Customizing Your Social Media Wall

Palak Mishra

Content Writer

October 26, 2023

Are you looking for ways to make your events and web pages attention-grabbing? 

Do you want to effectively communicate your brand’s individuality, attract customers, and effortlessly share social content through social walls?

If your answer is yes, you have landed on the right blog! Here, I’ll share my tips, tricks, and insights to help you achieve your goal. 

Like you, I’ve tried many tools and been through the process to give my social wall a “me” look. 

After trying out multiple social media marketing tools and strategies and hosting events, this is what I can say about how to perfect your social wall.

But first, let’s get your basics clear!

Social walls are a digital display of visually appealing content that tells your story, keeps it authentic, and helps you reach your goals. 

You can display your social media feed, customer reviews and positive feedback, content created by customers and in collaboration with influencers. 

You can also display live content on screens as attendees and participants create and share content with you or on their social media accounts. 

When setting up these displays, it is no surprise that you can set and cast them anywhere, be it in-person events, virtual meetups, websites, or digital campaigns like email marketing. You can also use them to smoothen your internal communication and in-store promotions or updates. 

What is really remarkable is that you can fetch live content from social media and hashtag campaigns as people post online. 

Employing and using a social media wall tool requires no background knowledge, but you must know some of its features that allow you to give the created wall a touch of your brand. 

Customize your digital wall: Personalize it as you wish.

If you think of it, simply creating a social wall is not where your task ends; instead, it starts there. You need to show people how you stand out from the crowd and market your product efficiently. 

It is these efforts that will lure them into taking positive actions. On my journey, I learned some ways to help me make my social wall unique, not one of those digital ads that shout out marketing. 

Here are some ways you can keep it engaging and fun. 

Give these points a read to grasp how and through which features you can make your wall yours. Be it your webpage, a new store opening gathering, or a networking event, you must keep it vibrant and alive. 

Moderation: Keep things under your control

content moderation

We all know the importance of a well-monitored content display; the moderation features help you get closer to keeping it clean and clear. Some tools also enable you to moderate manually. 

With this element, you can screen out any profane and inappropriate content and decide which visuals you want to broadcast and which you want to hide, as not all posts published on social media or through live participation can be cast on screen. 

Collect and flaunt your authenticity: UGC 

Another remarkable feature that can take your game from ground to hit is the one that helps you collect and show user-generated content, making your wall look genuine and relatable. 

Long-lasting bonds are the hardest to build with customers, but when you display actual content, it is the opposite and faster. 

Pick a one-of-a-kind theme

choose your theme

You can customize your social wall as you want; this gives you an edge in showcasing your collected content on screens. 

Go with the one that blends seamlessly with your events. Themes not only help you keep the display in check with its placement, but it also helps you call out and give due appreciation to your sponsors and audience. 

Ask questions

Engaged events are the most difficult to host. Making your audience mingle within themselves and with the brand is one big task, but what better way to achieve this goal than asking questions and displaying the audience’s answers on huge digital screens at events? 

You can collect and showcase live feedback and gain insights and honest opinions of your attendees through polls. 

QR codes 

social wall QR code feature

Another feature of a social wall that stood out to me was the QR code, which enabled me to give my events that genuine look. 

I asked my audience to scan the code and share their visuals, reviews, and feedback to be presented on the big screens. 

Keep up the excitement

With event calendars, you can keep the fire lit. Keep attendees, sponsors, and team members informed and share updates about the event. 

Not limited to that, but you can set this calendar days, weeks, or even months back and create reminders for up to 5 events so that everyone is on the same track and available on the date.

Countdown or Up

To keep everyone on schedule, I found out that social media wall tools offer a timekeeper that preserves the timeline of attendees. 

This ensured their timely arrival at the venue to join the virtual meetups at the right time. 

“What’s happening?” board

Why not turn your social wall screens into notice boards, which can help the latecomers understand what’s going on, what they missed, and all the other important information? 

This softwares keeps a note and doesn’t let you go out of style while making announcements, and puts you in charge of background color, text font, size and positioning, and how informative you want it to be. 

Leader boards

Can you think of any other innovative way to run campaigns, request votes, and celebrate the winner on digital screens with everyone present at the event? I certainly can’t. 

No more old-fashioned announcements; instead, ensure it stays chic with leaderboards. 

What’s left to be done after these many refinements? I’d say presenting your tastefully created wall. 

Measure your performance with analytics

Mesure your social wall performance with analytic feature

Let’s move forward with another essential component of building a solid and driven social wall: Analytics, which guides you with your performance and what needs more attention. 

This way, you can improve and work on what you lag. 

Social wall tools provide detailed reports and insights that give you a better understanding of how you can make your wall more engaging and exciting. 

To Bring it to a Close 

But I’m sure unquestionably, we’ve come to the same conclusion: Social walls offer endless possibilities. 

From having worked with Social Walls, a tool offering these and many other features to make your wall phenomenal and events more special, you can try this one yourself and be the judge. 

Here’s what I think would help: Get innovative and put yourself in the shoes of your spectators to find out what can make your event everlasting.

Palak Mishra

Content Writer

October 26, 2023