Social Wall In Retail Stores: Market Better And Increase Engagement

Palak Mishra

Content Writer

December 19, 2023

With the times moving far ahead as social media and digital screens take over traditional marketing methods, are you also struggling with making your shop more exciting and engaging? 

Social walls in retail stores are the answer you are looking for. They are interactive and can help build a trustworthy image. Moreover, why not create a social wall display space that tells your buyers what others think of your brand, helps them stay updated, and keeps the store fresh? 

In this blog, we will be helping you understand the concept of social walls in retail stores.

Furthermore, you can also learn the strategies to move forward with effective results in return and what benefits you can bag. 

So start reading and learning from brand examples to see the change digital screens can bring to your shop. 

Social media walls for your retail store

Think of social media walls in retail stores that show what buyers say about your shop online. It grabs posts, stories, and comments from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in real-time, creating a digital collage of your brand’s social world.

Imagine a lively screen near the entrance that displays your customer photos, reviews, and fun stuff from social media. It’s like a live chat with your customers, showing off their experiences and favorite products. 

These walls make your customers feel like part of your brand story. From happy snaps of them enjoying your latest stuff to tweets about how fantastic your store is, social media walls capture what’s happening.  

It’s not just a screen; it’s a way for your customers to join in and share their excitement. It turns your store into a buzzing place, connecting with current customers and potential buyers outside, making them part of your brand collection and community.

As we proceed further, you can use your social media feed to attract people and build an engaging environment in your store. But some strategies can help you get closer to your aim faster. 

Strategize around social walls in retail stores

Now that you know what social media can do for you, you need a plan and a route you can follow. Here are some tactics that you can use.

Social walls in retail stores: strategies

Run hashtag campaign

Running a hashtag campaign is like giving customers a secret code to share their stories about your store. When you create a unique and specific hashtag, you’re making it easy for people to tag their posts. Apart from that, you also enable others to find your content easily on social channels.  

It’s a fun way to gather all your customers’ new and fresh perspectives about your shop in one place. Plus, it helps your store become more famous on social media. 

Flaunt feedback on social walls in retail stores

Imagine creating a wall where everyone can see how much people love your store, collection, and brand values. That’s what flaunting feedback on social media walls is all about. 

When customers say great and supportive things about your shop on social media channels, these positive vibes, in the form of visuals and comments, can be displayed for everyone in your store to see. It’s like a digital high-five from happy customers that builds trust with new ones.

Showcase social media content

Showing off social media feeds is like having a digital scrapbook of your store’s best moments. Customers post pictures and comments about your products or their fun shopping trips. 

A social media wall collects all these moments in real-time and helps you keep your viewers updated. It’s not just about selling; it’s about celebrating the experiences your customers have with your brand and using that to connect with others. 

Stay relevant and maintain relatability 

Staying relevant and relatable is like keeping up with what’s cool and ensuring your store is like a friend to your customers. Social media walls help with this by capturing the latest trends and what people are talking about. 

It’s a way to keep your store exciting and show you understand what your customers love. Keep your store up-to-date with trends and connect with your customers like friends. Social media walls help you stay calm and in touch.

Ask customer’s review

As a brand, you must stay aware of your customers’ opinions about your brand. Ask them to share their opinions and feedback using the social media wall features

This is a great strategy to get to know your buyers, what you can improve, what changes they want, and if you are solving their problems. Use social wall CTAs, polls, and questionnaires. 

Profit from your social walls in retail stores 

When you inculcate these strategies to get the best out of your social walls in retail stores, you checkmark the advantages and grab add-ons such as cross-channel promotion of your brand and more. 

In this section, we will understand more about how to bag with social walls in retail stores. 

Social walls in retail stores: benefits


Cross-promotion is like introducing your online friends to your in-store consumers. Social media walls bring your online posts inside your store, bridging your digital and physical worlds. This means people visiting your shop can see your Instagram photos or Twitter content and vice versa. 

Low-cost social walls in retail stores

Social media walls are like budget-friendly displays in the world of advertising. Setting up and running social media walls is more affordable than traditional ads. It’s like getting a significant impact without spending tons of money. So, it’s a win-win for your store and your wallet. 

Authentic content display

Authentic content display is all about keeping it real. Instead of only showing polished pictures, social media walls showcase real moments your customers share. It’s like a window into people’s genuine experiences with your brand. This authenticity builds trust and helps your store connect. 

Higher chances of conversion

Higher chances of conversion mean more people go from “just looking” to “I want that!” and eventually transform your visitors into customers. Social media walls make your store more exciting and interactive. When customers see real people enjoying your products or praising your store, they’re more likely to buy something. 

Build hype

If you are a brand and about to launch a new product, host an event, or start a sale at your store, you can quickly build hype around it using digital displays at your store when you are getting enough foot traffic to your store so why not direct it towards your upcoming projects to build excitement. 

But as we already know, you must work with a compatible social media wall tool that aligns with your goals, requirements, and budget to bag these advantages. 

Brand Examples

Are you convinced that using social walls in retail stores can positively impact your brand? Here are some examples of brands like yours who trusted the process and achieved their goals. 

Zotter’s social walls in retail stores

You’ve probably heard of Zotter. During their tasting tours, they devised a fantastic idea – a big screen in the tasting room showing what their customers say about their chocolates on social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

It’s a fun way for visitors to share their thoughts; not only does this tactic help increase engagement and speed up the user-generated content creation process by incentivizing them to get featured! It’s a neat way to encourage everyone to try more of Zotter’s delicious flavors.

Social walls in retail stores: Zotter

Silicon Valley Bank

Here is a pro tip if you are also considering installing social walls in retail stores: strategically place them in the center or near the counter to catch people’s attention and lure them into action. 

Silicon Valley Bank took advantage of this strategy and placed digital displays in their offices, keeping their real-time content fresh and updated for their employees and customers. 

Sephora’s social walls in retail stores

Are you suffering from bulk exchanges or returns of products? Then, social media walls displayed on digital screens are what you are looking for. 

Sephora took inspiration and updated their retail stores with digital displays that let you see how the makeup will look on you before you buy it. This way, you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong product from thousands of options. The digital screens also attract more people to Sephora’s counters in big department stores.

Social walls in retail stores: Sephora


The Dutch brand has a fun idea in their store to make shopping more enjoyable. They have a unique wall that shows Instagram photos with a specific hashtag so that you can get featured. The wall has a camera that shows the latest trends from social media influencers.

If you’re shopping there, you can take a selfie and put it on Instagram. Your picture will show up on the wall for everyone to see. The goal is to make shopping more fun and memorable.

So there you have it: outstanding social media wall examples of great brands like yours. 

Social walls in retail stores: Hunkemoller

Install social walls in retail stores now!

In a nutshell, social media walls for your store are like magic windows. They bring your brand and community together, making your store feel alive and fun.

So why not take your retail stores to another level with social wall displays? Get started today! 

Palak Mishra

Content Writer

December 19, 2023