Strategies To Enhance Sponsorship Revenue Using Live Social Walls

Palak Mishra

Content Writer

7 minute read

Palak Mishra

Content Writer

November 9, 2023

In recent years, global sponsorship spending hit $65.8 billion across events, sports, entertainment, and causes. Sponsorship holds immense power in creating exceptional events.

One of the potent tools available to event organizers for augmenting sponsorship revenue is the use of Live Social Walls.

Live Social Walls are key for organizers to boost sponsorship revenue, influencing over 70% of event attendees.

These walls integrate sponsor branding, widening audience reach and brand awareness while providing valuable data for measuring sponsorship impact.

Opting for live social media walls can elevate events, driving increased sponsorship revenue through enhanced attendee experiences and heightened sponsor engagement.

Understanding Live Social Walls

live social wall

Live Social Walls are digital tools that display user-generated content from social media platforms in real time, creating engagement and interaction among the audience.

A considerable number of event organizers (around 65%) use social walls to gather insights and feedback during events, aiding in real-time adjustments and future planning.

Live Social Walls display text, images, and videos, providing a dynamic and interactive platform for businesses and academic institutions to engage with their audiences.

Benefits of Live Social Walls for Sponsorship

Social walls are pivotal in captivating event attendees and spotlighting sponsors. Their use offers several advantages in promoting sponsors at events, including heightened visibility, increased engagement, and real-time interaction.

These social media displays provide a dynamic platform for sponsors to showcase their brand, gather valuable insights, and encourage audience participation, making them a valuable asset in event marketing strategies.

Increased brand exposure

Live Social Wall is the perfect solution to increase your brand’s exposure. By showcasing user-generated content from various social media platforms, you can create an engaging experience for your audience and effectively increase your brand’s reach. 

Enhanced audience engagement

social wall enhance audien

Social Wall boosts audience engagement by displaying user-generated content in real time. It’s perfect for live events, conferences, and social media campaigns.

Valuable data collection 

Live Social Wall collects real-time social media content for businesses to gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and opinions. It’s essential for optimizing social media strategy and engaging with the audience.

Strategies to Boost Sponsorship with Live Social Walls

Live social walls can help boost sponsorship by displaying real-time social media updates and showcasing sponsor logos/messaging, creating an interactive experience. Use them to elevate your sponsorship game.

Incorporating sponsor logos and branding

Sponsor logos and branding can enhance Live Social Walls, creating a personalized and visually appealing experience for attendees. This can increase brand visibility and recognition, leading to more effective sponsorship opportunities and a successful event. Introducing sponsor logos into Live Social Walls is a widely accepted practice in the event industry.

Offering sponsor shout-outs and mentions

Live Social Walls enable sponsors to receive shout-outs and mentions during events. These walls display real-time social media content related to the event and can feature sponsored posts and advertisements, allowing sponsors to increase their visibility and engagement with event attendees.

Providing sponsor-exclusive content

Live Social Walls offers sponsors exclusive content to showcase their brand with personalized images, videos, and text. This creates a unique and immersive experience for the audience, effectively promoting the brand.

Examples of successful sponsorship campaigns using Live Social Walls

Through Live Social Walls, sponsors can amplify their brand message, increase brand awareness and recognition, and foster community among event attendees.

Some examples of successful sponsorship campaigns using Live Social Walls include live sports events, music festivals, trade shows, and corporate conferences.

With the ability to display real-time social media updates, event-specific hashtags, and branded content, Live Social Walls have become famous for sponsors looking to create a memorable and impactful experience for event-goers.

Live sports events

Live sports events generate substantial engagement on social media. An estimated 85% of fans engage with social media content related to live sports events, offering a significant opportunity for sponsors to connect with audiences.

sports event social media wall

Source: MLB on Instagram

Here are key strategies to promote sponsors through social walls tailored for live sports events:

  • Encourage attendees to use unique sponsor-related hashtags, amplifying visibility and engagement.
  • Motivate fans to create and share user-generated content featuring the sponsor’s products within the context of the sports event.
  • Designate specific intervals on the social wall to showcase sponsor posts and promotions, augmenting their presence during the event.
  • Provide real-time updates about ongoing sponsor activities like giveaways and special offers tailored to live sports events.
  • Ensure prominent brand visibility by displaying sponsor logos and colors on the social wall.
  • Engage the audience with interactive content such as polls or quizzes related to sponsor products or services, fostering participation and interaction tailored to the live sports experience.

Music Festivals

music festival social wall

Social walls at music festivals are an excellent way to showcase sponsors and create an immersive experience for festival-goers.

Experiential marketing at music festivals is highly effective. An estimated 86% of attendees participate in or positively respond to sponsor activations or experiences during the festival.

Here are some strategies to effectively promote and integrate sponsors into the festival atmosphere:

  1. Showcase real-time posts with the festival’s hashtag and sponsor mentions on the social wall to encourage interaction and visibility.
  2. Engage attendees with tasks related to sponsors, showcasing the best entries on the social wall for increased engagement.
  3. Release behind-the-scenes or unique content from sponsors first on the social wall for attendees.
  4. Display sponsor-exclusive deals on the social wall, unlocked through engaging with wall content.
  5. Host live Q&A sessions with sponsors via the social wall for direct attendee interaction.
  6. Allow sponsors to create engaging content for a chance to take over sections of the social wall.
  7. Create interactive games related to sponsors for attendees to play on the social wall, offering sponsor-related prizes.

Trade Shows

Trade show sponsorship spending has consistently grown, with an estimated $24.25 billion spent on marketing and sponsorship globally in recent years.

Real-time engagement is crucial for sponsors at trade shows. A social wall is an innovative platform fostering active participation and elevating sponsor visibility.

Here are some effective real-time strategies tailored for trade shows to promote sponsors through a social wall:

  • Display real-time tweets using event or sponsor-specific hashtags during sponsor presentations or demos.
  • Host interactive challenges related to sponsor products. Showcase live leaderboards or participant updates on the social wall.
  • Run live Q&A sessions with sponsors, showcasing real-time questions and answers on the social wall for attendee engagement.
  • Encourage attendees to take photos with sponsor products or at sponsor booths. Display these photos instantly on the social wall, associating them with sponsors.
  • Create a station for attendees to leave video testimonials or comments about their experiences with sponsor products. Share these testimonials instantly on the social wall for credibility.

By using these real-time strategies in a trade show setting, you can actively engage attendees, boost sponsor visibility, and foster an interactive environment.

Corporate Conferences

social wall in Corporate Conferences

Sponsorship strategies play a pivotal role in conference success, such as branded content displays, challenges, live social media feeds, sponsor highlights, and promotional efforts that align with the conference’s theme.

Here are some effective strategies for promoting sponsors through a social wall at corporate conferences in real time.

  1. Showcase sponsored content in line with the brand aesthetic and message.
  2. Engage attendees in professional challenges or contests related to sponsors’ industry expertise.
  3. Display the sponsor’s professional social media feeds using specific event hashtags.
  4. Dedicate sections on the social wall to spotlight each sponsor’s initiatives and contributions.
  5. Share sponsor advertisements or promotions that align with conference themes.


Live Social Walls maximizes event sponsorship revenue with real-time social media feeds and sponsor branding. These interactive displays drive audience engagement and enhance brand visibility, increasing impressions and engagement metrics. Their versatility across different event types makes them a game-changing strategy for driving sponsor revenue.