Live Event Displays

What are Live Event Displays?

Live event displays are interactive modern techniques that help organizers make their events engaging for the attendees by showcasing live feeds. This technology gives attendees the space to communicate with the brand in an event. 

You can showcase your brand on the large screen at events, conferences, and other live gatherings. This is an easy way to keep your attendees informed about your brand by displaying products and giving real-time updates on digital signages.

Take advantage of Live Event Display with social walls and display unlimited social media content, sponsored advertisements, and more. Add entertainment with professionalism at your event with Live Event Displays and elevate the user experience.

Who uses Live Event Displays?

Live Event Displays have become an integral part of events as we know already. So, who exactly is taking this technology into use?  Live Event Display, is mainly utilized by the following users. 

1. Event organizers

Event organizers use Live Event Displays in their conferences, trade shows, corporate events, sports events, and more. 

2. Entertainment industry

In the entertainment industry, Live Event Displays are a great tool for promotional purposes like showing live social media content, announcements, and live feeds of the performer.  

3. Tourism and attraction 

Today, hotels and resorts made their lobbies and conference rooms interactive with promotional content, event schedules, and live updates with Live Event Displays.

When Should You Use Live Event Displays?

If you have organized a conference and people are coming from all over the world, with Live Event Display you get the opportunity to advertise your brand. Moreover, if you want your attendees to know more about your offerings and success stories it's a great tool for that as well. Live Event Displays of social walls even let attendees showcase their in-event pictures on Digital signage in real-time just by scanning a QR code.

Where are Live Event Displays Used?

There are a lot of use cases for Live Event Displays. It is a versatile tool that fits any mood to improve interaction, engagement, and overall user experience. The main aim of organizers is to provide real-time updates to the attendees. So, it has been used in settings that include.

Conferences: The best solution for product demonstration, showing interactive branded social media content, user-generated content, etc.

Corporate event: Corporate events like annual meets and product launches. With Live Event Display you can show live audience reaction, product description with pictures, data, etc.

Marketing events: In marketing events, you can show customer testimonials from different platforms, promotional content, and others through Live Event Displays.

Why are Live Event Displays Important?

Live Event Display is more than just a tool to serve the best user experience to the attendees. Let’s have a look into its importance. 

1. Establish credibility

Building credibility of your brand helps in its effective growth. Showing those interactive branded social media and promotional content on digital signage builds trust. Making the audience more confident to choose you. 

2. Better interaction

It's very common for attendees to feel bored at an event. So, now it's in your hands to make it interactive with Live Event Display. Your attendees get the opportunity to display their event posts on the big screen keeping it fun and engaging. 

3. Cross-promotion

You can show user-generated content on the big screen at your event with Live Event Display. This way you can show your attendees your valuable customers are promoting your brand. It encourages them also to share their experience which you can use for future promotions.


If you want to improve the quality and effectiveness of your event then Live Event Display is the tool you need. 

You can serve your attendees the best with real-time updates, interactive social media content, and user-generated content on Digital signages. 

Make Live Event Display an important part of your modern event management today.