Top 12 Social Wall Tools For Events, Website, and Digital Displays

Dakshit Mathur

12 minute read

Dakshit Mathur

October 4, 2023

Take your event to another level and make your ideas come true with a live social wall where attendees can easily share their reviews and visuals. It’s like giving your event its digital stage. 

And here’s the catch: This digital boost can noticeably impact your event’s success, and it provides valuable insights, engaging features, and real-time updates. Not only this, but you can also encourage user-generated content creation. 

The challenge? Choosing the right Social Wall tool from the options available.

We are here to help you: Find the perfect Social Wall tool to make your shows and gatherings more immersive. Ready to explore and find the ideal match for your event’s success? Let’s get started!

Cracking it Open: Learning Social Media Walls

A social wall tool collects and sorts Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube content. It’s often shown on a company’s website, e-commerce product pages, or digital screens in offices, DOOH ads, live events, and gatherings. 

It’s like a digital hub that brings together posts from social media in one place. Using a hashtag, mentions, and accounts, you can display live and fresh social media posts about the same topic in real time. 

Encourage attendees to participate through UGC and showcase all the digital chatter related to your event engagingly, getting people involved.

Below is a table with the top social wall tools so you can understand better before diving into the details.

12 Best Social Media Wall Tools in 2024

Social Wall ToolsFeaturesPricingLocation
TagboxContent sources, Social Wall API, SnapUp$249 for 1 monthCovina, California
Walls.ioCTA, Reaction and Votes$250 for 30 daysVienna
TintupUGC rights management, personalized engagementSan Antonio, Texas
OnstipeUGC aggregator, RSS widget$69/MonthCalifornia, Kentucky, United States
Curator.ioBranding and reporting, API access$200/MonthSydney, NSW
EverwallReal-time leaderboards, advanced filter and moderations$299 per Event DayNevada and California
PresentersWallVoting, Chat, Content wall€279Tilburg, The Netherlands
The WallrusEffortless setup, Instagram and Twitter wall$195/ 24hrSan Francisco, California
CrowdscreenAggregation and content moderation$350London, Greater London
TagboardReal-time notification and Social network monitoring$500/EventRedmond, WA
FlocklerUGC curator, personalized content assets$169/MonthNew York, United States
SocialWall ProCustom design, content moderation$400 /MonthMont-Saint-Guibert, Walloon Region

Top Social Wall Tools for Websites, Events, and Digital Displays

There are hundreds of social wall tools, but a few stand out as the best of the best. Here is an overview of each of the top social wall tools for website, events and digital display:

1. Tagbox


Introduction – Tagbox is an all-in-one social media aggregator, offering a user-friendly interface, designed to bring together your brand’s social narrative seamlessly.

About the company – Collect authentic content, leverage it on digital screens or websites, and keep the data secured while achieving higher sales, increased ROI, and boosted engagement and awareness with Tagbox.

It allows clients to customize, moderate, and get valuable insights, pick their matching theme, and filter out profane and irrelevant content. You can also, generate leads, highlight sponsors and products, and acquire rights.

What they host/help in – Internal communication, event display, digital signages, website widgets, showcasing social content

Feature/Services they Offer – Snap Up, Asset Manager, Studio, Analytics, Social media widgets, social wall

Industries they cater to – Education, retail, hospitality, auto mobile, media and tech, non-profit organizations

Events/Clients – Yale, Facebook, Microsoft, Ikea, National Geography


Introduction – Get assistance in gathering real, community-generated content to enhance your marketing strategies. is the go-to digital content solution for everyone.

About the company – streamlines the process of aggregating social media content, making it effortlessly easy. It gathers content based on keywords, specific hashtags, and profiles. When it comes to boosting brand visibility, creating stunning social media displays, and safeguarding the privacy of your content, is the top choice.

Its proficiency in handling direct posts and offering moderation and customization features is second to none.

What they host/help in – Private events, hashtag campaigns, employer branding, internal communications, digital signages

Feature/Services they Offer – Photo booth, Website Widgets, Live polls, lead generation

Industries they cater to – E-commerce, finance, healthcare, sports, tourism, government, non profits

Events/Clients – Cisco, Case Western Reserve University, Generali Koln Marathon

3. Tintup


Introduction – Tint is the go-to choice for UGC with a track record of satisfied customers. Like other social media walls, Tint helps gather and display your social media posts on live event screens.

About the company – Your go-to solution for social media engagement at events, or conferences, TINT makes it easy to collect captivating social content from attendees across various platforms. Customize the display to match your event’s theme, and it works on screens of all sizes, with powerful filters and moderation options.

Also provides valuable post-event analytics. It’s versatile, serving industries from schools and corporate offices to concerts and retail stores.

What they host/help in – Analytics and insights, social scheduling and publishing, social commerce, consumer insights

Feature/Services they Offer – Content AI, UGC rights management, Contests and Campaigns, Creators and Influencers

Industries they cater to – CPT, Health and beauty, agencies, hospitality and travel, retail

Events/Clients – Xerox, Yamaha, Twitter, Sony, Fifa

4. Onstipe


Introduction – Onstipe is the solution for your social media presence. Perfect for businesses, events, and brands, enables you to collect and display UGC from various social platforms, boosting your marketing efforts.

About the company – Onstipe is your one-stop solution for effortlessly gathering and showcasing social media content. With their user-friendly platform, brands can aggregate social media feeds and create impressive social media walls in minutes.

Empowers you to collect, curate, and display user-generated content from multiple social platforms. Enhance your marketing campaigns, build trust, and boost engagement with a complete social wall solution.

What they host/help in – Social wall solution for brands, businesses, and events, display social media feed on websites or digital screens during events

Feature/Services they Offer – Widgets, social walls, social media API, support multiple social channels, aggregation, moderation, custom CSS, layouts and analytics

Industries they cater to – Weddings, concerts and festivals, events and conferences, e-commerce, non-profit organizations

Events/Clients –


Introduction – is the ultimate, budget-friendly social media aggregator for brands, agencies, online shops, sports teams, events, and more.

About the company – is your go-to social media aggregator, offering precise content source selection from platforms. Ensures a seamless integration into your website.

It compiles content into a customizable feed, and can be embedded into your website using Javascript, HTML, and CSS, granting you complete control over its appearance and alignment with your site’s branding.

What they host/help in – Events, digital displays, social feed widgets at events and websites

Feature/Services they Offer – Lightweight code, SEO friendly, editable posts, mobile friendly and easy to use

Industries they cater to – Brands, freelancers, charities, musicians, agencies, sports teams

Events/Clients – Netflix, Harward University, Yamaha, Reebok

6. Everwall


Introduction – The social media display wall that’s not just a display—it’s a robust analytics tool. With the lightning-fast publication, features, Everwall is your event companion.

About the company – Everwall stands out as a leading social wall tool with real-time, full, and manual moderation features, seamless curation, and dynamic content, ensuring your event stays engaging and up-to-date, offering theme customization options, and allowing you to align your social media presence perfectly with your event’s vibe.

It doesn’t stop there- provides robust analytics to track the progress and impact of your social walls, making your event management smoother than ever.

What they host/help in – Live and streaming videos, conferences, experiential events, private events, webinars and virtual events

Feature/Services they Offer – Event social wall, social media digital signage, social media hubs for your website

Industries they cater to – Education, non-profits and charities, worship and churches

Events/Clients – CNN, Microsoft, LA Opera

7. Presenterswall


Introduction – PresentersWall: Interactive voting solution for presentations, and education. Say goodbye to complex tools. Crafts one-of-a-kind experiences and leave your audience engaged.

About the company – A game-changer in event engagement and interaction – Presenterswall! They’ve crafted the ultimate solution to elevate attendee participation at your events.

With seamless Q&A presentations and interactive social walls, they make it easy for your audience to share their insights and reactions through their mobile devices.

Plus, you have the power to curate content for a tailor-made event experience that aligns perfectly with your goals. Prepare to take your events to the next level with Presenterswall!

What they host/help in – Conference, event, presentation or meeting

Feature/Services they Offer – Matchmaking, heatmaps, programs, guestlists and evaluation, data exports, web URL, floor plans

Events/Clients – Heineken,

8. The Wallrus

The Wallrus

Introduction – Wallrus –Social signage solution for elevating your events! Turn any screen or projector into a showcase for your brand content. Drives attendee engagement by streaming ads, content, and social posts on social walls.

About the company – Seamlessly retrieves social media posts from various platforms using hashtags or handles and brings them to life by displaying live social feeds on screens, televisions, or projectors.

While it’s true that The Wallrus comes with a slightly higher price point compared to other social wall platforms, it offers beautiful social wall themes that surely enhance the essence of your event.

What they host/help in – Stream social posts live at events

Feature/Services they Offer – Unlimited hashtags, 10 sec updates

Industries they cater to –

Events/Clients – BMW, Hilton, Samsung, Google

9. Crowd Screen

Crowd Screen

Introduction – Crowdscreen is for creating displays with custom backgrounds at your events, getting top-notch moderation, making it a easy to display posts from social media.

About the company – Crowdscreen is a social wall platform, that makes it easy to gather and display social media content. With its secure mobile app, your guests can share thoughts privately without posting on public social media, making it perfect for intimate gatherings.

Key features include customization to match your event’s style, content moderation for a smooth experience, and flexibility for various screen types. Crowdscreen adds a personal touch to your social wall, whether it’s for private parties or public events.

What they host/help in – Events with social wall solutions

Feature/Services they Offer – Customizable, Content moderation, Flexible for any display, Social slideshow, moderation and messaging, multiple screens

Industries they cater to –

Events/Clients – Gymshark, Emap, Forever

10. Tagboard


Introduction – Tagboard is your command center for hashtag content, customization, and real-time updates to ensure your brand always shines bright with the most relevant and engaging social media content.

About the company – Tagboard is your go-to tool for harnessing the power of hashtags. It effortlessly aggregates content from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, ensuring your audience gets the best.

Our user-friendly moderation feature lets you curate content with a single click, guaranteeing a seamless experience at live events. Customize your tagboard’s layout, keeping it in sync with your event’s venue and screen size.

What they host/help in – Live content, monetization, cloud graphics

Feature/Services they Offer – Analysis, heatmaps and charts, polling and branding, API and spreadsheets

Industries they cater to – Sports, news, entertainment, brands and events

Events/Clients – NFL Media, News 12, Fox sports, Variety

11. Flockler


Introduction – Flocker is the game-changer of social media wall tools. Here to take your event to the next level by user-generated content. Brands and businesses trust Flocker to create social media feeds that truly captivate their audiences.

About the company – Flocker isn’t just a social media tool; it’s your key to unlocking user-generated content potential at events. They empower brands with easy-to-use tools for captivating event-specific social media feeds.

Flocker’s standout features include a 30-day free trial, mobile-friendly access, content moderation, and unlimited social walls. It’s your ticket to revolutionize events with user-generated content’s captivating power. Elevate your events with Flocker!

What they host/help in – Embed social, shoppable UGC

Feature/Services they Offer – Online event application, voting application, registration and communication

Industries they cater to – Education, brands, business

Events/Clients – Harward university, Ikea, GoPro

12. SocialWall Pro

SocialWall pro

Introduction – SocialWall Pro, for creating immersive experiences at events, brand activations, and online gatherings. With their cutting-edge social walls, helps you reach, engage, and connect with live audiences.

About the company – SocialWall Pro, is for creating unforgettable event experiences, whether it’s at meetings, conferences, brand activations, or online gatherings.

Offers a comprehensive toolkit that elevates your social strategy, with standout features such as gamification, sponsorship opportunities, custom design, content moderation, curated content, and in-depth analytics. With SocialWall Pro, you can enhance your events, providing remarkable experiences and achieving outstanding results.

What they host/help in – Public and private events, conferences, trade shows, FM radio, retail and corporate meetings

Feature/Services they Offer – Social Media and Social Marketing

Industries they cater to – Technology, Information and Internet

Events/Clients – LG, HP, Accenture

Over to You

Whether you go with Tagbox or Everwall, you’re making a choice that can enhance user engagement and make your events more successful through social walls.

In this blog, we’ve discussed some of the best social wall tools available in the market, highlighting their unique features and pricing. 

Now, you are in the driver’s seat, so go and explore these options and select the one that best matches your needs and helps you achieve your goals in your upcoming event.