Best Social Media Aggregators Tools in 2024 – Maximize Your Social Media Strategy

Palak Mishra

Content Writer

10 minute read

Palak Mishra

Content Writer

April 3, 2024

Social media aggregators have transformed into these indispensable tools, helping brands increase website visitor dwell time, bring engagement at live events, establish trust, and reach wider audiences with your content. 

In this blog, we will discuss how social media aggregator tools help you to manage and collect the most influential content from social media channels.

Why not gather and showcase authentic user-generated content on digital screens and attract more foot traffic in your stores? 

But first, let’s start with the basics and learn what is a social media aggregator and its benefits. We have curated a list of top social media content aggregator tools to help you maintain a positive brand image and boost sales and conversion.

So, without further ado, start reading!

What is a Social Media Aggregator?

A social media aggregator tool is a software that helps brands collect, curate, and display their feed. These tools allow content curation from multiple networks, such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. 

As a brand, you can showcase the social media feed collected on digital signage, jumbotrons, DOOH ads, billboards, etc., bringing new excitement to your events, clarity to work conferences, and engagement to parties. 

Social media aggregator tools also enable users to display these authentic UGC social walls on their websites to make them more influential and boost conversion rates. 

A social media content aggregation platform allows you to moderate, customize, analyze, and publish your social media wall and various other features to help you market your brand and products better, get closer to your goals, and perform better in the future.

Top 10 Best Social Media Aggregators

Picking the right social media aggregator depends on your business’s likes and needs. Here are some of our favorite tools you can try:

1. Social walls

Social Media Aggregator

The first social media aggregator tool on our list is SocialWalls, the one-stop solution for social media walls, helping brands build and grow with trust.

 With AI-powered social media walls, you can quickly achieve goals on one dashboard. Whether you want to run hashtag campaigns, spread brand awareness, or increase your conversion rate, SocialWalls is your go-to tool.

But that’s not it; keep reading to find out the features this social media platform offers.


  1. Collect and curate social media content from multiple social media sources like Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. 
  2. Moderate with AI: let AI suggest your most engaging content, sort by time, and search using visuals. 
  3. Customize your feeds before displaying them digitally for a personalized user experience with newly introduced themes and designs. 
  4. Analyze display performance for better future results. Get sentiment analysis, word cloud, and more. We have a dedicated Account Manager who provides personalized assistance.
  5. Manual & Rule-Based Moderation.
  6. API Access: Enjoy easy and smooth content integration from one platform to another according to your design.
  7. Custom Integrations: Encourage your audience to share UGC without social media
  8. Premium features: SnapUp and Studio enable you to eliminate the use of social media and manage everything easily. 
  9. Run and analyze hashtag campaigns, curate their content, and flaunt it. 
  10. Easy to navigate dashboard packed with features. 
  11. Multiple plans for diverse industries and all company sizes.

Take a step further and read the details and offerings of their basic plan at just $249:

  • Packed with AI moderation and recommendation, Get unlimited embeds and displays with many tweets. 
  • Top features like Auto-pilot: time sorting and duplicate detector. 
  • Gamification elements like live polls, quizzes, and whatnot with QR scanning and URLs.
  • Smart curation with visual search and AI recommendation to recommended, considerable, and not-recommended content. 
  • Premium features like SnapUp and Studio make it easy to manage everything while keeping your audience engaged. 
  • Get on-demand DPA and robust API services. We are offering 24/7 customer support.
The Ultimate Social Media Aggregator Tool: SocialWalls

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a tool for managing your social media accounts in one place. It makes it easy to schedule posts, track what people say about your brand, and see how well your posts perform.


Hootsuite benefits businesses that want to save time and streamline their social media efforts. 


Some users find learning this tool challenging, and the expensive pricing plans can restrain small businesses or individuals. 

The professional plan is billed at $149, with minimal features.

3. Later

Social Media Aggregator Free

Another social media aggregator software offering services like content calendars, auto-publishing, and scheduling, Later is best for brands and influencers focused on story-telling through social media.


While this tool is perfect for brands and individuals working and engaging with customers on Instagram channels, it does not extend its services to other social networks, turning it into a con. 
If you are looking for social media aggregator solutions with affordable pricing plans but limited analytics, this tool fits you.

3. Buffer

Social Media Aggregators Free

If you are planning to take help maintaining and managing your social media accounts, the buffer is an option you can consider. With its scheduling tools and powerful analytics features, this social media aggregator tool can help you manage and optimize your social media for wider reach and increased impact.


Buffer’s easy-to-use interface allows users to integrate with various tools and platforms. 


Perfect for small businesses to handle their social media engagement, Buffer offers limited features in its free plans.

They offer top-notch features in their other plans at prohibitive prices for small businesses and individuals.

4. Sprout Social

Best Social Media Aggregator

Sprout Social is another social media management platform, a comprehensive social media aggregator app for your business.


Offering features like scheduling, monitoring, and analytics for your social media management. 


If you have limited knowledge of social media management, Sprout Social has a steep learning curve.
The only con of this tool is that it requires an additional tool or a third-party setup while exercising features like Instagram scheduling.


Best Social Media Aggregators

Like the other free social media aggregator tools, the curator is next. It offers features to gather from social media channels using brand-specific hashtags, curate them, and display feeds at events, websites, and more on screens.


You can maintain a positive image for your brand by displaying top-notch content and screening out inappropriate content. You can customize the feed even during your free trial period. 


Remove your past content once you change the source. 
Furthermore, if you decide to use this tool, remember that it has limited layout options and does not offer unlimited views.

6. Tagembed

Social Media Content Aggregator

The following social media aggregator software on our list is tagembed, allowing its user brands to collect and display user-generated content on social wall display screens and websites to give a highly engaging experience.


Offering features such as customizable templates, real-time content updates, moderation tools, and analytics to its customer base, tagembed is catered to businesses of all sizes and from all industries, whether startups or globally known.

This social media aggregation platform offers basic monthly plans, including basic features, at $94 monthly. For an add-on of $110, you can get more robust analytics.

The Ultimate Social Media Aggregator Tool: SocialWalls

7. Crowdfire

Social Media Content Aggregators

Crowdfire is another social media aggregator software that helps brands collect content from social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and more.


It is packed with features such as content scheduling, content discovery, analytics, and audience insights for brands and companies of all sizes. 

The platform may be complex for new users with little social media experience, but it provides support from multiple social media channels for a wider reach.

8. Flockler

Social Media Aggregator App

If you are looking for ways to collect and create a social media wall display with unlimited layout options for your website, live events, DOOH ads, and campaigns, Flockler is the one for you.


As a user of this social media content aggregator app, you get access to top features like collecting customer reviews, handling rights management, and quickly analyzing your campaigns’ performance.


Social Media Aggregator Apps

The last social media aggregation platform on our list is, which offers services like collecting and displaying content from various social media channels.


As the name suggests, this tool helps users quickly create social media walls. As a user of this tool, you can pick from its unlimited layout options, but its needs lack features. 


It does not offer advanced moderation, shoppable feeds, or a robust API. 

To get access to moderators, more sources to curate content from, and gamification elements, you need to buy the add-ons, which are extra charges, making this tool a lot more expensive.

The Benefit of Social Media Aggregators

In this section, we will explore the benefits of social media walls beyond curating interactive content, increasing brand awareness, and analyzing campaigns through their robust features. 

Keep reading to learn more.

1. Provides Social Proof:

As a brand, your top concern is keeping your customers satisfied and showcasing their real reviews on digital screens and websites. This is where a social media content aggregator tool helps you collect and display it, helping you build connections based on honest feedback. 

Not only that, but you can also flaunt these customer words on your website for a better experience and help visitors make an informed decision.

2. Boosts engagements

A static social media feed on a big screen can act as a starting force to encourage attendees to share live updates, photos, and feedback using the features of your social media aggregator app. 

Seeing their posts displayed on the screen in real-time will make them feel part of something special and keep others excited to participate!

3. It helps in standing out

Are you Stuck in a social media rut? Social media content Aggregators are your secret! These tools collect influencer and user-created posts mentioning your brand, saving you tons of content creation time. Furthermore, you can later showcase them in events, investor meetings, parties, DOOH ads, and whatnot!

They also let you display this genuine buzz on your website, boosting trust and making your feed stand out. 

To learn more about social walls and how to put them to use effectively, read: 

Elevate Experience With The Power of Engaging Social Walls: Tips And Types

Examples of Social Media Aggregators

1. VOX:

Just like any other brand, they realized how important and beneficial it is to use your user-generated content and display it on screens to potential customers. 

VOX saw opportunities when customers showed interest in interacting with their products on their social media channels.

Without delay, they employed a social media aggregator tool to collect the highly engaging content and flaunted it on an e-commerce website, resulting in impactful results. 

As a result, their visually appealing reviews helped boost conversion rates by almost 17.77%.

2. Benetton:

Benetton found that customers often shared pictures and videos of their products online. They collected user-generated images and videos, which were made easier with a social media aggregator. They wanted to use this engagement to do more.

Social Media Aggregator Tools

Social media aggregators offer analytics reports to help track progress and show customers’ interactions with the website’s social content.

Fashion and apparel brands incorporate social media content into their online presence to inspire potential customers with style ideas. This social proof helps convince buyers to make a purchase.

The Ultimate Social Media Aggregator Tool: SocialWalls


In today’s fast-paced digital world, social media content aggregator tools are handy tools that can help your brand showcase the most influential content at the forefront. 

Social media aggregators like Social Walls act like magnets, helping establish trust, spreading your brand name worldwide, and bringing high engagement to your gatherings. But these are just advantages of using a social media aggregator app; to fully reap the benefits, you must try it out yourself.

So what’s the wait for? Find your ideal tool from this blog’s list and start your growth journey today!