Social Wall For Your Virtual Events

Dakshit Mathur

7 minute read

Dakshit Mathur

November 21, 2023

If you are planning or organizing a virtual event and wondering how to bring your attendees to interact, take positive action, provide them with an inclusive experience, and more, all through a secret tool? 

The solution is to incorporate a social wall!

Up your social media marketing strategy by introducing engaging and captivating social wall displays at your digital events. 

This blog will help you discover the tips and tricks that can help you take your dull and unengaging online gatherings towards success, where the audience interacts and takes positive actions for your brand. 

Moreover, we will also discuss its importance and the top features of a social media wall tool. So what’s the wait for? Get set and start reading. 

What is a Virtual Event Social Wall?

Virtual Event Social Wall

A social wall at your virtual event allows brands to exhibit their social media posts and user-generated content to their audience. 

Social media walls act as a great source of medium to get you a step closer to your goals through engaging activities live during the event. 

Additionally, digital displays help you build a trustworthy relationship with your viewers as you can showcase your current customer’s content in the form of social proof. 

But that’s not even the best feature that your social wall can offer you at your next virtual event; it enables you to display content in real-time and help your audience stay updated and your wall fresh. 

But if you plan on working with a social wall at your upcoming virtual event, remember these tips to get the best results. In the next section, we will discuss some noteworthy advice bits. 

Importance of Social Wall

Importance of Social Wall

A social wall holds a high power in bringing your far-away attendees to your virtual events by addressing your challenges for the same. 

In a virtual gathering environment, your audience can feel isolated, and that’s where a social wall comes into play with its unique features. 

A social wall allows the brand to make everyone a part of the gathering by displaying real-time social media interactions, user-generated content, and more. 

Additionally, the interactive nature of social walls encourages audience participation, making virtual sessions more engaging. 

Event organizers can leverage the platform to gather feedback, analyze participant sentiments, and gain insights for future events. The last section of our blog will walk you through some solid and impact-driven features that can take your virtual event to another level. 

Social Wall Tips to Enhance Virtual Networking

Social Wall Tips

A social wall for a virtual event acts as an interactive display that showcases social media content related to the event and your brand. This section provides tips for effectively managing a virtual event’s social wall.

Create a Hashtag

Choose a unique hashtag that is easy to remember for your audience and, at the same time, is self-explanatory about your virtual event. 

Encourage attendees to include the event-specific hashtag in their social media posts and stories, creating a unified online presence and making your event content and details easily discoverable. 

Motivate Content Creation 

Establish a sense of community by promoting user-generated content shared by attendees. Consider implementing contests or giveaways as a trick to boost content creation. 

Encourage participants to share their thoughts, experiences, photos, and videos of the virtual event. In the long run, this can help you connect with new and potential customers based on authenticity. 

Display Social Media Content

Utilize your social wall platform to collect and display your social media feed; it offers diversity and shows your popularity. 

One inside tip is to ensure the social wall features a diverse mix of reviews, comments, captivating visuals, and testimonials to maintain its genuineness and act as social proof. 

Moderate to Maintain Relevancy 

Another step to never skip and turn tables is moderating your social wall display to filter and curate content displayed on the social media wall.

It ensures that your social wall and the content flaunted on it align with the event’s tone and brand values. Set clear guidelines for acceptable and appropriate content to maintain a positive online environment, which can lure the viewers to take action. 

Run Engaging Activities

Integrate your social wall with interactive activities and gamification to maintain attendee interest and participation.

Hosting challenges, quizzes, or polls on the social wall can also encourage active engagement and interaction from your attendees. 

But as important as it is to remember these pointers while displaying a social wall at your virtual event, you must also look out and choose the right social wall tool that aligns with your brand budget and goal needs. 

Must-Have Features to Look for in Your Social Wall Tool

Social Wall Tool

Choosing the right social wall platform is vital for effectively displaying user-generated content and engaging your audience during events or campaigns. 

Below are some helpful aspects you should look for in your search for your perfect social wall tool. 

Multiple Social Media Channel Aggregation

A social wall should be capable of aggregating content from multiple social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as that helps collect diverse content, from reviews to visuals, and provides a complete view of your event’s social media buzz and more. 

This ensures you can pull in content from various social platforms to create a social wall display that grabs the attention of your viewers and gives social proof, which helps new customers trust your brand. 

Customization And Moderation Options 

One thing to be on the lookout for while searching for social wall software is its ability to personalize the appearance of your social wall. Not only that, but it is essential as it ensures that what you display matches the event. 

But as crucial as customizing your social wall is, the moderation process is another feature that is a necessity. You can achieve relevance and avoid profanity altogether with the help of this feature. 

Real-Time Content Updates

Real-time updates come in handy as the content displayed on the social wall is current and shows the latest posts and interactions from the audience, encouraging others to take action as well.

The social wall should keep up with the pace, enabling the audience to see their posts and interactions displayed promptly, creating immediacy. It also enhances the overall event experience by showcasing real-time trends and discussions.

Valuable Insights For Future Events 

As you come to the wrapping-up stage of your event, you must analyze your social wall performance. 

This feature will provide you with detailed and valuable insights into the data of your social wall, including engagement levels, posts, and interactions.

This information is valuable for measuring the event’s success, understanding audience sentiment, and making data-driven decisions for future events. 

Wrapping Up!

As we conclude this blog, we can mutually agree on how social walls effectively bring your far-away virtual event attendees closer to you. 

You can use your unique display to host product launches, run activities, spread brand awareness, or achieve any other goal with its easy steps and result-driven features. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started now with social walls at your virtual gatherings.