15 Best Social Media Search Engines in 2024 [Updated]

Dakshit Mathur

14 minute read

Dakshit Mathur

January 24, 2024

Are you still trying to find social media accounts? In this blog, you can easily find your brand and the right and free social searcher to help you get closer to the required information, whether you’re looking for an old customer, checking out the competition, or staying updated on the latest trends on Instagram, these social media search engines make it easy.

A social media social searcher works everywhere, bringing all the social stuff together. It’s like a super-filter that picks out the exciting and essential stuff. Businesses can use these tools to stay on top of things.

This post will show you some of the best social media search engines. So, if you’re searching for a social search engine, you’re in the right place. 

Keep reading to find your brand the best social media search tool!

What Is A Social Media Search Engine?

Social search is a way to find specific information on social media channels. It involves using keywords, phrases, hashtags, or usernames to locate posts, people, and more. 

A social search engine or a social media account finder helps you find posts, tweets, photos, videos, profiles, and other user-generated content.

You can do social searches within individual platforms or through search engines that check multiple platforms. These social search engines serve various purposes, from professional tasks like market research and competitor analysis to personal activities.

Unlike Google and other traditional search engines that focus on indexing web pages, social search engines concentrate on content created and shared by users across different social media channels, for example, to provide you with Twitter profile views

Social Media Search Networks

If you are wondering which is the best search engine for finding a person, collecting user-generated content, and helping you showcase your most authentic content, here is a list; read and find out. 


social media search engine - Instagram

Think of Instagram as a social media searcher tool for your brand; with Instagram Insights, you can find out who follows you and what they like so you can make posts they’ll enjoy. Check out popular hashtags to know what’s cool, and see what your competitors are doing – it’s like peeking at their plan.

Look for posts where people use your product. When it comes to ads, finding cool people to talk about your brand is easy. Just look at hashtag campaigns or directly at someone’s profiles to find potential friends who can tell more people about your brand.

Instagram search engines help you understand things better and grow your brand. Every post and friend has a story that can help you make better choices for your brand.


social media search engine - Twitter

Twitter is more than just a place for short messages. It’s like a super-fast search engine for brands that want to know what people think. Brands can learn much about their customers, potential users, and competitors.

If people mention your brand in their tweets, you can reply and connect with them. Twitter also uses hashtags, which are like labels, to help you find out what’s trending. It is a place to get honest customer feedback, see how people feel, and adjust your plans.

By following essential people in your industry, brands can connect with possible partners and reach more people. The Twitter viewer is a powerful tool for finding excellent content and trends related to your industry.


social media search engine - Youtube

YouTube goes beyond just videos; it’s a social search engine for brands seeking insights into their audience, potential users, and competitors. Brands can explore channels, understand their strategies, and use them to enhance their video marketing. 

The comment section under YouTube videos directly links audience sentiments and feedback. Brands can analyze comments for valuable insights, turning viewer interactions into a source of community building.

It serves as a guide to what captivates the audience, aiding brands in aligning their content strategy with the latest buzz. Identifying influencers for collaborations becomes seamless, fostering effective influencer marketing.


social media search engine - LinkedIn

LinkedIn goes beyond being a resume platform – it’s a valuable tool for brands to connect with professionals. It helps you understand your audience, track competitors, and engage in industry conversations. 

By tapping into user skills for testimonials and encouraging employee updates, LinkedIn becomes a powerful advocate for your brand. With Advanced Search, you can efficiently find potential customers or partners. 

But these are mere social media search platforms; if you want Twitter advanced search or more calculated and relatable content for your brand, you must look for a social search engine tool. As mentioned below, keep reading to find your perfect social search engine software. 

Top Social Media Search Engine Analytic Tools in 2024

Social media search engines are good to go. Still, suppose you need detailed and valuable data analytics on trends, competitors, performance, etc. In that case, you must look for the right social search engine tool to get more precise information. 

In this section, we have mentioned the top social search engine tools and what they offer their users to help you better understand which one to pick. 

1. Mentionlytics

social search engine - Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics is a robust social media monitoring and social network finder featuring an advanced search engine. Its unified dashboard allows users to explore brand-related information, competitors, and keywords across social media platforms.

The process is simple—set up your Mentionlytics account, enter your keyword, and receive relevant results. The platform’s AI-driven algorithm allows users to monitor products, customer sentiments, and competitor activities.

Mentionlytics is user-friendly and affordable, making it an accessible social search tool. Here are some of its key features:

  • Multilingual Search
  • Advanced Keyword Search
  • Cross-Platform Search
  • Integration with Trello and Slack
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Influencer Discovery

2. Social Searcher

social search engine - Social Searcher

Social Searcher is a free social media search engine that monitors public mentions across various platforms. It provides a user-friendly dashboard to easily track your company, brand, product, or service. 

With features like email alerts, premium analytics, and brand monitoring, it helps you stay on top of customer feedback and online presence. You can also analyze content performance, understand audience behavior, explore popular hashtags, and identify social influencers. 

Read below the top offerings of this social search engine tool. 

  • Provides audience insights
  • Offers actionable analytics 
  • Explores social media mentions

3. Tagbox 

social search engine - Tagbox

If you are still looking for an answer to the best search engine to find someone, look no further. Tagbox works like a social search engine for brands. It gathers real experiences, images, and reviews from social media and reviews platforms. 

The platform then selects the most relevant and impactful content. Brands can search for specific hashtags or keywords related to their products. This user-generated content (UGC) can be embedded on their websites, making them more trustworthy and engaging.

Tagbox offers features like engaging social walls and displays UGC at events or on digital screens to simplify your social media account search. This helps boost brand visibility by showcasing positive experiences shared by actual customers. The platform allows brands to monitor trends, sentiments, and user behaviors, providing insights to optimize their campaigns.

4. eClincher

social search engine - eClincher

Eclincher stands out as a unique social media search engine with a range of impressive features, securing its position as the best in its category. 

The capabilities of this social search engine include:

  • Real-time keyword tracking.
  • Sentiment analysis to gauge audience perception.
  • Advanced search functions that uncover the latest trends and relevant content in your niche.

In addition, Eclincher boasts industry-leading social monitoring and listening tools, providing detailed insights into your brand, niche, and target audience. 

Beyond its search and monitoring prowess, Eclincher offers outstanding social media management tools. These include a unified social inbox for handling all follower interactions, post-scheduling and planning, and collaboration features that enhance workflow efficiency among team members.

5. Pipl

social search engine - Pipl

Pipl is a leading provider of online identity and trust solutions. The platform focuses on discovering, verifying, and amplifying user information, streamlining processes like rapid user signup, content approval, and purchase verification. 

Pipl’s reach extends across diverse sectors, catering to online marketplaces, communities, media, content, commerce, payments, and crime and fraud investigation teams. In addition to its core services, Pipl maintains an informative blog that delves into crucial topics such as AI-driven fraud prevention and building trust in online dating scenarios. 

Overall, Pipl provides these features below as a social search engine. 

  • Data Enrichment
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Financial Services
  • Marketing and Sales Assistance
  • Recruitment Support

6. Snitch.name

social search engine - Snitch.name

Are you tired of scouring various sources to gather information about your customers and Social media searching? If you’re seeking a convenient way to explore details related to your brand or products, look no further than Snitch.name – the social search engine tailored to your needs. 

Snitch.name offers valuable insights, allowing you to gauge how organizations fare on social platforms. It serves as the central hub for effective social media searches. To search, enter your term, and the tool will present results from various social media platforms.

Key offerings of this social search engine-

  • Find critical information about social media users
  • View reports from various social media platforms
  • Use a straightforward and user-friendly social search engine

7. Buzzsumo

social search engine - Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a super helpful tool for marketers for social media searching. It helps you find and study information on social media. With Buzzsumo, you can easily track when people talk about you and identify influential people talking about your brand. Many marketers use it, showing it’s great for targeted marketing success.

Not only that, Buzzsumo is a vital tool for understanding your competitors and how well you’re doing compared to them. It’s also handy for planning your content strategy. It’s also super helpful in times of crisis – it helps protect your brand. It lets you share stuff with the right people, spreading positive reviews faster. 

Buzzsumo does these cool things:

  • It shows what content is shared the most.
  • It helps analyze content.
  • Gives access to popular news.
  • Find social media influencers.
  • Monitors stuff is happening right now.

8. Spokeo

social search engine - Spokeo

Spokeo started as a tool to gather information from social media, but it now focuses on using its technology to prevent fraud. It’s a search engine that helps you find information about real people, not just on social media. 

The goal is to build trust between people and companies by finding people on social media. Using Spokeo is simple – type a name, email, or phone number, and you’ll get valuable results. It searches through 12 billion public records to create detailed reports in four categories:

  • Location & Contact Information (e.g., name, phone number, location history)
  • Personal Details (e.g., family members, social accounts, lifestyle preferences)
  • Public Records (e.g., court and criminal records, birth certificates)
  • Work and Wealth Reports (e.g., income, job history)

Spokeo offers features like monitoring social network profiles, customized people searches, and scam and spam detection tools.

9. Keyhole

social search engine - Keyhole

Discover an excellent social search engine different from your usual search tool. It’s like a super smart helper for understanding conversations online. This tool goes beyond the basics, giving you fancy analytics and media tracking.

With this tool, you can monitor trending hashtags and follow specific words. It’s like having a time machine for social media – you can see what happened before in real-time and history.

Perfect for businesses and groups, Keyhole helps you better understand social media. It’s great for keeping track of accounts and what people say online. Plus, it helps boost your marketing by showing how engaged people are.

Keyhole’s unique features include 

  • checking how social stuff is measured
  • Understanding if people feel good or bad about something (sentiment analysis)
  • Reporting on social stuff
  • Listening to what people say online

10. BoardReader

social search engine - boardreader

BoardReader is a helpful tool designed to improve social media monitoring. It makes finding mentions on various platforms easy and provides accurate information from multiple sources. 

Acting like an online feed aggregator allows businesses to analyze data effectively. Users can refine their searches to get only relevant details in the results. Additionally, the platform offers a convenient social media search engine that pulls in results from online forums. If you’re looking for something on a specific social network, you can use the built-in search tool for that platform. 

However, for a more focused search on a particular network, it’s recommended to use network-specific advanced search tools, such as Facebook Search, LinkedIn People/Job Search, Twitter Search, Instagram Search, and Trello Search.

11. Determ

social search engine - Determ

Determ, previously known as Mediatoolkit, is a social search engine that enables users to search for specific keywords on social media. It’s a cloud-based monitoring platform tracks mentions and keywords from various sources and languages in real time.

The social profile search platform Determ provides useful metrics like sentiment and engagement, influencer dashboards, and competitive insights. The platform also offers customizable charts and reports to help you analyze your social media efforts.

It’s user-friendly and features custom alerts, PDF reports, and Excel data export. Additionally, a mobile app is available, making it convenient for users on the go.

12. Semrush

social search engine - Semrush

SEMrush provides social media search and monitoring features. Users can monitor competitors’ social performance, compare metrics, and spot growth opportunities. SEMrush offers insights into social media traffic, engagement, and audience demographics.

By integrating social media data with other marketing metrics, SEMrush provides an overview of a brand’s presence. This tool helps businesses optimize their social media strategies by identifying top-performing content and tracking engagement trends. It also allows users to measure the social media performance and efforts on website traffic and conversions, facilitating the assessment of social media ROI.

13. Talkwalker

social search engine - Talkwalker

Talkwalker is a tool that helps businesses understand what people are saying about their brand on social media. It looks at how often the brand is mentioned, what people say, and the overall mood (positive, negative, neutral). The tool also lets businesses see how they stack up against their competitors on social media.

It has dashboards that can be customized to show a business’s most important social media data. This makes it easy for users to see how well they’re doing and where they can improve. The tool finds social media accounts and monitors social media conversations in real-time, which helps manage crises and understand how customers feel about the brand.

14. Hootsuite stream

social search engine - Hootsuite

Hootsuite Streams is like a Hootsuite helper, a tool for handling social media. This helper monitors brand mentions, determines whether people feel positive or negative, and watches social media talks on different platforms.

Inside Hootsuite, Streams lets you make unique lists to watch certain words, hashtags, or social media accounts. This helps businesses track what people say about them and quickly respond to questions, improving engagement.

The unique lists help users focus on specific topics or social media accounts, allowing them to get only a little information at a time. It works smoothly with Hootsuite, making it easier for group social media management and teamwork.

Benefits Of Social Search Engine 

Social media search engines are handy tools for getting you closer to real-time updates on market trends. They also enable you to explore new markets and extend your business’s reach.

It comes with numerous additional advantages. Explore more about these benefits.

  • Social media performance check

Social Media Monitoring helps businesses and individuals understand what customers like and how they behave online. This information helps create successful marketing plans.

  • Tracking the competitors

Checking out what your competition is up to is essential for your business. Social search engines help you do this by watching what your competitors are doing. It lets you understand their plans and determine where they’re doing well and where they might need to catch up.

  • Get to content that resonates with you 

People can find things they’re interested in, and social media feed creators can see what topics are favored to make content that matches those interests.

  • Customer Service

Organizations can monitor complaints, inquiries, and feedback, enabling them to deliver prompt customer service.

But when knowing all this is not enough; you need to use a social media platform to bag all these and many more benefits. The following section discusses top social media search channels to help you gather information effectively.

Over To You!

Social search engines offer businesses a valuable chance to observe and assess social media accounts. This enables marketers to make informed and strategic decisions based on the insights gathered. Utilizing social search engines allows you to concentrate on diverse user groups and create social media walls to help your brand move quicker toward growth. 

Users must select a social search tool that provides real-time information and allows them to view it in various formats, enhancing their overall experience and decision-making process.