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Collect your hashtag campaign content and display live on digital screens, DOOH ads and more, to catch more attention, double the user content creation and bring engagement.

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Instagram wall
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Instagram Walls

The AI instagram wall showcases a carefully curated feed of Instagram content gathered through #hashtags, @mentions, @handles, Stories, and tagged posts.

This Instagram wall for events display includes both your social media content and user-generated content from Instagram, and it can be embedded on a website or featured at events.

Event Instagram Wall

Display Instagram walls at events, be it live or virtual. Work on boosting your engagement and participation with influential and authentic UGC.

Event Social Wall
Event Social Wall
Hanan M.

Industry Relations Special
Projects Manager

Seamless Engagement with a 10K+ Event Audience!

The SnapUp feature is a standout, other than that using QR codes made the UGC collection process seamless. It boosted higher Engagement even when working with 10,000+ attendees. Additionally, onboarding influencers augmented events effortlessly and broadened our audience.


Digital signage

Showcase your audience's live content on Jumbotron, Projector or TV screens, and effectively take a step closer to higher sales.

Event Social Wall
Lennart V.
The Social Wall was a fun experience for our members.

Social Wall Display provided plenty of value for the social events of real estate with its easiness of setting up and its reliability - and moderation capabilities for our Posts.



Flaunt your UGC to interact and convert through Instagram wall for websites. Make them informative and trustworthy with hashtag shares, real posts and stories.

Event Social Wall
Event Social Wall
Yajaira Sosa.

Gerente de Operaciones
COZY Punta Cana, SRL

Worked great for social engagement at our event.

Make web pages more informative, trustworthy and engaging by collecting and embedding user generated content, hashtag feeds, reviews, etc. Improve website engagement, social integration, and web performance with top user-generated content platform.


Hashtag campaigns

Share the honest and relatable visuals of your customers posted in hashtag camapigns and inspire others to take part.

Event Social Wall
Event Social Wall
Apoorv R.

Business Development Manager

Valour for my money

I solved a few major problems with Socialwalls, such as attendee engagement, social reach through the hashtag, building trust among users, and showing off the sponsors more innovatively. It was a great experience.


Seamlessly display your Instagram social media content into powerful user-generated content and get valuable insights to track its performance.

Step into success with Instagram walls for events for better experience.

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Social Wall Solution

Grab These Plus Points of Instagram Wall

Bag these and more Benefits of Social Wall
Heightened Engagement

User-generated Curation

Elevate your social media marketing by exhibiting UGC. Showcase it on screens to extend your reach and build genuine connections with your audience.

UGC Curation

Brand Presence

Flaunt your supporters, highlight premium content, brand logo, and run ads to grab more attention. Get the best for your brand with generated engagement.

Brand Visibility

Increased Engagement

Seamlessly drive audience towards engagement through gamification features. Encourage people to share their posts and actively participate in activities.

Data and insights

Insightful Data

Track user participation, clicks, and views in your campaigns, improve your future performance to enhance experience and maximize your ROI.

An Live Instagram Wall Feature Guidebook


Gamification Experience

Heighten attendee participation at your events with gamification features. Enable content sharing through QR code scanning, live polls, CTAs, and leaderboards.


Instant Updates

Present real-time social media feed to your viewers. Watch your UGC popping on screens as people create and share, transforming your event into an egaging atmosphere.

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Spotlight Your Sponsors

Give a shout-out to your supporters. Offer your brand increased sponsorships and growth oppurtunities by showing off your valuable data, be it conferences, trade shows or events.

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Snap Up

Invite your attendees to share visuals, reviews, and feedback effortlessly using QR codes or URLs. Eliminate the use of social media platforms and foster connections built on trust.

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Scale Up, Stay Secure

Ensure your brand grows while managing the protection of your brand and customer content, and information through our cookie-free approach and transparent disclosure policy.

Dedicated Support

24 hr Customer Care

Receive support 24/7, available through video, chat, email, or call as per your convenience. Our dedicated team is here to assist with any technicalities, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations.

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