Social Media Moderation: How It Works and Importance

Palak Mishra

Content Writer

November 2, 2023

Social media is a public platform that can impact your brand’s reputation. It can effectively help you build your brand or take you down if you are not careful enough. 

But don’t worry; a social media moderator is what you need to maintain a positive presence that aligns with your brand’s personality and values. 

Moderating social media requires you to balance your brand’s reputation, respond to negative comments, and engage with your audience. 

This blog will tell you about social media moderation and how this tool helps you take your game to the top. 

Let’s begin expanding your knowledge on this social media moderation!

What is Social Media Moderation?

Social media moderation is the process of monitoring, managing, and filtering out any irrelevant and inappropriate content on social media channels. As a brand, you need to take action on user-generated content that is posted on your account to maintain a positive brand image.

This process ensures that your social media feed stays under the rules and guidelines of the respective social media platform and creates a respectful and safe environment. 

Moderators play a crucial role in monitoring your user-generated content and enabling you to control what gets shared on social media channels. Stay updated and check that things stay in control and no one spreads profane, disrespectful, or violent content infringing on others’ privacy. 

Social media moderation helps you abide by the guidelines provided by the social channel’s community and avoid spam and explicit content to shape a positive and impactful image. 

Alternatively, you can transform your social accounts into a more follower-friendly space where no fake news is posted or appreciated.

Types Of Social Media Moderation

Moderation can be done in multiple ways: human, automated, and more. Monitoring and organizing your social media content can help you customize your social wall as per your requirements and align it with your event display, in-store theme, and more. Read this section to learn more about how to moderate your content and stay on the right path. 

types of social media moderation

1. Pre-Moderation

Pre-moderation is the stage that allows you to scan through the content before it gets published on social channels. The moderators do this as the user submits the content to be posted if it stays in the channel’s policies when it is further shared on the account. This allows you to hand out only the desirable content. 

2. Post-Moderation

Share in real-time, stay updated, and review the moderation process later. Post-moderation lets you immediately filter out content already posted on the account and visible to the followers. You can effectively take down what is published, but it might get seen by some people for a brief amount of time. 

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3. Reactive Moderation

When you share a piece of content deemed negative, inappropriate, or abusive to the viewer, they can report it. This is called reactive moderation, which also allows the reporter to state the reason which disturbed them to take such action. It acts like an extra sieve after the pre and post-moderation.   

4. Automated Moderation

As self-explanatory as possible, automated moderation uses artificial intelligence to get the work done by identifying patterns, keywords, or visual content associated with being harmful or unwanted. You can go with this option while handling large amounts of content. 

5. User-Only Moderation

user moderation

When you want to work yourself on the content, supervise, and edit content, you can try out user-only moderation. As a user, you can block, mute, or report problematic and offensive content to stay off the radar screen.  

6. Hybrid Moderation

When you choose to combine all these moderation approaches to cater to your various types of content and issues, it is called hybrid moderation. It is flexible and works wonders for a wide range of content, offering you all in one. 

Tips for Moderating and Publishing Social Media Content

Choosing to go through the planning process can help your brand in unforeseen situations. Let’s discuss what brands deal with when using social media moderation.

Dealing with Tough Stuff

When it comes to social media content, you can never know what might come. Consider trying social silence if you’re unsure what to do in some social calamity.

Pause Your Regular Posts   

Imagine your regular posts are like a playlist, and sometimes you need to hit the pause button. It’s not just about being quiet; it’s a source that helps people focus on important messages. So, before you post, ask yourself if the world really needs to hear from your brand right now.

Handling Critics Like a Pro

When people say not-so-nice things, don’t play hide and seek. Respond to all comments. Teach your team to be good at helping customers and have a plan for when things get tough. It’s like turning criticism into a chance for your brand to shine.

Dealing with Tricky Comments

Some comments can be mean or rude; you don’t always have to answer each one. Use social wall tools to filter out nasty comments automatically. It keeps your online space nice and friendly.

What Is A Social Media Moderator Tool?

brand image

A social media moderation tool is software that helps brands eliminate unadvisable and unpleasant content before or after publishing it on social media channels. 

As a brand, you can manage and control what is visible on your social accounts and set a positive and safe environment for your followers. 

This tool enables you to create a polished and sophisticated image in the eyes of your potential customers, collaboration partners, and creators. 

Apart form that, social wall offers features that extend multiple types of features other than monitoring the content, such as collecting, customization, analyzing, and more, all in one place. 

Social media moderator tools are essential for creating and maintaining a respectful online community, protecting brand reputation, and ensuring a positive online presence.

The Importance of Social Media Moderation

Making sure that social media stays safe, positive, and useful is really important. Also, if you want your brand to look good, you can set up a social wall design and theme that matches your event or webpage.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important to keep an eye on social media and make sure it’s all going well.

Importance of Social Media Moderation

1. Increase Traffic with a Website Social Wall

A social media moderation tool lets you choose what to display on multiple digital touchpoints. Create a social wall with your social feed, UGC, and influencer-collaboration content and showcase it on your website. 

This way, you can encourage your visitors to take action on your website and lure them to convert into your loyal customer base. Not only that, but this can increase their dwell time as they explore your content and products.

2. Filter Content for UGC Rights

Social media moderators offer the feature of UGC rights management to their users, which enables them to post customer-created content with their permission. 

But not every content can be displayed and posted on digital screens or social platforms. This softwares helps the brand filter content and avoids potential legalities, which protects the brand image and adds to its reputation.  

3. Engage Audiences with Moderated Social Walls

Audience Engagement

When you moderate the content on your social wall, you can curate a more engaging and relevant experience for your audience. By filtering out spam, offensive, or irrelevant content, you create a more appealing and trustworthy environment for your visitors. 

This, in turn, encourages users to interact with your brand and other visitors, fostering a sense of community and engagement.

4. Improve Sales via Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Flaunting your social media content in real-time on social media walls at events or in-store screens puts you a step further towards improving your sales. You showcase your products, their features, and existing buyers’ reviews. 

As new and potential people are likely to trust and buy based on the words of your current users, make sure only the authentic and actual opinions and visuals using your products are displayed on screens. 

5. Accelerate Social Shopping With Quality Content

Social Shopping

With the help of moderators, you can effectively create social proof, help potential customers make informed purchasing decisions, and increase conversion rates in e-commerce.

As people see your buyer’s genuine content through visuals and reviews, they trust your brand and are motivated to purchase through social shopping, boosting your sales. 

6. Offer Viewers a Trusted Platform

Trust is crucial in the digital world, and moderation of social media plays a vital role in building that trust with your audience. 

By filtering out spam or misleading content, you can create a safe and reliable environment for your users. This trust can increase loyalty, positive reviews, and recommendations, benefiting your brand’s reputation and success.

7. Build Brand Image with Social Walls

A moderated social wall with user-generated content on social walls can boost audience trust and create a positive brand image. 

By displaying UGC that highlights good experiences with your brand, you can tell a powerful story that connects with your target audience. This can boost brand loyalty and attract new eyes who share your values.

Wrapping Up

As we conclude, we can agree that Social media moderation is essential for managing user-generated content, engaging your audience, and improving your brand’s reputation. 

In this social media time, businesses should adopt social media moderation practices to maintain a professional and relevant online presence.

By using social wall analytics and multiple other features, you can find out how to perform better in the future and filter unwanted content; brands can maintain a positive reputation and improve their website’s performance. 

Remember, moderating content is more than just a rule to follow; it’s the key to succeeding online, so go ahead and start your content screening process.

Palak Mishra

Content Writer

November 2, 2023