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Situated in the spiritual home of football, West England, Eleven Sports Media is a sports brand that specializes in building community-driven sports partnerships. The key expertise of the brand lies in creating a fan engagement solution for sports clubs.

Founded in 2009, this brand aims to connect sports teams with their most valuable commodity, their local fans.

The core tasks at Eleven Sports Media involve benefiting the local communities through sponsored events while focusing on transformative technology in the partnerships they build among sports teams and communities.

Challenges The Challenges

Connecting Local Communities with Sports Teams using Stadium TV

To continue on their path of connecting local communities with their favorite teams, Eleven Sports wanted to showcase fan-made content and posts from contesting sports clubs on large screens via their fan engagement platform, “Stadium TV.” The main aim behind this was to empower sports fans and show the players how much they mean to the local communities while keeping the audiences informed about the latest updates from the sports clubs’ official social channels. And when it comes to displaying UGC at grand events, nothing comes close to Social Walls, which is where Eleven Sports Media put their trust in.

The fan experience is an important part of sports events, and keeping fans in the spotlight can enhance that experience; and to respect that, we wanted a web-based solution to incorporate social feeds into our Stadium Fan Display product, Stadium TV."


Better Event Engagement with UGC

Challenges The Solution

Showcasing UGC To Boost Event Engagement & Strengthen Fan Community

As a company that solely builds fan communities for sports teams, Eleven Sports Media leveraged the most ideal element to engage the event audience—user-generated content. This is when Social Walls came into the picture and provided them with a feature-packed UGC wall that they could manage and customize without requiring any technical background.

Here’s how Eleven Sports Media achieved their goals:

  • Displayed fan-made content on Stadium TV to boost sponsor visibility.
  • By putting UGC in the spotlight, encouraged more attendees to post content.
  • Captured attendee sentiment and reactions in real-time.
We wanted a ready-made solution that we could customize and plug straight into our product, without the need to design one from the ground up. With Social Walls, we could easily include fan-created content as an inclusive visual on Stadium TV."
Challenges The Results

+50% Engagement, +3X UGC Collected: Eleven Sport’s Success With Social Walls

As a result of Social Walls’ exceptional features and Eleven Sports' unbeatable will to do something for the sports communities, the brand successfully hosted a one-of-a-kind event.

Eleven Sports Media showcased social media content uploaded by the fans on the stadium TV. This led the brand to increase watch time and 50% better fan engagement!


The content displayed the fans' true passion for the sport, which encouraged other fans present in the stadium to create content as well, including their pictures or pictures of their favorite player. Ultimately, Eleven Sports Media‘s event with Social Walls was a huge hit.

Sounds unbelievable? Let's hear it from the brand itself:

We are happy that we chose Social Walls to help us host an engaging event. The tool is brilliant and allowed us to create a social media display within minutes."

It's one thing to be a marketing tool that helps you promote your brand and make more people know about you, but when it comes to sports, there is a lot of passion involved as well. To showcase that passion in the best way, we've created Social Walls with the following features:

  • AI moderation to filter out the best content for your sporting event.
  • Attractive themes to attract more eyes and encourage more people to participate.
  • Collect user-generated content from various social media platforms like Instagram, X, Facebook, TikTok, etc.
  • Gamify your social wall with features like Reactions to multiply event engagement.

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