How To Display Social Walls At Any Screen

Dakshit Mathur

5 minute read

Dakshit Mathur

October 25, 2023

In this fast-moving world, customers are the center of a brand’s attention, be it to attract new clients, build trust, increase brand visibility, or take sales higher. But how do you catch attention and convert them into your brand’s loyal customer base? 

A social wall is the best solution, which can be staged on various spaces and screens, offering multiple benefits. 

Stop looking to stand out from your competitors and leave a lasting impression on your customers by highlighting them and pulling in numerous benefits with the magnetic pull of social walls. 

As per the statistics, social media channels can be two times faster in giving you leads and directing customers towards you, so why not use your social media feed?

Go through the blog to learn about a social wall’s many advantageous use cases to expand your business and growth. 

Use Cases of Social Wall

Use Cases of Social Wall

A social wall can be used in various contexts to engage audiences and enhance the online presence of a brand or event to broaden your brand’s visibility and excite viewers. 

This section will discuss some everyday use cases for social walls. 


Infulf add social wall in website

Image Source – Gulf’s

One great way to build up your brand credibility is by displaying user-generated content to your webpage visitors to help visitors make an informed decision. 

This helps increase the chances of converting them into your brand-loyal customers but also helps them trust your company and services. 

You can also display your top-quality branded and influencer-collaborated content to make your website more engaging and fresh, showcasing your reach and connections with top creators. 

Regarding social walls, Gulf’s page is a live example that offers the same benefits offline and online. Gulf has beautifully organized web pages with visuals linked with their designated social platform posts. 

Digital Signages

Silicon bank use social wall

Image Source – Silicon Bank

Displaying social media photos of customers using your product on a large digital screen in the store or at events can create a sense of community and build social proof, encouraging other customers to try and share their photos. 

For example, your brand can display a social media wall with a real-time Twitter feed, which, according to statistics, has a 2x more engagement rate, with event-related hashtags at a live event to encourage interaction. 

Using digital displays to showcase social media content is an effective way for businesses to create a more immersive experience for customers and ultimately drive their brand toward success. 

Silicon Bank used social walls in their offices to showcase their clients and employees to keep the viewers updated and fresh with content; other than that, the bank made sure that they introduced hashtags so that they stay on top of search results.

Social Events

Ascend use social wall in their event

Image Source – Tagbox

Social walls are where your brand’s marketing teams can showcase customer reviews and images, crafting your brand’s image in potential customers’ eyes and putting it on a pedestal. 

Use a social wall tool to display customer reviews and images of your happy clients, making your social wall at events more lively and interactive. This can also attract potential customers, as user-generated content is more trustworthy than brand-generated content. 

Not only that, but social walls can bring people closer and help you raise funds for genuine causes, such as Ascend, hosting an event, and using live social media walls for the same. This led to creating a buzz around the event for future benefit. 

Internal Communication

If you aim to improve your in-house communication, connect employees, keep them updated, and keep your visitors and clients fresh on what’s happening, then end your search; create a social wall, as that is what you need for internal communication!

Not only does it grab attention with its stunning visuals, but it also allows you to quickly and easily communicate with your employees. 

From company updates to event schedules and onboarding information to employee reviews, digital walls provide endless possibilities for engaging content. 

You can also give your staff a round of applause and cheer upon any new achievement or keep them informed about the company’s new win. 

And that’s not even the best part. It’s cost and time-efficient, allowing you to keep your employees informed without disrupting their productivity but keeping them on the same page. 

Hashtag Campaign

Raise your brand awareness and attract a broader audience on social media channels through running hashtag campaigns; ask your audience to participate and engage. 

This method can bring in new and potential consumers and take your brand name ahead of the competition. Furthermore, you can also use hashtag tracking tools to keep a check on the performance of your campaigns and plan better for the future. 

Hashtag campaigns can elevate your events by boosting interaction activities and elevating the attendee experience. It’s like unlimited content available on one search. 

But apart from that, social media hashtag campaigns can help you build a bond with your audience based on trust and emotions. Loreal took inspiration and started a campaign asking women to share a story or talk about worthy topics. This gave them a hike over their competitors and genuine connections. 

Wrapping up

Using social media wall features, you can create a high-energy and interactive online presence through activities and gamifying your events and a digital wall that improves your brand’s visibility and moves you toward success. 

Social walls are there every step for better results, be it brand events, in-house communication, webpages, social media hashtag campaigns, or more. 

If your goal is to take your brand to the next level and ahead of your competitors with technology, consider using social walls in your digital marketing strategy. It’s that simple.