Choosing the Best Twitter Wall for Your Event: Curate, Engage, Amaze

Dakshit Mathur

15 minute read

Dakshit Mathur

February 2, 2024

Do you want to jazz up your Twitter game by displaying customer-created content? Well, that’s where live Twitter walls come in handy. This blog discusses picking the right Twitter wall tool for your brand based on your needs, budget, and required features.

But what’s a Twitter wall, you ask? It’s like a visual party for your tweets! An AI-powered Twitter Wall displays live tweets with a specific hashtag, fostering event engagement and amplifying brand reach.

We’ll walk you through each tool’s features, making it easy to compare and choose the one that suits your style. You can also read about the best features to look for in your free Twitter wall for event tools to gain benefits from your Twitter wall

Ready to turn heads on Twitter? Let’s dive in and elevate your social media game together

Comparison Chart of Popular Twitter Wall Tools

Twitter aggregation tools comparison for websites and events comparison provides a detailed overview of the top tools to help you pick the right one for your brand. Keep reading!

Twitter Wall ToolsFeaturesPricing
Walls.ioLive Polls, Moderation, Social Wall API, Website Widget, Unlimited screens and embeds, Unlimited posts, and support$250/30 DAYS
TagboxUnlimited embed and display, Manual & AI Moderation, Real-Time Updates, SnapUp, Live Poll , Studio, Support , Enterprise Ready, Scalable Integrations, Strategic Onboarding, Duplicate Image Detection and Post-Sorting AI & Announcements and more$249 /30 Days
TintUpUGC Rights Management, Contests & Campaigns, Zero Party Data, Personalized Engagement, Targeted Promotions, In-Store & Digital Activations, and Consumer Insights
OnstipeBeautiful Layouts, Custom Design, Real-time Moderation, Add Custom Content, Support Multiple Networks, and Insightful Analytics$69 /month
EverwallCollect + Curate, Moderate + Manage, Filters & Moderation, Leaderboards, Social Wall Builder, Completely Customizable, 100% Real-time, and Event Social Walls$299/Event
FlocklerSocial Media Feed Creation, UGC Campaigns and Competitions, Social Proof for E-commerce, Shoppable Instagram Feeds, Social Walls for Events, and Easy Integration$280 /Month *
The-WallrusSocial Signage Solution, Instagram & Twitter Wall, Audience Engagement, Theme Editor, Permanent Digital Signage and Combination Display$495/24h
TweetwallproModeration, Gamification & Leaderboards, Advertisement Integration, Post Event Reports, Customization Options, Sponsor Loop, Ticker Style, Twitter Battle, and Twitter Poll$300/Day
TweetbinderDisplay Twitter and Instagram content, support multiple screens, impact analytics, real-time data, quick developments and easy implementation$375.00 /Month
TagembedAdvanced Content Filtering, Instant Content Updates, Create Custom CSS, Fast & Responsive Widgets, and Generate Reports With Analytics$119/Month
JuicerContent curation, Social media aggregator, Social media moderation, Social wall, and WordPress Social FeedENTERPRISE- from- $199
Socialwall.meDashboard, Supported platforms, Templates, Moderation, Analytics, Data Visualization, Screen SliderStandard- From 450€
CuratorMultiple layouts, Rights management, Full CSS control, Embedded feed, Analytics & reporting, Branding, and API access$200 /month

Features to consider while picking a Twitter wall tool

When looking for social wall features, stay on the watch list for a Live Twitter feed or customizable Twitter display. But more is needed; this section will discuss which top Twitter wall features you should look for. 

1. Moderation

Do you have a ton of content to sift through? This AI filtering feature in your ideal Twitter wall tool makes it a breeze. It gives your social media-curated content an AI score, telling you if the posts are  “recommended,” “not recommended,” or “considerable to display. ” It also saves you from getting your aggregated content duplicated and even suggests trending tags automatically. 

Look for an AI-powered Twitter wall tool with a duplicate picture finder and post-categorization AI feature– it’s like having a smart helper for easy content management and maintaining the relevancy of your Twitter wall. 

This process involves filtering and controlling the content, ensuring a positive and appropriate user experience, and sustaining a professional and respectful atmosphere in a public setting. Moderation tools allow you to filter tweets containing offensive language, spam, or irrelevant information. Social wall moderation ensures that the content aligns with the theme or purpose of your event or platform.

2. Customization

Customization is vital when choosing the best Twitter wall tools. These tools allow you to tailor the display to match your brand, event theme, or specific preferences. 

Social wall Customization enables you to align the Twitter wall with your brand’s colors, fonts, and overall aesthetics. This ensures a seamless integration that reinforces brand identity. A visually appealing customizable Twitter display captures attention and encourages audience engagement. Customizing the layout and design creates an immersive experience that resonates with event attendees or website visitors.

3. Themes and Layouts

Social walls Themes and design are instrumental in shaping your Twitter wall’s visual appeal and overall experience. Let’s delve into their role and explore tools that offer diverse options:

Twitter wall design and themes establish a visual consistency, ensuring that your live Twitter wall aligns seamlessly with your brand, event, or website. This visual cohesion enhances the overall aesthetics. Thoughtfully designed layouts encourage user engagement. A well-organized display captures attention and makes it easy for the audience to interact with the content, fostering a positive experience.

3. Real-time multiple social media channel content aggregation

Embracing content from different platforms ensures inclusivity. Whether it’s tweets, Instagram posts, or Facebook updates, real-time aggregation allows you to capture a broader range of audience contributions. Real-time aggregation keeps your live Twitter wall dynamic and up-to-date. It reflects the latest conversations, trends, and user-generated content, maintaining relevance throughout your event or display.

4. Analytics

Understanding the impact and performance of your Twitter wall for events is vital, and analytics tools play a crucial role in providing valuable insights. By analyzing Twitter viewer data, you gain valuable insights into your audience. Learn about their preferences, trending topics, and participation patterns, enabling you to tailor future displays for maximum impact.

Understand which tweets are resonating the most with your audience. Many analytics tools provide real-time monitoring, allowing you to track the success of your Twitter wall as the event or display unfolds. 

You can pick the right one for you through this detailed section about what features you should choose in your right Twitter wall tool.

Top Twitter Walls Tools in 2024


This social wall solution is for events, websites, and displays. You can use it for events to sell more tickets, build community, and connect with attendees through live polls and photo booths. The tool pulls in content from 13 social media platforms.

It updates in real time and follows data protection rules. It also filters out spam and lets you choose how the wall looks without needing to code.

You can use it differently, like creating a custom feed for your brand or using it in digital signs. It works with different website builders and online stores. The tool is super flexible and can be used for digital signs, online events, hashtag campaigns, and more.

2. Tagbox

Tagbox Twitter Wall

Tagbox Twitter Wall is a helpful tool for businesses and events. It makes excellent displays on screens at events, stores, and other places. With Tagbox, you can show social media feeds on big screens during live events, adding more fun. It also works on digital signs in stores and public places, attracting and entertaining people. Even virtual events bring together social media and keep the audience engaged.

What makes Tagbox unique is that it collects posts from 15 different social platforms. You can Utilize our cutting-edge AI moderation feature to easily manage and moderate your content. Take charge and tailor the content experience for your audience.

It even lets you mix in other fun things like calendars and weather updates. You can flaunt content anywhere – from significant events to small screens. It gives you insights about your audience and lets you add sponsored content. It’s been a hit for brands, helping them get more attention and interactions. Check out stories of how it helped events and businesses get more visitors and engagement.

In simple words, Tagbox Twitter Wall is a handy tool to make your events and displays more exciting, engaging, and successful.

3. TintUp


Community-powered Marketing by TINT utilizes advanced AI to identify, engage, and mobilize consumer communities, creating authentic user-generated content (UGC) and reviews. The platform offers features designed to drive awareness, engagement, conversions, and loyalty.

With TINT, businesses can build and own their brand community, leveraging zero-party data for hyper-personalization. The platform excels at harnessing high-quality UGC at scale, injecting the power of community into marketing strategies. Marketers can mobilize activation through engagement, contests, and campaigns and collaborate with creators and influencers seamlessly.

The platform also facilitates consumer insights, surveys, and polls to understand preferences and trends. TINT’s advanced insights, analytics, and reporting enable brands to measure the impact of their community, tracking metrics across the consumer journey.

The platform ensures access to consumer data in a cookieless world and boasts impressive statistics, including a lift in brand engagement, increased trust, and higher conversion rates.

4. Onstipe


Onstipe is a user-friendly tool designed to make social media interactions more engaging and visually appealing. It allows to create live displays of Twitter posts, commonly known as Twitter walls, for events, websites, and social campaigns. The process involves collecting live tweets using selected hashtags or usernames, by filtering out unwanted content and customizing to match the theme.

Onstipe’s interactive Twitter wall creates a buzz for events such as conferences or weddings, encouraging attendees to share their experiences and making the event trend on social media. Businesses can create live Twitter feed displays, providing visitors a view of their social presence. Users can easily create and display their Twitter walls anywhere – on websites or big screens – using generated embed codes.

The tool caters to various industries, from conferences and concerts to non-profits or social walls in retail stores and corporate offices.

5. Everwall


Everwall is a platform that revolutionizes social media engagement by offering engaging and customizable social walls. Everwall automatically aggregates and curates social media conversations, presenting them as beautifully branded social walls on screens and websites.

Whether fostering team collaboration, enhancing event engagement, or promoting upcoming projects, Everwall’s user-friendly interface simplifies the process. Users can effortlessly moderate and manage relevant social posts through a personal dashboard, ensuring a curated social wall that aligns with the event or environment. The interactive social media walls entertain and facilitate ongoing conversations with a continuous stream of user-generated content.

With the ability to simultaneously display content from various sources, Everwall is a powerful tool for expanding event reach, managing real-time social media updates, conversations, and fostering community engagement.

It supports displaying social walls at events, offices, and websites, offering reliable real-time updates and customizable features like layout, colors, fonts, and logos.

6. Flockler


Flockler is a marketing tool, to create engaging social media feeds for their websites and other digital platforms. The tool facilitates the display of Instagram images, Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) posts, YouTube videos, and more, helping increase the time users spend on a website and driving conversions.

Trusted by notable brands, Flockler offers features like social walls, grids, carousels, and slideshows with auto-updating content from various social media channels. It allows users to run user-generated content (UGC) campaigns and competitions, enhancing brand awareness without a significant advertising budget. Flockler also enables the collection of social proof for e-commerce using customer feedback and content.

Additionally, the tool supports the creation of social walls for events and public spaces, extending the reach of content and encouraging audience engagement.

7. The-Wallrus


Wallrus stands out as the go-to social wall platform, offering an experience that requires no expertise. Whether you’re organizing an event or managing a brand’s online presence, this tool is designed to effortlessly connect your online community with the real world. Noteworthy features include displaying live Instagram and live Twitter feeds.

One of Wallrus’s standout features is its versatility, accommodating users from diverse backgrounds. Event planners leverage social walls to interact with attendees online, enhancing brand exposure. Brands find value in the platform for displaying user-generated content through permanent digital signage networks.

For those seeking a personalized touch, the platform includes a theme editor to streamline the design process. The engagement potential is further amplified with compelling calls to action, aiding in growing reach and converting target audiences. In summary, Wallrus enhances audience interaction and leaves a lasting impression on social media.

8. Tweetwallpro


TweetWall is a powerful and interactive tool to enhance audience engagement during events and gatherings. With a focus on interaction, TweetWall provides a platform where audiences can ask questions on Twitter and receive live responses, fostering dynamic and real-time communication.

The tool inspires participation from onlookers, making it nearly impossible to resist joining the conversation and contributing tweets. The engagement is encouraged and seamlessly facilitated, creating an immersive experience for all viewers.

Additionally, TweetWall offers moderation options, allowing users to choose between manual or automatic moderation, providing a level of control over the content displayed. This ensures a worry-free experience for event organizers who can confidently use TweetWall without fear of inappropriate or unwanted content. Whether used for conferences, social events, or any gathering, TweetWall is a valuable resource for creating a buzz and enhancing audience interaction.

9. Tweetbinder


Tweet Binder stands out as a user-friendly platform tailored for marketers and agencies. It streamlines the tracking and analysis of Twitter data. Users can effortlessly create hashtag trackers for campaigns, gaining valuable insights into the performance of hashtags, hashtags, @accounts, or keywords on Twitter.

Noteworthy features include generating real-time and historical reports and offering the convenience of exporting reports as PDFs for easy sharing. Tweet Binder’s global reach is evident, with a diverse clientele spanning renowned companies worldwide.

The tool goes beyond basic analytics, providing specialized services for event tracking, API access for creating custom dashboards, and engaging features like the Twitter League.

The platform also offers a partner program, enabling individuals and organizations to embed search boxes on their sites, sell Twitter hashtag analytics tools, and earn commissions on each purchase.

Tweet Binder ultimately empowers users to assess campaign impact, monitor real-time events, present detailed client reports, enhance event engagement, and achieve cost-effective campaign measurement with a global perspective.

10. Tagembed


Tagembed is a company that offers a Free Twitter Aggregator to help businesses boost their online presence. This tool lets you monitor your competitors, display user-generated content (UGC), and build trust with your audience. It’s cost-efficient and includes features like personalized Twitter feeds, analytics, and advanced customization options.

You can integrate it into your website, regardless of the platform, and it doesn’t require coding skills. The tool lets you filter and moderate content, ensuring it stays on-brand. Tagembed’s Free Twitter Aggregator is user-friendly, making it accessible to everyone and compatible with popular CMS platforms and social channels. The company also offers free plans to get you started without any initial cost.

Overall, Tagembed’s solution is a simple and effective way for businesses to showcase Twitter content on their websites and enhance their brand image.

11. Juicer


Juicer is a powerful social wall tool designed to streamline and enhance the display of your brand’s social media presence on your website. Juicer creates a unified and visually appealing social media feed by aggregating content from various social media accounts and hashtags.

The process is simple: Juicer automatically imports new posts from connected platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Users can then effortlessly embed this dynamic social wall on their website, showcasing the latest updates in one centralized location.

With as many as 15 source accounts per feed, users can customize their social wall to reflect the unique identity of their brand. The tool also provides themes and custom CSS options to tailor the appearance. Juicer saves time with its straightforward setup and ensures continuous updates without manual intervention.

Overall, Juicer empowers users to stand out, engage their audience, and efficiently manage their social media content, making it a valuable resource for businesses, educational institutions, event marketers, healthcare providers, nonprofits, political campaigns, and web developers.

12. Socialwall

SocialWall efficiently collects and displays messages from various social networks, showcasing brand mentions or hashtags on a large screen. Users can effortlessly gather, analyze, and distribute content from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, regardless of location or event. offers customizable templates, allowing users to easily create personalized walls, ensuring content moderation, and providing options to filter unwanted material through keyword filters, user bans, and post highlights. Real-time analytics include hashtag tracking, and community reach, empowering users to track their social media impact.

The tool enhances visibility and interaction for the biggest brands, making it the go-to tool for its user’s events, website or digital signage displays.

13. Curator


Curator is a free tool for gathering and displaying social media posts on your website. It works with big platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can set it up in just a few minutes, and it’s free forever with basic features.

With Curator, you can control what shows up on your feed by blocking duplicates and certain types of posts. It lets you pick and choose content based on accounts, hashtags, and locations. You can also make your feed look unique with branding options. Curator include things like faster updates, custom posts, and the ability to connect with more social media sources. You can even get detailed stats about your posts and audience.

You can get help 24/7, and there are extra features like embedding your feed on any website and connecting with an app using their API.

Over to you

As we reach the end of this detailed blog on picking your ideal Twitter wall tool and creating a tweet wall that displays a live Twitter feed and helps you skyrocket your engagement, selecting the right Twitter wall tool involves considering the right features, from moderation to customization. 

Exploring top tools like Tagbox, Tweetbeam, and others from the list ensures you pick the one that aligns with your brand. Apart from looking for a tool that matches your brand budget and goals, you need to look out for each tool’s unique features to find the perfect match for your brand. 

An effective Twitter wall tool increases sales, website traffic, and audience engagement. In conclusion, choosing the right Twitter wall tool can impact your overall brand rise and online presence.