Enhancing Event Engagement Through Social Wall Integration

Palak Mishra

Content Writer

5 minute read

Palak Mishra

Content Writer

October 27, 2023

Social walls: Another term that got hyped up with social media due to its effectively result-driven elements, which can help your brand make its impact positive and long-lasting. 

But with the rapidly growing technology scene, strategizing and executing can be overwhelming when it concerns your events. 

Social media walls are digital screens set up at events to boost your brand’s awareness, engagement, and revenue. They facilitate you to connect with your customers using live and fresh social media content. 

We understand that creating an unforgettable experience for your attendees is your primary goal. But fear not; we are here to help you how to take your event engagement to the next level. 

Let’s explore how you can take control of your event by integrating social walls to give an unforgettable experience. So, get set and start reading. 

But What Drives The Use Of Social Walls? 

Simply understanding social media walls is not enough. You need to learn about its advantages to get a better grasp. 

Turn customers into brand advocates 

Displaying customer-created content on large screens can encourage users and foster a sense of ownership, ultimately helping to build a loyal customer base for your brand.

Long-lasting event buzz

Social media and social walls work great together for post-event effects. Integrate social walls to create buzz during the events and stay in the same energy by asking your attendees to share content and their honest reviews about the same. 

Generate ROI

Incorporating social walls for your event marketing can help your brand generate higher revenue through increased sales.

But you need more than just integrating social media walls into your events to benefit you. To help you achieve these advantages, we have listed your pathway to success in the next section.

Way To Integrate Social Wall With Other Apps More Effective?

Integrate Social Wall

Here are some insights on creating a social wall and executing your plan using these marketing strategies to extract the best in your favor and speed up your process.  

Let’s break down the “how’s and what’s” simply.

Highlight Attendee Moments

We all know how any brand gets trust and action from its targeted audience: Word of mouth and user visuals. So why not use that in our favor and flaunt the authentic user-generated content- Pictures, short-form videos, reviews, feedback, testimonials and give them a voice? 

Customize your social wall by giving it an authentic look using UGC. 

Show hashtag content as event attendees share on their social media accounts and their recent tweets to make them feel a part of it all. 

Dive into Event Activities

Spread fun and excitement and keep it engaging with activities and contests. 

Don’t be the player, but get into your spectator’s shoes and encourage them to join in on the games and campaigns with giveaways. 

Keep it clear and ask them to share their POV through QR code scanning, request votes through live polling, and add excitement through freebie competitions. 

Host live Q&A sessions

host Q&A session

What if there was a way of knowing instantly if your event attendees are enjoying or not so that you can improvise and up your game?

Well, you can keep the buzz alive by asking the visitors to scan the QR code and fill out the form, share their genuine opinions, what can be introduced to make it more fun, how it can get any better, and more. 

Leverage live polls and Q&A sessions to transform your event into something lively and relevant per their interests and preferences.

Connect with #EventHashtags

Keeping things clear and straightforward is what you need to generate user-generated content. Set short and catchy hashtags, motivate your followers to create content, and post it using the hashtag. 

Running a hashtag campaign is the best way to produce content and keep the public in the loop. You can fetch and display live social media feeds directly.

Using these hashtags creates a sense of community and allows for easy tracking of event-related content.

Your Personal Event Experience

Another benefit of social walls is showing what you wish on your screen, what works best for your brand, and maintaining your taste. 

Monitoring content can go a long way, as it confirms that only relevancy and appropriateness are exhibited. People appreciate filtered and edited displays instead of unrelatable content. 

It’s in your hands to keep your social media wall positive and relatable, maintain your brand image, and give it a unique personalized touch highlighting your value and messaging. 

Say Thanks to your partner

Give a shout-out to your sponsors for their work and investments, highlight their brand logo, and appreciate their initiatives as the backstage heroes. 

This way, you can acknowledge your support and give a professional and collaborative touch to your event and gathering. 

You can also create a specific section for your event hosts, speakers, brand partners, and influencer collaborators on your social wall to give them their proper recognition. 

Get ready for an event that’s not just a show but an unforgettable experience!

To wind up

We conclude that social wall tools are a comprehensive solution to elevate your brand event and gathering. 

Incorporating a social wall is a great way to make your event more interactive while promoting engagement, boosting brand awareness, and achieving other results.

Keynote: Remember your display screen’s positioning so that it grabs your attendees’ attention and gets proper visibility. 

So why wait? Start planning your event and integrate a social wall to impress its attendees.