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Social Media Aggregator
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Social Media Aggegator

A Social Media Aggregator is a tool that brings together posts from different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and puts them in one place.

With SocialWall tool, you can easily manage and display these social media feeds on websites, events, e-commerce sites, virtual events, and digital displays.

Effortlessly set up your social media wall in just three steps!

Get Social Posts

Use our tool to easily bring together all the cool social media stuff from different social media platfroms. Just pick hashtags, handles, pages, mentions, or whatever you like!

Social Wall Solution
Social Wall Solution

Filter and Customize

The mixed-up feed needs a bit of organization. Use advanced filters to keep it top-notch and style it your way. Choose themes, designs, and customize it to make it look just the way you want.

Share Anywhere

Enhance your online presence by seamlessly integrating personalized social media feeds into your website, live or virtual events, digital displays, in-store screens, emails, and beyond.

Social Wall Solution
Social Wall Solution

Analyze Performance

See how your brand is growing by looking at likes, clicks, and who your audience is. Check important numbers to understand your progress, impressions and if it is reaching target audience.

Create Compelling Visual Attraction

Optimize Trust, Engagement, and Conversions with Social Media Aggregator

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Social Wall Solution

Our Social Walls tool makes it super easy to share your favorite social media posts on your website or any screen, big or small. It's like adding a touch of magic to your marketing

Social Wall Solution

Show Off Your Social Wall on Any Screen

Our flexible designs make sure the awesome content you gathered with the social feed tool looks great on any screen – whether it's a big jumbotron, a projector, a TV, or even a mobile screen. Just create or publish feeds, give them your personal touch, and display them on any screen.

Share Social Feeds on Your Website

Boost user engagement and build trust by adding a live feed to your website. Enhance your sales and supercharge your social commerce with our embedding features, highlighting top-notch content on your site. Don't forget to showcase your hashtag campaigns with Social Wall.

Social Wall Solution
Social Wall Solution

Hashtag Campaigns

Boost your hashtag campaigns with our Social Media Aggregator. Share your message beyond followers, raise awareness, and increase engagement. Our tool collects and showcases User-Generated Content, fostering connections with new audiences and maximizing your campaign's impact.


Self-regulated Filtering

Automated content filtering in social media aggregators simplifies content management, ensuring the display of only suitable content.


Snap Up

Expand your options for collecting UGC with social feed aggregator. Build trust among your audiences by providing a private space for UGC sharing through the SnapUp Feature.

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Live updates

Our hashtag aggregator for social media ensures constant content updates, keeping the feed consistently fresh, valuable, and engaging.

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UGC rights management

Ensure compliance with users' data privacy policies by obtaining content rights directly from users. Harness UGC using our aggregator tool.

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Multiple themes

Social media aggregators provide a variety of themes, enabling users to switch between visual styles. This feature not only enhances customization but also aligns with brand aesthetics.

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Custom CSS

The custom CSS feature in lets users control how things look. By allowing customization of layouts, and themes, you can match their brand's appearance.

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