Best Social Walls For Your Wedding

Capture best moments of your wedding and make them last forever using a wedding hashtag. Turn your D-day eternal with engaging and fun social walls.

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Wedding Wall
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Wedding Hashtag Wall

A social wall for weddings acts as a social media content aggregator which helps you showcase the memories created on your wedding day on digital displays.

Using a wedding wall, you can freeze moments and make your special day full of excitement. Run pre-wedding video, guest's visuals and more with these social wall displays.

Ask your guests to capture and share visuals from your day using your wedding hashtag. Make everyone a part as this social wall displays every memory.

Collect And Create

Gather your wedding content from multiple social media channels, hashtags and mentions. Ask your friends and family to share their clicks of before and after the wedding with everyone.

Social Wall Solution
Social Wall Solution

Moderate And Personalize

Exhibit the perfect feed to your wedding attendees by curating only the relevant, fun and relatable content on your digital displays. Use layouts, designs and choose attractive backgrounds for your feed, making it more interactive.

Go Live With Your Feed

Get moving with digital social walls at your wedding venue and present your guests and relatives with happy memories. Showcase live content, wishes and blessings on screens of any size.

Social Wall Solution

Build a wedding wall instantly to cover the most joyful day of your life!

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Make a cool wedding wall by gathering and showing off stuff from Instagram and Twitter. SocialWalls display is great for fixing any display issues.

Social Wall Solution

Instagram Wedding Wall

If you are active on Instagram, with SocialWalls, you can gather content using hashtags, stories, mentions, or your own account. This enables you to never miss a single piece of content shared by your guests. Organize the content, and it's ready to show on your Instagram Wedding Wall.

Twitter Wedding Wall

When making your wedding wall with SocialWalls, you can opt for Twitter to get posts and tweets using options like Hashtag, Handle, List and more. Share the fun Twitter Wall on any size screen at your wedding venue after moderating & customizing.

Social Wall Solution

Enhance your wedding's social media appeal with our wedding hashtag wall, featuring fantastic options to add that extra special touch to your big day.


Header And Ticker

Showcase your wedding hashtag with an engaging header and ticker for easy visibility and usage by guests. Add an iconic touch to your wedding wall.



Broadcast the wedding ceremony, pre-wedding videos, or live performances, while showcasing a social wall using the Studio feature.

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Eye-catching Layouts

Elevate your wedding wall appearance and get an elegant look for your social media feeds with stylish theme from SocialWalls' wedding hashtag aggregator.

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Blend your wedding hashtag wall into your wedding setting smoothly by choosing from our selection of vibrant themes.

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Ensure the conversation and content stay focused on your wedding. Quickly remove unnecessary tags, users, and content from your device.

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Show your wedding hashtag wall on a large screen, projector, or website—virtually anywhere you prefer.

Bag these and more Benefits of Social Wall
Heightened Engagement

Create and Promote Your Hashtag

Create a unique wedding hashtag. Promote your hashtag by sharing it with friends, and family through invitations, and encourage them to use it on social media.

UGC Curation

Use A Wedding Social Media Aggregator

Include your wedding hashtag on SocialWalls (Wedding Hashtag Aggregator) and generate a wedding hashtag wall to gather posts.

Brand Visibility

Launch And Strategically Place

Show off the Wedding Hashtag Wall on a live screen. Also, strategically place the wedding wall where it catches eyes in the wedding area for guests to enagage.

Data and insights

Capture Each And Every Moment

Capture all the wedding moments. Ask guests to share pictures using the wedding hashtag on social media. Turn your wedding into an eventful day for guests.

Get set for a transformative experience!

Begin captivating your audience with incredible event social walls right this moment.

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