social wall for education institutes
Uncategorized - 8 minute read

Best Ways to Use Social Media Wall in your Educational Institute

Lights, Camera, Engagement! How Social Media Walls in School & College Events are result-altering? Well, gone are the days of posters and monotonous announcements plastered...

Palak Mishra

February 22, 2024


social media wall in baby shower event
social wall - 9 minute read
Social Walls For Baby Shower Events: The Ultimate Guide

Are you also planning to host a baby shower or a private event? Why not flaunt family-generated content using social...

Palak Mishra

9 minute read

AI Social Media Wall
social wall - 9 minute read
AI-Powered Social Media Walls: The Future Of Events

Have you ever attended an event where the AI-powered social wall seemed to come alive with all sorts of excellent...

Palak Mishra

9 minute read

twitter wall management
Twitter - 8 minute read
Twitter Wall Management Guide: Strategies, Pitfalls, and Future Trends

Imagine your Twitter Wall buzzing with activity and catching your audience's attention. But why stop there? Now, think about what...

Palak Mishra

8 minute read

Top Hashtag Tracking Tools
Twitter - 17 minute read
Twitter Hashtag Analytics – SocialWalls

Hashtags have come a long way from simple search tools. Now, they're powerful tools for social media marketing, making a...

Palak Mishra

17 minute read

Twitter wall strategy
Twitter - 7 minute read
Boost Traffic, Engagement, & Buzz: Your Twitter Wall Strategy

An effective Twitter wall strategy: Displaying a live digital display generates the fear of missing out among your attendees and...

Palak Mishra

7 minute read

choosing the twitter wall
Twitter - 15 minute read
Choosing the Best Twitter Wall for Your Event: Curate, Engage, Amaze

Do you want to jazz up your Twitter game by displaying customer-created content? Well, that’s where live Twitter walls come...

Palak Mishra

15 minute read

benefits of twitter wall
Twitter - 6 minute read
Benefits of Using Twitter Walls For Events, Websites, or Retail

Adding live Twitter walls and displaying live content is a popular trend nowadays. It means showing real-time customer support, appreciation,...

Palak Mishra

6 minute read

top instagram hashtags
Instagram - 18 minute read
2000+ Best Instagram Hashtags in 100 Categories

If you are active on Instagram you already know that Instagram hashtags are what people search for or use to...

Palak Mishra

18 minute read

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