Top 10 Social Media Wall Tools For Events, Conferences & Digital Displays

Dakshit Mathur

11 minute read

Dakshit Mathur

June 21, 2024

Ever dreamed of turning your social media event’s buzz into a stunning display? Look no beyond social media wall tools! 

You can empower attendees to share their thoughts and images with a live social media wall at your event. By offering your event audience a platform of their own, you can intensify the impact of your event. The social media wall apps aggregate content from social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram and show it live on screens at events, conferences, and digital displays. 

Availability on this level can make or break the success of your events and this is where we step in. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 social wall tools designed to boost the reach of your event and increase engagement. Uncover the perfect tool to transform your social media presence into a dynamic reality with advanced moderation features. Let’s dive in!

Understanding The Meaning Of Social Media Walls

A collection of feeds aggregated and displayed from different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, is termed Social Media Wall. You can showcase live and fresh social media posts in real-time by using hashtags, mentions, and accounts. 

Social media wall tools collect content from multiple social media feeds in one unified place and display it on websites, mobile apps, and digital screens. This social media wall can easily be shown on e-commerce product pages, live events, digital screens in offices, and DOOH ads. 

Social Wall apps increase brand visibility and produce useful data by developing user-generated content and making user experience interactive. 

List Of 10 Best Social Media Wall Tools

Check out the list of the top 10 social media wall tools with their features and pricing. Choose the one that perfectly fits your needs for the event

Social Wall Tools FeaturesPricing 
SocialWallsReactions, AI Recommendations, SnapUp$249/ 30 days
Tagbox2 walls, Real-time updates, Studio$249/ 30 days
TagboardReal-time notification, Social network monitoring, APIs$500/ Event
Walls.ioPhoto booth, Website widgets, CTA$250/ 30 days
TintupUGC rights management, Content AI, Contests and Campaigns    – 
OnstipeSocial media API, Aggregation, Custom CSS$29/ day
EverwallSocial media digital signage, Event social wall, social media hubs$49/ event day
TheWallrusThemes library, Quick updates, Unlimited Hashtags$195/ 24 hr
EventifierFull access to all premium features, Premium support, Cancel anytime$199/ Year
FlocklerVoting application, Online event application, Registration & communication$129/ month  

10 Best Social Media Wall Tools For Your Events

There are hundreds of social wall tools available in the digital marketplace but a few stand out from the crowd. Here are the 10 best social media wall tools for events, websites, & digital displays.

1. SocialWalls 


Your search for the best social media wall tools revolutionizing event experiences and digital displays ends here. If you’re thinking about how to create social media walls for events? Well, SocialWalls is the answer. SocialWalls provides AI-powered social wall displays for events, conferences, DOOH ads, websites, etc. The social displays of SocialWalls enable you to collect visuals, feedback, and reviews from multiple social media streams. 

Using AI social walls across multiple platforms with authentic UGC, SocialWalls effortlessly integrates content into workflow tools and digital signage. With advanced moderation and filtering features, it makes your social walls more valuable by displaying premium content. 

To enhance user experience and maximize your ROI, track the user participation, clicks, and views in your campaigns. Snap Up, studio, adjustable integrations, event gamification apps, and dedicated support are its other exceptional features. 

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2. Tagbox 


With an easy-to-use interface, Tagbox is a one-stop social media aggregator tool that helps the social story of a brand. Tagbox collects valuable content like UGC, visuals, reviews, and influencer collaborations, from different influential social sources. Tagbox enables its users to customize, moderate, get valuable insights, and filter out irrelevant content. 

Pick the design, themes, and layouts to make your digital screen visually appealing by being creative. With real-time updates, keep your viewers informed at events, websites, in-store screens, and hashtag campaigns. From aggregating user-generated content such as reviews and feedback live using SnapUp, display your content at any time on any screen with Tagbox.

3. Tagboard


Tagboard is your go-to social wall tool if your social media content succeeds on hashtags. Based on hashtags, this tool aggregates your content from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. With a single click, the user-friendly moderation feature of Tagboard lets you curate content where you can eliminate unwanted content. 

As per your event’s venue and screen size, customize your social wall display layout with Tagboard. With Tagboard’s latest hashtag content fetching feature, stay updated and keep featuring fresh content. 


To boost your marketing strategies, get the help of in collecting real, community-generated content. lets you gather posts, photos, or videos from 15+ different social media platforms. The moderation feature of this tool is to select the content that’s displayed by filtering profanity and unwanted content. collects content based on hashtags, keywords, and profiles. is the best choice when it comes to enhancing brand visibility, securing privacy, and creating stunning social media displays. To ensure that your social wall looks great it provides a customizable style editor. 

5. Tintup 


For UGC, Tint is an ideal choice with a track record of satisfied customers. Tint assists in collecting and showing your social media posts on live vent screens similar to other social media wall tools. For your social media content, Tint acts as the air traffic control tower by eliminating unwanted content. 

Tint is a versatile tool that provides valuable post-event analytics. It serves from schools and corporates to concerts and big live events. With Tint, you can redistribute the collected content at the event back to your website, at the brand’s advertisement, or connected screens at different locations. 

6. Onstipe 


For your social media presence, Onstipe is your go-to solution. Onstipe allows you to gather and show UGC from several social platforms making it perfect for businesses, events, and brands. Brands can easily aggregate their social media feeds and make social media walls quickly with its user-friendly platform. 

Onstipe authorizes you to collect, curate, and display social media feeds from different social media platforms. With Onstipe’s social wall tools, boost your marketing campaigns, foster trust, and generate engagement among your audience. 

7. Everwall 


One of the top social wall tools, Everwall enables you to curate and display content from multiple social media platforms. The real-time full and manual moderation feature makes your event more engaging and helps you showcase trending content. Everwall provides a robust analytics tool apart from being another tool for social walls. 

For meetings and events, Everwall also offers comprehensive moderation, sponsorship, customization, and advertising options. The publication tool of Everwall is lightning-fast and publishes a post on social walls in less than a quarter of a second.  

8. The Wallrus 

The Wallrus

The Wallrus is another social signage solution that helps companies display content on any screen in events and meetings to make them attractive. To stream social posts live at events, a pretty straightforward tool. Displaying ads and curated content makes it unique among other social media wall tools. 

You can always modify your wall by applying a logo, color scheme, and other elements by using Wallrus editor. On your social walls in events, meetings, and conferences, users can easily show live Instagram and Twitter feeds. This tool provides more control to users over what exactly going on display. 

9. Eventifier 


Eventifier gathers event-related content from social media channels just like other social wall tools in our list. At events, your customers and fans can show their love for your brand and show user-generated content on social walls. 

Eventifier makes it simple to gather content and repurpose it in the future. You can tailor an experience that gets the audience to engage at the event. To promote future events, you can repurpose the same conversation and images. This aspect makes Eventifier powerful as it helps create FOMO. 

10. Flockler 


For events and public spaces, Flaockler lets you set up social walls by aggregating content from multiple social media streams. To create social media feeds that will genuinely engage audiences, brands & businesses trust Flockler. With user-generated content, Flockler takes your event to the next level which makes it a game-changer of social wall tools. 

Encouraging others to participate with your event’s branded hashtag, Flockler can enhance the reach of your content. Flokler’s 14-day free trial, shoppable feeds, and unlimited social proof to any digital platform make it a 360° UGC platform. 

Features To Consider While Selecting A Social Wall Tool

To ensure a seamless experience for your attendees, it would be best to think of several features while choosing the social media wall tools. Here are some key elements you should keep in consideration:

1. Aggregation 

Social media wall tools you choose should excel at collecting content from different social media platforms. It should effortlessly gather Facebook updates, tweets, Instagram posts, and more. The tool must permit you to make a comprehensive view of online buzz for your event. 

2. Display 

The impact of your social wall can be enhanced significantly by a visually appealing presentation. To match the branding and aesthetics of your event, select a tool with a customizable display. 

3. Moderation 

Choose the social media wall tool with moderation features. The tool must allow you to filter out inappropriate or unwanted content because maintaining a relevant atmosphere is crucial. 

4. Analytics 

For your event’s success, understanding how your social wall is performing is essential. Discover social wall tools and choose the one that should offer analytics and insights into engagement levels, user interaction, and trending content. 

5. Multiple Themes 

To adapt to various event styles and moods, a social wall tool must provide multiple themes and templates. Events come with their unique themes in all shapes and sizes.

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5 Top Benefits Of Social Media Wall 

Social wall tools act as a social hub and improve interaction between speakers, sponsors, attendees, and fans. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of social media wall tools besides encouraging interactions. 

1. Increases Brand Visibility 

Another benefit of social media wall tools is that they can increase brand visibility. Event organizers can reach a wider audience and extend the event’s reach by showcasing a live feed of social media content from the event. Adding Social Walls to your 

2. Social Wall Tools Help You Collect Feedback 

The major work of social media wall tools is to help businesses gather and display feedback. For your events, Live Polls can help you break the ice and have a fun start. After the event collecting feedback is challenging as an event professional. You can create a simple poll and display it on the social wall while the audience is still in the room. The response rate you will get will be much higher. 

SocialWalls provides polls, quizzes, and other gamification options enabling viewers to scan the QR code and URLs. 

3. Social Walls Are Cost-Effective 

To increase brand engagement and awareness, social walls are a cost-effective way. In terms of time and resources, they do not require significant investment. However, social media wall tools provide a comprehensive package of benefits like wider reach, interaction, robust social media presence, and much more. 

4. Shows Authentic UGC 

The content published on your social walls is authentic and acts strongly in fetching potential customers. With your social walls, develop brand credibility, relatability, and a positive image by collecting feedback and posts at events. To draw more customers to your brand, utilize this strategy because people trust existing customers. 

5. Real-Time Engagement 

Between attendees and the event brand, social wall tools enable real-time engagement. Organizers can create a sense of community by showing live tweets, Instagram posts, and other social media content. This can lead to more meaningful interactions with attendees and brand visibility.

Final Verdict! 

Social media wall tools provide a distinctive method to communicate with event attendees collect real-time data, and increase brand recognition. From SocialWalls to Flockler, whichever tool you choose will boost your user experience and make your event more successful with social walls. We’ve listed some of the best social wall tools in this blog available in the digital marketplace with their unique features and pricing. 

Now, let us part ways and let you find the best tool for your next event success companion.