9 Key Benefits Of Social Media Wall: Supercharge Your Event With Social Wall

Dakshit Mathur

8 minute read

Dakshit Mathur

April 4, 2024

Have you been to an event where you see content on giant digital screens that captivate your attention? There are so many Benefits of social media wall that can offer such as enabling event organizers to engage with audiences. 

When you flaunt the reviews and content created by your customers, you can establish a trustworthy relationship, reach broader audiences, and add them to your customer base. 

Also, is maintaining and flaunting a social presence on screens equally crucial as building a credible market image? According to the statistics, 71% of people are more likely to purchase from a brand they know. 

Social media walls gather and display your brand’s social feed, feedback, and more in one place to give you an all-in-one, cost-effective marketing solution. 

But that’s not it; social media walls offer a competitive advantage over your competitors, so buckle up and keep reading. This blog will discuss the benefits of social media walls and how you can create one by following the simple steps below.

What Is A Social Media Wall?

A social media wall collects and displays social media content on screens. These digital displays are great tools for showcasing a brand’s user-generated content and building trust with potential customers. 

These social media walls can help companies get closer to their customers using authentic content display and showcasing reviews. 

As a brand, you can use social media aggregator tools to collect content using hashtags, moderate and customize your content before it is displayed, and maintain your brand image. 

Social media walls can be displayed at events, music festivals, retail stores, lobbies, educational institutions, banks, and more to increase engagement. 

As benefitting these walls, creating a social media wall digital display is also a simple process. The following sections will discuss how to create a social media wall for events and the social wall benefits.

How To Create A Social Media Wall?

Are you looking for an answer on how to create a social wall? Check out the easy steps you need to follow to create one. You can also go through our detailed guide on how to create a social wall to know the answers to all your queries. 

The first step is to choose an ideal tool that aligns with your brand goals, budget, and needs. What better than SocialWall to do so? 

Now that you have picked a SocialWall platform, you must follow the steps below to create a social media wall.

  1. The first step is to take a free trial on SocialWalls.
  2. Secondly, go to the “My Walls” section and add a new wall.
  3. Simply enter the wall name and save your wall.
  4. In the next step, select a social media network and a source based on your campaign and goal.
  5. You have successfully created a social media wall feed.
  6. Moderate your curated feed to maintain your brand image.
  7. Use customization options to bring newness to your feed display from the many options.
  8. Furthermore, you can use more apps and features to make your social wall display more engaging and immersive for attendees.
  9. Finally, in your last step, get the code and display your curated social media wall feed on your desired screen.

Now that you have learned how to create a social media display move to the section and uncover the many Benefits of a Social Media Wall.

Add Social Media Wall to Your Event

9 Key Benefits of Social Media Wall

A social media wall bridges companies and event attendees and helps engage them. 

However, there are many benefits of social media walls besides allowing interaction at your gatherings. Keep reading to learn more about them.

1. Collect Social Proof

The primary work of a social media wall tool is to help brands collect and showcase social proof. 

Social media wall tools like SocialWalls offer gamification options, such as polls and quizzes, allowing viewers to scan the QR code and URLs. 

social wall benefits

This approach allows the brand to display accurate and honest customer feedback on screens. This social proof is an influential force in potential customers’ purchase decisions.

2. Helps In Boosting Brand Awareness

Another benefit of social media wall displays is that they can help spread brand awareness. 

As a brand, you can set up these digital displays at your events, work conferences, and gatherings to reach wider audiences and expand further.

3. Improves Live Engagement

Regarding social wall benefits, it is no surprise that these displays are a a great way to improve your real-time interaction from the attendee’s side.

social wall benefit

You can incentivize your attendees by featuring their content on screens. To give them an edge, you can flaunt their tweets, posts, videos ( short and long-form), testimonials, and reviews on screens.

4. Display Authentic UGC

The content you publish on your social wall displays is trustworthy and acts powerfully in attracting potential customers.

benefits of social wall

Build brand credibility, a positive image, and relatability through your social wall screens by collecting and flaunting posts and feedback on screens at events, educational institutions, banks, hotel lobbies, and more.

People trust current buyers’ words; use this tactic to attract more customers to your company.

5. Grows Community

As you set up these digital displays and share your branded social media content on screens, you encourage viewers to check out your content and get an overview of your brand. 

Another social media wall benefit is that it enables you to be more vocal and express your brand messaging, goals, and progress. 

Incorporating this tip into your social media wall strategies will take your followers and online community to another level and number.

Add Social Media Wall to Your Event

6. Acts As A Magnet For High Conversions

As we move forward, let’s understand the basic concept of customer conversion. This process requires a brand to showcase and prove to new and potential customers they can trust and convert them into their customer base.

benfits of social media wall

This is where social media walls come into play and help you achieve the first part, as people trust the word of existing buyers of a brand more than some fancy flyer. 

When you have established a trustworthy relationship with future customers, it is time to convert them strategically using your social media marketing.

7. Cost-Effective Marketing

As a brand, you must look for techniques and tricks that offer cost-effective marketing with impactful outcomes. 

Social media wall displays are the perfect solution to this problem. They are a cost-effective way to boost brand awareness and interaction without requiring significant time or resources.

However, social media wall digital displays are not limited to that; they offer a comprehensive package of benefits, such as interaction, wider reach, more robust social media presence, and much more.

8. Higher Foot Traffic In Retail Stores

Set up digital displays in your stores to showcase the market trends and conversations. This will keep your visitors updated about what’s going on in the market.

benefit of social wall

Incorporating this approach can help potential buyers make informed decisions and increase your conversion rate.

This technique gives them the relatability they expect from your brand. You can also win their trust by showcasing content created by your existing consumers.

9. Stretches The Dwell Time Of Visitors

Do you need help increasing website visitors’ dwell time? To your surprise, social wall benefits by improving your website metrics and engagement. 

Work on collecting, customizing, and displaying a digital display on your website that reflects your brand messaging, best-selling products, customer reviews, and more to enhance the visitor’s experience.

Using features like announcements, tickers, and CTAs on social wall displays can elevate your game to the next level.

Add Social Media Wall to Your Event

Over To You!

As we reach the end of this blog, let’s clarify one thing: social media walls can act as a guiding light in the dark for your brand. They give you an edge over your competitors and bridge the gap between you and your buyers; you can learn about them and their preferences using these displays. Pick a social media aggregator tool that aligns with your brand goals, budget, and requirements. 

Social media walls offer a distinctive approach that uses real-time authentic content created by the brand and its users cost-effectively, giving you an edge over competitors. For this, we have incorporated the key social media wall benefits.

So, immediately incorporate a social media wall into your marketing strategy today!