tweets relevant and your followers informed. This makes your audience feel connected to your brand and more likely to become loyal customers.

    2. Progress Report

    Hashtag tracking gives you a scorecard for your Twitter performance. It’ll help you learn the number of people who like to retweet and talk about your tweets. 

    3. Know Your Fans

    Using hashtags is like peering into your audience’s interests, enabling you to understand them better. By monitoring their hashtags, you can create more customer-centric content that ultimately drives higher engagement.

    4. Spy on Competitors 

    Wonder what your rivals are cooking up? Hashtag tracking tools let you peek into your competitors to understand better which hashtags they’re using and what’s cooking on their side of the social media stove. It’s a friendly way to stay ahead of the game.

    Find The Best Hashtags With Twitter Hashtag Analytics Tool

    Understanding hashtag analytics is essential for any brand or business that wants to use social media to reach more people. Special tools can help you learn much about how your hashtags perform, improving your social media strategy.

    So, how does it work? Well, it’s all about the numbers:

    • Look at Engagement: See how many people are interacting with your hashtags. The more engagement, the better.
    • Check Reach and Impressions: Find out how many people are seeing your hashtags and how many times they’re being seen. This shows how far your message is spreading.
    • Follow Trends: Watch how your hashtags are doing in real-time. This helps you adjust your strategy quickly.
    • Understand Your Audience: See who’s using your hashtags and where they’re from. This will help you better target your posts.
    • Keep an Eye on Competitors: Look at what hashtags your competitors are using. This gives you ideas on how to improve your own campaigns.

    Using the Twitter hashtag analytics tool, you can make smarter decisions about your social media plan and get better results. With the right Twitter hashtag analytics tools, you can find the best hashtags for your posts and stay ahead of the competition.

    Stay Ahead Of The Game: Track These Hashtags

    Regarding effective hashtag tracking and analytics on Twitter, knowing which types of hashtags to focus on is crucial to providing valuable insights into your social media strategy. 

    Here are five key categories of hashtags you should consider tracking:

    1. Branded hashtags

    These are hashtags that shout your brand name. Branded hashtags are like your brand’s signature on Twitter. They include your company name, catchy, or unique identifiers. When you track them, you can measure how well your brand is doing and see if your audience is joining and contributing to further content creation. 

    2. Event hashtags

    Create an event-specific hashtag if you’re throwing a virtual party, conference, or any event. It’s like handing out virtual invites. Tracking this hashtag lets you know who’s attending, how much buzz your event generates, and your performance. 

    3. Campaign hashtag

    Don’t forget your campaign hashtag when you launch a marketing campaign or promotion. It’s like a spotlight on your campaign. You can track it to see how well it’s performing and encourage your audience to participate in the campaign.

    4. Content hashtags

    Content hashtags are like keywords that describe your content. They make it easy for others to find what you’re sharing. Trace these hashtags to see which topics excite your audience and work on them to achieve your goals. 

    In the next section, we’ll introduce you to the top Twitter hashtag tracking and analytics tools.

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    Top Hashtag Tracking Tools in 2024

    Out of the hundreds of tools available in the market, we have compiled a list of the top and the best hashtag tracking and analytics tools with impressive results.

    1. Talkwalker | Track hashtags

    Talkwalker | Track hashtags

    With Talkwalker, you can easily see how well your hashtags are doing as they focus on providing their clientele with valuable insights. It provides crucial information like how many people are engaging with them, talking about them, and how far they reach on Twitter. 

    It even determines if people like or dislike your hashtags so you can tweak your campaign.

    But that’s not all! Talkwalker also helps you see how your hashtags stack up against your competition, find those super-engaging posts, and spot the big shots on Twitter that get everyone talking in real-time.

    2. Hashtagify | Hashtag analyzer

    Hashtagify | Hashtag analyzer

    Meet Hashtagify, your partner for hashtag success. In social media marketing, nailing the right hashtags is crucial, and is your go-to guide. Its user-friendly platform offers a bundle of features to your hashtag game.

    You can effortlessly discover the ideal hashtags to boost your online presence and dive into insightful data to precisely plan your social media strategy. Use hashtags to amp up engagement with your audience.

    Whether you need hashtag suggestions, influencer insights, or performance tracking, has it all. 

    3. RiteTag | Track my hashtag


    RiteTag is like your personal hashtag coach for Twitter. Once you connect, your Twitter account gives you the green light on whether your hashtags are on point.

    You can also start with trending hashtags with stats like tweets per hour and how far they can reach. Plus, it spills the beans on each hashtag you use.

    And that’s not all! RiteTag provides instant feedback and more. Here’s the cool stuff:

    • Get alerts on trending hashtags related to your topic via email.
    • Group your hashtags based on reach, retweets, and impressions for easy comparison.
    • See hashtag analytics right as you type them on Twitter or any other platform.

    4. Socialert | The hashtag tracker

    Socialert is your Twitter hashtag tracker hero! It gives you all the cool stats on your hashtags, like how many tweets, how far they reach, who’s using them, and even related hashtags. Plus, it paints a picture of all the conversations with your hashtag in a graph.

    It can tell if people feel positive, negative, or just chill about your hashtag. And it’s like a Twitter detective, helping you discover what’s hot in your hashtags.

    Socialert also shows you if your hashtag is a superstar with many impressions and reach. And the best part? You can peek at your competitors’ hashtags to see which ones are a hit and use them for your Twitter game.

    5. Tagbox | Twitter hashtag tracker


    Tagbox is your go-to tool if you’re a business looking to make the most of User Generated Content (UGC). It makes it a breeze to gather, organize, and show off UGC from places like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

    What’s cool about Tagbox? It has an easy dashboard and smart filters to help you display the best UGC related to your brand.

    But here’s the kicker: You can customize your UGC displays with ready-made templates or create your designs, ensuring they fit your brand perfectly.

    Key features include: Get analytics tools, like Twitter hashtag analytics, to measure the impact of your UGC campaigns. Plus, you can control what gets shown on your website or social media with moderation tools and filters.

    If you want a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use tool for handling UGC, Tagbox is the one to check out!

    6. | Twitter trend analysis is the ultimate go-to spot for all things hashtags. It’s like a gate to discover what’s preferred in business, tech, and entertainment categories.

    With tips on how to use hashtags, the latest Twitter scoop, and loads of inspiration for creating successful hashtags. 

    Here’s the scoop:

    • Discover tons of cool hashtags on different topics.
    • Get easy-to-understand analytics based on sample data.
    • You can even add your very own hashtag to their collection.

    7. TweetBinder | Social performance tool


    TweetBinder is like your quick and easy social media performance buddy. It’s perfect for newcomers to social media analytics.

    With it, you can dive into Twitter hashtags and find out who’s talking, who’s the big shot, and what links are being shared.

    A broader analytics tool also tells you everything about a conversation, from the total tweets to retweets and links. Grab a free report for up to tweets from the past week, and it also handles Instagram hashtag analytics.

    Check out the highlights:

    • Crystal clear visuals for hashtag analytics.
    • The classify panel simplifies breaking down posts.

    8. #onemilliontweetmap | Overview of hashtag usage


    #onemilliontweetmap, much like Trendsmap, offers a global view of hashtag trends. What sets this tool apart is its incredible detail, thanks to user-friendly filters. The map is visually striking, and it displays mentions in real-time.

    This hashtag tool features a map interface on the homepage, allowing you to explore popular hashtags by changing locations. You can also opt for a heatmap view customized to your preferred time range.

    Here’s what makes it shine:

    • Cluster view: Pinpoints the noisy areas with the most tweet activity. 
    • Keyword/hashtag search: Easily find hashtags related to your topic in specific locations.
    • Time filter: Focus on data from the past six hours.
    • Sentiment analysis: Offers real-time insights into whether the sentiment is positive, neutral, or negative.

    9. TWChat | Twitter chat tracker

    TWChat is trustworthy for Twitter chats, making it easier to follow and participate in conversations. You’ll find a list of tweet chats on the homepage that you can filter by interest.

    It covers all the basics for hosting and joining Twitter chats. What’s neat is it automatically adds hashtags and offers multiple tracking options, making it a top choice for chat hosts. Plus, you can filter for questions, which is a handy feature.

    Here are the highlights:

    • Mentor section: Keeps tweets from the chat host separate.
    • Attach image: A unique feature that lets you share images with your posts.
    • Show tweets with questions
    • Stats

    10. TrackMyHashtag | Twitter hashtag tracking


    TrackMyHashtag is your tool for keeping tabs on Twitter hashtags. It’s super user-friendly, tracking keywords, hashtags, or mentions in real-time. 

    Here’s the cool part: They have a Tweet Counter/Hashtag Counter. It tells you exactly how many times a hashtag was used in a specific time period, shows average usage, and even maps out when it was most popular.

    Key Features include real-time hashtag tracking, historical data reports, finding top influencers, measuring your campaign’s reach, and spying on your competition’s social media strategy. It’s like your secret weapon for Twitter success.

    11. TweetDeck | The social media manager


    TweetDeck is a handy tool. It’s like your command center for keeping an eye on multiple hashtags, keywords, and discussions simultaneously. The interface is clean, and it’s super quick to engage in live conversations.

    While it’s not a scheduling superstar, it does the job for Twitter and is completely free. You can even link up multiple Twitter accounts.

    You can also track social media campaigns for clients, keep tabs on several hashtag campaigns, juggle different Twitter campaigns or accounts, and set up alerts to stay in the loop with new tweets. Plus, it’s got your back for scheduling tweets when those big hashtag moments arrive.

    12. Brand24


    Brand24 is a tool primarily for monitoring your brand or product online, but it also packs a punch for hashtag tracking and analytics.

    With hashtag tracking, you can watch hashtags across various social networks like Twitter and Instagram. It’s super useful for tracking and analyzing contests and campaigns based on hashtags. 

    Plus, Brand24 helps you spot top influencers and measure the social media buzz.

    The tool lets you count the number of tweets or posts for a specific hashtag, giving you insights into its popularity and performance. You can even estimate your social media reach using Hashtag Tracking.

    13. Agorapulse


    Agorapulse, a popular social media management platform, has a fantastic Twitter hashtag tracker. It’s a must-have for social media managers who want to discover and keep tabs on relevant hashtags. 

    You can search for multiple hashtags specify language and location, and Agorapulse even shows you who’s behind each tweet with those hashtags.

    That’s not all – if you’re thinking of running influencer campaigns, Agorapulse streamlines the process. Its social CRM lets you build a database of potential influencers from Twitter and Instagram. 

    It provides reports on hashtag performance, showing you how many times they’re mentioned each month, and you can compare these stats over time for deeper insights. It’s a game-changer for social media management!

    14. Flick


    Flick is a remarkable tool for hashtag discovery and analysis, making your social media strategy sharp. You can organize different sets of hashtags and use data-driven insights to boost your engagement.

    The coolest part is that Flick gives you hashtag suggestions with each search, which is quite generous. You can view the results as a group or dive deep into a detailed table with metrics for a thorough analysis. It’s a top-notch Twitter hashtag-tracking tool that can make or break your social media success.

    And here’s the cherry on top: You can access Flick through a mobile app on Android or iOS or use it on the web. With Flick’s analytics, you can keep an eye on how your hashtags perform and decide which ones are worth keeping based on different metrics.

    15. Sprout Social

    Sprout Social is a great option when you are looking for a Twitter hashtag-tracking solution for managing social media activities and optimizing performance through features such as Publishing, Premium Analytics, Influencer Marketing, Employee Advocacy, AI and automation, and Integrations. 

    It functions as an intelligent assistant, providing insights into the effectiveness of social media efforts and facilitating informed decision-making to enhance business outcomes. 

    Moreover, Sprout Social seamlessly integrates with existing tools, catering to the needs of large enterprises and small businesses. This empowers users to excel in social media efforts and accelerate business growth.

    16. Social Pilot

    SocialPilot is a leading Twitter hashtag analytics companion for social media management and Twitter hashtag analytics. It functions as a personalized assistant, aiding you in overseeing all your social media accounts.

    This platform allows you to schedule posts, monitor their performance, and engage with your followers seamlessly. 

    Whether you operate as a significant brand or a budding startup, SocialPilot simplifies the process and saves you valuable time.

    17. Keyhole

    Experience the power of Keyhole, an advanced Twitter hashtag-tracking analytics tool designed to revolutionize social media data analysis. 

    Keyhole empowers users by simplifying the real-time analysis of multiple profiles, brand mentions, campaigns, and influencers. With features such as comparing metrics across different periods, aggregating data from various platforms, and generating instant reports, Keyhole gives users complete tools to make data-driven decisions effortlessly.

    Keyhole offers an approach to optimizing social media strategies, from monitoring brand mentions and audience sentiments to analyzing profile growth and engagement.

    18. Hootsuite

    Hootsuite revolutionizes social media marketing by providing an all-in-one platform that enhances users’ online presence through its powerful features. From scheduling posts to analyzing performance, creating AI-generated content, monitoring conversations, and managing advertisements, Hootsuite facilitates social media management.

    Its user-friendly interface allows for effortless scheduling across various networks during its integration. 

    Moreover, Hootsuite empowers users with valuable insights and resources, enabling them to stay ahead of emerging trends and implement effective strategies for success.


    In conclusion, to succeed in social media and marketing, master hashtag tracking with Twitter tools. Remember, hashtags aren’t just symbols – they’re your ticket to engagement and online success. With these analytics tools, you can confidently navigate the hashtag landscape.

    So, start your hashtag journey today. Success is just a hashtag away.

    Palak Mishra

    Content Writer

    February 8, 2024