Elevating Your Event Experience: Social Wall Designs and Themes

Dakshit Mathur

8 minute read

Dakshit Mathur

November 27, 2023

Are you someone who needs help maximizing your social wall impact? Well, worry not; we are here to help you by giving insider tips and tricks around matching your display screens to your event and engaging better.

Think of your event social walls as the vibrant digital displays of your social media posts, user-generated content, and customer reviews. They’re not just there to look pretty; they’re your gateway to building connections, boosting your brand visibility, and ensuring you achieve your goals.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can align your social media wall with the theme of your event and give your audience an enhanced experience. We have also listed how you can cater to your event’s requirements depending on your brand industry.

So, without further ado, let’s get started and spill the beans on the tricks that turn your social presence from just ‘being there’ to stealing the show. This isn’t about fancy decorations; it’s about creating a memorable experience.

Let’s get started!

Strategic Steps for Aligning Social Walls with Event Themes

Aligning social walls with event themes is a creative way to enhance engagement and relevance. In this section are some strategies to align social walls with event themes for achieving your goals faster.

Understand Your Event Theme

Understanding the event theme is like knowing the heart of the party. The theme sets the mood and vibe of the event. That is where knowing the importance of aligning the social media wall with the event theme comes into play.

For example, if it’s a music festival with a theme like “Harmony in Diversity,” you want the social media wall to reflect that mix of different music styles and people.

Knowing the theme helps pick the right colors, pictures, and even a unique hashtag that captures the event’s vibe. It’s like ensuring the social media wall is on the same page as the event, creating a memorable event.

Choose Interactive Displays

When picking visuals for your social media wall, think about the event theme. Selecting visuals that resonate with the event theme goes a long way. Use the event’s logos and colors to keep things consistent.

Choose colors that look good together. Use pictures and symbols that fit the event. Keep things balanced and not too busy, especially for events like music festivals.

Display user-generated content, such as photos and videos, visually appealingly. Doing all this makes the social media wall look great, matches the event, and be more fun for everyone there.

social wall theme

Create a Tailored Event Hashtag

Crafting a perfect hashtag is similar to choosing a unique online tag for your event. It should be concise, easy to remember, and reflect the event’s theme.

Let’s say your event is centered around innovation in your new product launch – a fitting hashtag could be as straightforward as #InnovationUnveiled. This designated tag or hashtag acts as a digital encouraging point, making it effortless for attendees to share their event-related posts.

It’s like giving your event its own online identity, creating a shared space where everyone can contribute and be part of the virtual conversation surrounding the event.

event hashtag

Showcase Your Social Media Content

Include a mix of multimedia content, such as images, videos, and GIFs, to make the social wall visually appealing. Create a social wall to showcase your real-time content posted on social media channels by your brand or people at the event.

By faulting only the hashtag content, you can ensure that the multimedia content aligns with the event themes and adds value to the overall experience. You can also highlight the great deals, upcoming new launches or events, and collaborations.

Ensure you keep the social wall updated in real-time so that its viewers stay updated. Display live feeds and comments to create an engaging experience.

Customize and Moderate Before Displaying

Tailor the appearance of your digital wall and adjust font styles, color schemes, and layout to create a visually appealing display on the chosen screens at the venue.

Review and filter the content that appears on the social media wall. Curate only the posts that align with the event’s messaging and values, ensuring a positive atmosphere. Implement social media moderation to avoid any inappropriate or off-topic content.

This dual approach enhances the social media wall’s overall visual and experiential quality.

Encourage Attendee Engagement

It’s about getting your audience to share their thoughts and experiences at the event. Put up updates and highlights in real-time to keep everyone in the loop and excited.

You can do this by running terrific contests or polls, like asking for the best event photo or a creative caption. Use live questionnaires to get everyone involved, asking for opinions or fun facts.

Showcasing what attendees share on the social media wall is a great way to make them feel special and encourage others to join in. By incorporating your social wall with CTAs or a QR code, you can transform it into a lively hub reflecting what everyone is feeling and experiencing at the event.

Highlight Your Sponsors

Including sponsors and partners in the social media wall is like saying a big “thank you” for their support without taking away from the fun for everyone else. Smartly add their logos and messages in a way that fits with the event’s style and theme.

The main focus is still on what the people at the event share, like their photos and thoughts. It’s a friendly collaboration where everyone feels recognized.

The social media wall becomes a calm space where supporters and attendees play a part in making the event awesome. So, it’s a win-win that adds to the overall good vibes of the event.

Additionally, showcase behind the scenes to fill in the gaps when nothing event-related is showcased on the big screens.

But when it comes to catering to event needs, your social media wall changes its requirements depending on your industry and event type, so in the next section, we will discuss how you can give your best in your event.

Craft Your Industry-Specific Social Wall

Creating your industry-centric social wall display is a straightforward path that can lead you to success. Actively engage by fostering discussions, updating regularly, and encouraging user contributions.

Here are examples of multiple event types that can help you strategize in your next gathering.

Product Launch

As a brand, you are well prepared for unforeseen events when you strategize each step for your event. Suppose you are launching a new product, but first, you need to make hype in the market around it. You can attain this goal easily by starting a hashtag campaign and asking your customers and event guests to share their excitement for the new launch.

Next, from our abovementioned steps, you need to work on your event and social wall. This will require you to see to your visual element, use relatable design, and try to reflect the vibe through your wall by incorporating the product’s color scheme and branding.

You can also curate and showcase social media posts that display your product’s services using the features of a social wall. This works wonders for engagement and encourages attendees to share more content.

feature of social wall

Music Festival

As we move onto the next social wall example, music festivals demand to be more vibrant and creative regarding display. You can use diverse colors to represent different music genres or include visuals of various festival stages featuring every artist present.

Highlight posts that capture the energetic atmosphere and unique moments. Run a contest encouraging attendees to share their favorite festival experiences. Feature a live feed of Instagram stories showcasing real-time festival highlights.

But one unskippable step you must focus on performing is going through moderation. Monitor and filter content to maintain a positive and inclusive environment in your next event.

social media wall in music event

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation ceremonies are a big deal that deserves to be marked and celebrated. As a university hosting and giving out diplomas to its students, you can set up social walls that display social media feeds.

You can choose a theme, symbols, and images that match the color of your school or university logo. Alternatively, you can ask your students in the vent to share live images and videos of enjoying and making memories using the QR code or graduation hashtag and see themselves on the screen.

Make your next step to curate posts that capture the emotions of graduates, families, and faculty. Include congratulatory messages and well-wishes from friends and family.

Additionally, you can run a social media Q&A session with graduates, allowing them to share their plans. But ensure a respectful atmosphere by moderating content.

education social wall

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, creating a social media wall that matches the event’s theme is more than just making things look good—it’s about making the event more fun and connected.
Executing an event requires a lot, from choosing excellent visuals and coming up with a catchy hashtag to adjusting how it looks on the screen to add to the event’s vibe.

In the end, all these efforts help you get one step closer to your aim. So, without further ado, implement the strategies given in this blog in your next event.