User Generated Content (UGC)

What is User Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content (UGC) can be best defined as branded content shared by valuable customers on social media sites and other channels. Sharing UGC content on different channels doesn’t cost customers anything but helps boost brand value. UGC comes in different formats, including videos, images, reels, reviews, and testimonials.

UGC holds quite a powerful place in modern marketing strategy. They greatly influence the buying decisions of the potential customers. User-generated content is believed to be much more influential than the brand’s original content, as per 85% of people. The competition is huge in the online market, so brands are taking UGC more seriously to stand out.

Who Creates User-Generated Content?

Are you planning to add user-generated content to your modern marketing tech network? Well done. It is one of the best ideas for bringing better conversion to your brand.

User-generated content, the name, is in itself the answer; the users of products are its creators. To be more specific, customers, social media followers, influencers, and brand advocates share interactive content about brands. Also, when a brand runs any contest or marketing campaign, it receives customer-generated content. Such contents can also be explained as UGC.

When Should You Encourage UGC?

User generated content has universal use and is essential for every stage of online marketing. It has been claimed by 48% of the customers that user-generated content has made their shopping journey easy with better product discoverability. So, it is clear that user-generated content helps brands increase conversion, sale rate, and overall ROI.

User-generated content is the best solution for the brand because its valuable customers promote it. So. businesses can save a lot of money on expensive marketing campaigns. Many big brands focus on user-generated content to market their brand successfully. User-generated content can be part of your every marketing campaign, whether social media marketing, email marketing, or any other.

Where is User Generated Content Shared?

User-generated content is the best word of mouth for modern marketing strategy. Brands these days are actively using user-generated content to strengthen their brand image. Businesses share user-generated content through different channels to establish brand loyalty and recognition. It includes,

  • Business website
  • Social media 
  • Product page
  • Email marketing
  • E-commerce sites

Marketers display user-generated content for specific purposes that lets them connect with audiences for different purposes. To offer personalized experiences to customers, businesses incorporate UGC content; displaying UGC on products has a quick effect on customers’ buying choices, and showing UGC on a website works as social proof that helps to build the trust of the customers.

Why is UGC Content Important?

User-generated content is the best way to elevate your brand’s image. UGC is crucial in establishing authenticity, driving engagement, and improving the band’s online presence. Let's see what benefits brands can expect from User-generated content.

Social Proof

User-generated content comes from the actual consumers of the product, which is why they are great social proof for any business. Customers are constantly influenced to purchase when they listen positively to others. Other word-of-mouth is more effective than advertising.

Cost-Effective Approach

Advertisements also take a toll on a business's budget and time. So, user-generated content cuts the cost of businesses to create their content. Moreover, it saves businesses a lot of brainstorming time.

Boost Conversion Rate

Displaying user-generated content helps businesses boost their conversion rate—the dilemma of choosing a brand is widespread among customers. Seeing user-generated content on product pages and websites will help them to make quick decisions.

Top 3 Examples of UGC Content

Here are the top 3 UGC content examples that can influence you to run a successful UGC campaign.

1. GoPro: Real-Life Action

We all know about the technology company and sports camera GoPro. This technology company has a platform and tool where customers share video and images shot on GoPro devices. They also run hashtag campaigns on social media that help collect user-generated content and show them on their platform. They engage in many other marketing activities that ultimately let them generate user-generated content.

2. Coca-Cola: Share a Coke

With Share, a Coke marketing campaign, the company has shared hundreds of first names on bottles and cans. This has encouraged customers to buy Coke and post it on social media with the  #ShareaCoke hashtag if they find their name. This one camping trip to Coca Cola is an excellent example of UGC that has gathered great engagement.

3. Apple: #ShotoniPhone

iPhone is known for its camera quality, which comes with different features. So, to show what the iPhone can shoot, they launched a campaign #ShotoniPhone. This campaign has helped iPhone to collect excellent user-generated content. iPhone has even shown those pictures or UGC on its company pages and digital advertisements.


The power that user-generated content holds in this competitive market is unexplainable. UGC is a cost-effective solution that helps brands build stronger connections with their audiences. 

Run a UGC campaign on social media platforms and collect them by showcasing them on digital signage, website, product pages, etc., through social walls. 

Start utilizing good User-generated content and raise the value of your brand.