Elevate Experience With The Power of Engaging Social Walls: Tips And Types

Dakshit Mathur

10 minute read

Dakshit Mathur

January 5, 2024

A social media wall is like a digital screen showing off all the content your customers share about your products and brand on social channels, their reviews, and the eye-catching content to help you get closer to your goals. 

But why should you care? Well, it’s just a social media wall bringing people together. It’s like catching everyone’s attention and transforming your dull and regular event into an interactive show. It’s not just about posts from social media channels; it’s about making a fun, buzzing community to move closer to your brand goals. 

Here’s a scene: You’re throwing a social media contest, and your followers are chatting it up on social media. Add the contest-specific hashtag given by your brand in their posts. 

All those tweets, pics, and updates turn into a live social wall feed, showing off your party vibes for everyone to see. Using the social walls, you can showcase that content quickly to your event attendees or webpage visitors. 

Are you excited to try social walls and make your brand super cool? Great! We’re about to see how this fantastic tool can make your brand shine and keep your friends (or customers) hooked. 

Ready for this knowledge expansion journey? Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Best Ways To Use Your Engaging Social Walls 

Installing a social media wall is not enough; remember there are some points to keep in mind to up your social wall ROI. Here are some tips for boosting your social wall engagement. 

Best Ways To Use Your Engaging Social Walls 

1. Run Real User-generated Content 

Running authentic and factual User-Generated Content on your social walls is like inviting everyone to participate in the show at your events. It’s a fun way to get your audience involved and make your events super interactive. 

Ask them to share their photos, thoughts, or experiences related to the event using a particular hashtag, and watch their content become a star on your social walls, creating a lively atmosphere. 

Run Real User-generated Content on your engaging social walls

This UGC strategy turns your events into two-way conversations, making participants feel valued contributors. The more they engage, the more the event comes alive on your social walls. 

2. Exhibit Aesthetic Branded Content 

Picture your brand’s story like a special art show on your website. This exhibit is like a collection of carefully chosen pictures and messages that tell the unique tale of your brand. 

It’s like showing off your favorite moments or achievements in a relaxed and organized way. Whether it’s showing off your products, sharing your brand’s journey, or talking about important things you’re doing, this exhibit of branded content turns your website into an exciting place where people can learn about and remember your brand. 

It’s like creating a gallery that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors, making your brand stand out. Rather than displaying only UGC on your social walls, branded content can also help you go long; you can also appreciate your employees and their dedication, showcasing the positive environment of your brand. 

3. Give Space To Sponsors

Allocating space on your social walls to appreciate sponsors and speakers is like rolling out the red carpet for the real VIPs of your event. You express gratitude and elevate their visibility and importance by dedicating a special section to highlight their contributions. 

Showcasing their logos, messages, and achievements prominently and appreciatively boosts them. Sponsors receive recognition for their support, creating a positive association with your event. 

Give Space To Sponsors on your engaging social walls

This appreciation through social walls strengthens your relationships with sponsors and speakers. It adds a touch of class and recognition to your event, making everyone feel like a valued part of the experience. 

4. Gamify It- Give Engagement Opportunities

Engaging in a game is like turning your online stuff into a fun play area. When you gamify it, you’re adding a sprinkle of fun to what people do on your website. 

It’s like turning regular things into challenges, making visitors want to join in and have a good time. Imagine quizzes, polls, or fun challenges where every click or comment becomes like a point in a game. 

Turn your website into a friendly playground where everyone can play and have fun. By making it feel like a game, people enjoy themselves and return for more fun. It’s like a game where everyone wins – they have a blast, and you get more people hanging out and having a good time on your website.

5. Keep Your Social Wall Moderated 

Keeping your social wall moderated is like making sure your online party stays friendly. Moderation is monitoring what’s happening so everyone feels comfortable and has a good time. It’s like having someone at your virtual party’s door to ensure only positive and cool stuff gets in. 

By keeping things in check, you create a safe and enjoyable space for your audience to interact. It’s like ensuring only the good vibes stay, and any not-so-cool stuff gets filtered out. This way, people are more likely to participate because they know it’s a positive and welcoming environment. 

Keep Your engaging Social Wall Moderated

So, just like a good party host, moderation helps keep the energy high, making your social wall in retail stores a place where everyone wants to be and engage positively. Not only that, but this practice also helps you stay relevant and related to your audience. 

6. Showcase Industry News On Your Engaging Social Walls

Showcasing industry news on your social walls is like turning your event or website into a buzzing news hub everyone wants to tune into. By sharing your industry’s latest updates and interesting tidbits, you’re not just informing your audience but creating a dynamic space where they can stay in the know. 

It’s like being the go-to source for what’s hot and happening. People love to be part of the conversation, and when you curate and share relevant industry news, you invite them to join in. Whether through live event updates or regular posts on your website, keeping your audience informed and engaged with what’s happening in your industry adds value and keeps them returning for more. 

It’s about being the news anchor for your niche, making your social walls a one-stop shop for all things current and exciting in your field.

So, these were some of the most helpful ways to use your social media walls to create an inclusive environment. Keep in mind to moderate your social wall, as it can impact your brand image.

The following section will share social media walls you can incorporate into your events, web pages, and digital signages. 

Types of Engaging Social Walls

Setting up a digital display for your event attendees can help you provide them with a top-notch experience, establish a trustworthy relationship with the viewers and potential customers, spread brand awareness, and give your authentic content creators appreciation. 

Here are the types of social walls to increase engagement in your events and through your websites. 

Types of Engaging Social Walls

1. Social Media Wall

Using an Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter wall is like a nifty trick to get more people interested in your stuff on social media platforms. It’s like a big screen that shows all the pictures, tweets, stories, and video format content people post about your event or thing, mainly if they use a unique hashtag. 

This makes a colorful and fun display that everyone can see, bringing lots of attention. It’s incredible because it happens immediately, so people feel part of something exciting. Seeing their posts up there makes them happy and encourages more people to join. Did you know that Tweets accompanied by hashtags achieve a 2x higher engagement rate?

You can put this multiple social media feed wall on different places like your website or a mobile app, so even more folks can see it. It’s like turning watchers into doers and making your event or thing way more engaging for everyone involved.

2. Review Wall

Imagine a review wall as a friendly space on the internet where your customers’ thoughts about your stuff are on display. It’s like a digital scrapbook filled with their honest opinions and stories. 

This wall is like an excellent window that shows everyone how much people love your products or services. And guess what? It keeps changing in real time, just like your customers’ feelings. You can make it interactive, letting people like, comment, and share their favorite reviews. 

Display reviews on your engaging social walls

It’s not just a display; it’s like an online party inviting everyone to share their thoughts and participate in something extraordinary. So, why not put up this review wall and let your customers show off how much they love what you do? 

3. Event wall

Incorporating an event wall on your website is like rolling out the red carpet for your online visitors, ensuring they stay informed and engaged. This feature is a real-time hub for event-related events, offering a visually appealing and interactive space to keep visitors in the loop. 

Whether it’s upcoming events, live updates, or highlights, the event wall transforms your website into a central information hub. Attendees and potential participants can easily stay updated on schedules, speakers, and exciting moments. This is one great way to enhance your event sponsorship opportunities.

Showcase event information on your engaging social walls

By seamlessly integrating this feature, you enhance the user experience and create a vibrant digital space that encourages active participation and keeps your visitors connected to the pulse of your events. 

4. Go-To Wall for Updates and Announcements

Introducing a product launch, special announcements, and a team update wall is like throwing a virtual celebration, inviting everyone to join the excitement. This interactive wall becomes the go-to place for showcasing new products, sharing essential announcements, and highlighting team updates. 

This wall is a dynamic display for a product launch, offering a sneak peek into what’s fresh and exciting. Special announcements gain immediate attention as they pop up on this centralized platform, ensuring that important news doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Additionally, team updates become more personal and engaging as they come to life on the wall, fostering a sense of transparency. It’s like hosting a virtual party where everyone feels connected and in the know.

Over To You!

Social media walls are a fun way to make your online world more exciting. 

We discussed where to use them (events, launches, and more), why they’re cool (more people joining in), and how to use them today. It’s like turning your online place into a happy party where everyone can join. 

Whether you like sharing pics on Instagram or any other social media channel walls or giving a thumbs up to cool reviews, these social walls benefit from sharing your stories in a fun way. And guess what? It’s super easy to begin. 

So, why not try it out?