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SocialWalls gather and display hashtag content from customers and creators, allowing seamless execution and broadcast across marketing channels.

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Hashtag Campaign

Hashtag campaigns are a simple but powerful strategy for growing an active and interested audience. Using hashtags is a great way to reach more people, connect with new audiences, and build a community around your brand.

By incorporating hashtag marketing, businesses can cultivate a more involved and responsive audience. It helps get attention on social media, engage users, and drive traffic for specific topics or products.

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Make The Most Of Your Hashtag Campaign

Bag these and more Benefits of Social Wall
Heightened Engagement

Build A Credible Image

Integrate campaign hashtag into various consumer touchpoints to establish social proof. Boost participant numbers, enhance your social visibility, and generate awareness for your campaign.

UGC Curation

Build Influencer Circle

Allow SocialWalls to assist you in identifying your top influencers. Find the most impactful contributors to your best hashtag campaigns, interact, and empower them to create social content.

Brand Visibility

Elevates Digital Sales

Embed a hashtag wall on your eCommerce site, showcasing real user posts. Add Call To Action buttons to create a shoppable feed, boosting eCommerce sales and conversion rates.

Data and insights

Facilitate Brand Bonds

Followers love using hashtags to convey emotions. That's why #JustDoIt is more effective than #Nike. Showcase posts on your website to build trust and enhance engagement.

Multiply the benefits of your hashtag event initiative by broadcasting it through various marketing outlets.

Web Pages

Display your hashtag campaign feed on website to enhance visibility for your digital audience and elevate your website's performance.

Event Social Wall
Event Social Wall
Hanan M.

Industry Relations Special
Projects Manager

Seamless Engagement with a 10K+ Event Audience!

The SnapUp feature is a standout, other than that using QR codes made the UGC collection process seamless. It boosted higher Engagement even when working with 10,000+ attendees. Additionally, onboarding influencers augmented events effortlessly and broadened our audience.


Digital Displays

Immerse your audience in an unforgettable display by featuring your live hashtag campaign on digital screens throughout your premises.

Event Social Wall
Lennart V.
The Social Wall was a fun experience for our members.

Social Wall Display provided plenty of value for the social events of real estate with its easiness of setting up and its reliability - and moderation capabilities for our Posts.


Social Ads

Boost engagement and clickthrough rates in your social ads with ethical use of User-Generated Content (UGC). Obtain rights from creators for impactful campaigns.

Event Social Wall
Event Social Wall
Yajaira Sosa.

Gerente de Operaciones
COZY Punta Cana, SRL

Worked great for social engagement at our event.

Make web pages more informative, trustworthy and engaging by collecting and embedding user generated content, hashtag feeds, reviews, etc. Improve website engagement, social integration, and web performance with top user-generated content platform.


Email Campaigns

Revamp your emails with Social Walls' user-generated content. Craft authentic, customer-centric campaigns for truly inspiring content.

Event Social Wall
Event Social Wall
Apoorv R.

Business Development Manager

Valour for my money

I solved a few major problems with Socialwalls, such as attendee engagement, social reach through the hashtag, building trust among users, and showing off the sponsors more innovatively. It was a great experience.


Elevate Your Experience With These Stand-Out Features


Improved Orientation

Receive a customized onboarding experience led by UGC hashtag campaign success experts. They assist brands in getting started, exploring possibilities, and optimizing UGC tools for maximum ROI.


Real Time Moderation

Take charge of your content with a real-time moderation panel. Keep things tidy and spam-free on your social media feeds. Add a CTA button, spotlight posts, or pin any post on top for extra flair.

Dedicated Support

Cross-Platform Support

Gather content from various social channels like Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, Tumblr, and more. Simply input a hashtag or handle, effortlessly fetch your social media feeds, and bring them together in one convenient location.

Dedicated Support

Curated campaigns

Revamp your hashtag campaign content with imaginative customizations, themes, promotional elements, advanced content moderation, and more. Align UGC hashtag campaigns seamlessly with your brand goals.

Dedicated Support

Engaging Layouts

Enhance the style and richness of your social media feed with our fantastic layout template choices for websites and display screens. They are responsive and seamlessly adapt to any screen size.

Dedicated Support

Effective Data Analysis

Gain valuable audience behavior insights and assess campaign performance. Monitor clicks, views, user sentiments, content metrics, and more to fine-tune your campaign and optimize ROI using the leading UGC platform.

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