How to Display Live Twitter Feed on Events, Website, and Conferences – A Comprehensive Guide

Dakshit Mathur

10 minute read

Dakshit Mathur

April 10, 2024

Have you ever been to an event where you can see a live Twitter feed on a screen that grabs a lot of attention? Ever wondered how it is done? Let’s find out.

Twitter (Now X) is undoubtedly one of the largest social media platforms on the planet. With over 550 million monthly active users, it has also been serving as an effective marketing tool for brands. But is there anything better than so many people appreciating your brand on such a platform? The answer is Yes, there absolutely is; that’s collecting everything these people are talking about and showcasing it to potential customers. 

Displaying a live Twitter feed on events, websites, and conferences can attract so many new users if it is done correctly. With the right tools to embed Twitter feeds, you can design and customize the content as per your preferences.

With that being said, a brand must know how to display Twitter live feeds anywhere they want. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy a healthy dose of the information we brought to you about displaying a real-time Twitter feed.

What is Twitter Feed?

Before we get to the process involved in embedding Twitter content on a TV or social wall, it is important to understand, What is a Twitter Feed. A Twitter feed can be defined as a timeline that shows the latest updates on a Twitter account. These updates can be from one account or multiple accounts.

Multiple tools allow brands to display their Twitter feeds during events to increase engagement and traction. Embedding Twitter feeds on any marketing front not only makes people spend more time there but also increases your Twitter following. 

Other benefits of embedding a live Twitter feed include the showcasing of social proof. If the feed is added to an event with good footfall, sharing positive things from your customers has a fruitful impact. Seeing so many good things being said about your brand from previous customers can influence a potential customer’s decision.

Ways to Display Twitter Live Feed

Now that we’ve understood how beneficial displaying Twitter feeds can be for brands, let’s dive into the process behind it. There are different fronts where a Twitter feed can be displayed such as Digital Screens, televisions, websites, etc. We have provided detailed information about the different processes involved in embedding live Twitter feeds on various platforms.

How to Display Live Twitter Feeds On Digital Screen?

Here are the steps that one can take if one wants to embed a live Twitter feed on a Digital Screen. 

  1. Sign in to your account by adding the credentials you provided while signing up. 
  2. Choose the “Create a Social Wall” to display your live Twitter feeds on a digital screen. And then click on “Get started” Live Twitter Feed
  3. Click on “Start Now” Twitter Live Feed
  4. The next screen will ask you to choose a source network to display the content. Since we want to add a Twitter feed, choose “Twitter (X)”. Live Twitter Feeds
  5. Now you will have to add the source filter from which you want to collect the content from Twitter. Here are the options available:
    • Hashtag: If people use a particular hashtag to praise your brand, then you can collect the content using that hashtag.
    • Handle: If you want to gather content from a specific Twitter handle, then you can provide the handle in the text box.
    • Mention: By selecting this option, you can collect all the Twitter posts that have mentioned you. 
    • Advanced: Choose these options if you want content aggregation based on keywords and queries. Live Twitter Feed On Website
  6. Add the information as per your preference and click on “Create Feed”
  7. Once you click on the “Create Feed” button. You will see all the content collected. You can customize the design and theme of the feed from the “Personalize” What is a Twitter Feed
  8. The moderation option allows you to make the posts public or private as per your preferences. How to Watch Twitter on TV
  9. Once you are satisfied with the final feed, click on display. You will see the options to display the feed on different types of screens such as Firestick, AndriodTv, Chromecast, etc.
    • You can either choose to copy the link for display screens like Chromecast. Real-Time Twitter Feed
    • You can also copy the code given to embed the feed on Firestick or android tv devices. How to Watch Twitter Live
  10. That’s it! You’ve successfully embedded a live Twitter feed on your digital screen.

How to Display a Live Twitter Feed on a Website?

To display a live Twitter feed on a website, the steps are the same as the ones for digital screens. There are only differences in a few steps as mentioned below. 

  1. In the second step, you must select the “Show social feed on webpages” option instead of the “Create social wall” option chosen earlier. Website to View Twitter
  2. In the 9th step, instead of choosing a digital screen platform, you’ll see a different screen. Here you must choose the “Embed On Webpage” option and follow the further steps mentioned below. Live Twitter Feeds On Website
  3. Now you will have to choose the platform on which your website has been created to embed the code provided. These platforms might include HTML, WordPress, WiX, Squarespace, etc.display live twitter feed on website
  4. That’s it! You’ve successfully embedded a live Twitter feed on your digital screen.

Note: All the steps between step 2 and step 9 are exactly the same.

Understanding Twitter Wall – The Collection of Captivating Tweets

With Twitter Wall, we provide amazing features to make the most out of displaying Twitter content on your marketing fronts. It is a tool specifically designed for brands or people wanting to showcase Twitter feed content on a screen during events. This not only keeps people engaged but also can increase traction on your Twitter account. 

It is also an opportunity for the brand that organized the event to let people know more about what they offer.  They showcase Twitter content about their latest updates and activities in the field they are working in. Whether it is a new policy or the launching of a new product, a Twitter Wall can help in promoting it all.

Points to Consider while Incorporating Live Twitter Feed for Events

There are a few important things that one must consider while they are embedding a live Twitter feed on a screen. Following are some of these considerations that maximize the benefits brands can achieve by displaying such feeds.

  • Platform Selection: Choose a robust platform or tool that can handle live Twitter feeds effectively and is easy to integrate with your event setup.
  • Content Guidelines: Establish clear guidelines for the type of content that will be displayed on the live feed, ensuring it aligns with the event’s objectives and audience preferences.
  • Customization: Customize the appearance of the live feed to match your event’s branding and aesthetics, creating a cohesive experience for attendees.
  • Moderation Tools: Implement moderation tools to filter out any inappropriate or off-topic content, maintaining the quality and relevance of the live feed.
  • Attendee Engagement: Encourage attendees to actively participate by using the event hashtag and interacting with the live feed, fostering community engagement and conversation.
  • Integration: Ensure seamless integration of the live Twitter feed with your event’s website, app, or other digital platforms, providing attendees with easy access to real-time updates.

Where You Can Display Tweets on Screen?

There are so many places where a brand has the opportunity to grab someone’s attention by displaying a live Twitter feed. 

  • Website: One of the most common and effective places to display Twitter indeed is the brand website. Embedding it on a website is beneficial for both the website and the Twitter account due to increased traffic and engagement.
  • Event: Displaying a Twitter feed during an event organized by the concerned brand is always a masterstroke. It allows the brand to showcase what people are saying about the event or the latest brand updates, to every attendee. Such events have higher footfall and hence such feeds can significantly increase engagement. 
  • Weddings: Embedding a wedding wall at a wedding is also a common yet very engaging practice. You can create a hashtag exclusively for the wedding and everyone can post about the wedding using the hashtag. You can then use the Twitter feed to showcase these posts.

Essential Features for a Compelling Live Twitter Feed at Events

The AI-enabled Twitter wall we offer is an impactful tool to leverage the power of User Generated Content. Below are some of the notable features that it offers for your brand 

  • Studio: Customize your social wall with live content from Twitter and other social media channels, organized by relevance. Easily change layouts and themes to match your event’s aesthetics and display preferences.
  • Adjustable Integrations: Collaborate with brands and leverage Twitter channels to curate real user-generated content, expanding your event’s reach and driving higher traffic.
  • Gamification Apps: Increase attendee engagement through interactive event gamification, such as live polls and leaderboards accessed via QR code scanning. Make events more dynamic and enjoyable for participants.
  • AI-Powered Recommendation Score: Utilize our AI-powered feature to assess the relevance and quality of social media posts. This will ensure that only the most valuable content is showcased on the social wall.
  • Snap-Up: Encourage attendees to share their content, reviews, and feedback directly through QR codes or URLs. This bypasses traditional social media platforms and fosters a more direct and trustworthy connection between participants.


Incorporating live Twitter feeds into events, websites, and conferences can significantly enhance audience engagement and brand visibility. By displaying real-time Twitter content, brands can capitalize on user-generated content to showcase social proof and positive customer sentiment.

With the right tools and strategies, brands can effectively embed live Twitter feeds on digital screens, creating immersive experiences for attendees. Utilizing platforms like SocialWalls allows seamless customization of Twitter feeds, ensuring that the content aligns with the brand’s objectives and preferences.

Features such as studio customization, adjustable integrations, gamification apps, AI-powered recommendation scores, and Snap-Up options provide brands with comprehensive tools. Ultimately, incorporating live Twitter feeds into marketing fronts can amplify brand awareness, promote engagement, and enhance event experiences for attendees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Live Twitter Feed?

A live Twitter feed is a timeline that displays Twitter content in various formats. The content can be categorized based on Twitter accounts, hashtags, mentions, etc. You can display a Twitter feed with different tools available in the market.

How can I access live Twitter feeds?

You can use SocialWalls which has a variety of features for not just filtering but even customizing your feed content. The attractive themes and AI-powered features make SocialWalls the leading platform for embedding a Twitter live feed.

Are live Twitter feeds customizable?

Yes, SocialWalls allows you to customize the content of your Twitter feed in terms of themes, design, and content. Our latest themes add an extra layer of attractiveness to your feed.

Can I embed live Twitter feeds on my website?

Yes, you can embed a live Twitter feed on your website with SocialWalls. People will be able to see real-time changes on the feed due to its dynamic features.

How Reliable Are Real-Time Twitter Feeds?

The Twitter feeds created with SocialWalls are completely reliable as they offer so many amazing features. These features involve AI-powered recommendations, attractive themes, sentiment analysis, etc.

How to Watch Twitter Live?

Watching a Twitter feed live can be done by different methods based on the platform over which you want to see it. To see it on a website, you can copy the embed code from SocialWalls and paste it into the website code. To see it on a digital screen, you can use the casting link or display code.