Social Walls + Employee Voices: The Future of Brand Storytelling

Palak Mishra

Content Writer

6 minute read

Palak Mishra

Content Writer

February 27, 2024

Struggling to engage your employees and showcase your company culture? It’s time to ditch the outdated methods and embrace the power of Social walls for internal communication.

Today’s consumers crave authenticity, and who embodies it better than your employees? Their stories, photos, and social shares (aka Employee-generated content on social walls) offer a genuine peek into your culture.

But how do you blend these employee voices with your brand message? Well, the answer is an AI-powered social wall for internal communication.

Meet social walls for offices( aka office signages) – buzzing hubs where employee stories dance with official updates, amplifying your message through real people and genuine voices. 

This blog reads the secrets of Employee-generated content and social walls for internal communication, equipping you to build a brand that thrives on trust and engagement. It’s time to unleash the power of your workforce.

Let’s get started.

Your Brand Story: Office Signages, One Powerful Impact

social wall in office

Every brand has a story, and real people tell the best ones. That’s where employee-generated content (EGC) and brand-generated content (BGC) come in, working together like a dream team and exhibiting the best of your company through office signages. 

Think pictures of employees on social media walls for offices cheering a big win, blog posts sharing their expertise, or videos praising your product – all straight from the heart. Consider combining it with cool ads, website text explaining your stuff, and social media posts curated by your marketing team.

Social wall features provide more than just digital displays; they’re powerful tools for connecting with your audience, showcasing your culture, and amplifying your brand story. 

The following section will explore building and using social media walls for internal communication to unleash their full potential and take your brand storytelling to a new level.

The Rise of Social Walls For Internal Communication:

Imagine a vibrant digital bulletin board (aka social media walls for internal communications) in your office, showcasing the best of both worlds: real-life stories from your team (think fun team pics, honest product reviews, and “day in the life” videos) and your official brand message (like slick ads and informative website content). That’s the magic of AI-Powered Social Media Walls.

But what makes the best social media walls for offices so unique? Here’s how social walls for internal communication can supercharge your company:

1. Culture on Social Wall For Offices Display:

Forget generic stock photos! Social walls for internal communication let you show your company culture as it truly is. Think of showcasing your team celebrations, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and employee testimonials – all displayed in real-time on your free social media wall displays. This gives potential candidates a genuine feel for your work environment, attracting talent who want to be part of the fun.

2. Engagement Explosion:

office social media wall

Imagine a virtual high-five happening all the time. Social walls for internal communication become interaction hubs where employees can comment, like, and share their thoughts on news, events, and even each other’s posts or YouTube short content to keep it interesting. This fosters community, boosts morale, and keeps everyone connected.

3. Brand Awareness Boost:

Think of your free social wall for offices as a megaphone for your brand story at an award ceremony. Combining your official stuff with real-life employee stories creates a richer message that resonates with people on different levels. Plus, when people share and talk about your social media wall digital displays, your brand reaches even more people organically.

4. Integrated Content Streams:

AI Social walls bridge the gap between your marketing team’s polished content and your employees’ authentic voices, similar to user-generated content. This creates a more dynamic and engaging experience for your audience, capturing their attention and keeping them returning for more.

Tips and tricks: Social Walls For Offices

Your social media wall for offices is a stage where employee-generated and brand-generated content joins forces to create a captivating performance. But just like any good show, you need the right mix of elements to make your AI social media wall shine.

1. Curating for Impact

curate content on social wall

Choose content that speaks to your target audience and aligns with your brand goals. Whether it’s a funny team meme or a heartfelt customer testimonial, ensure it resonates with the message you want to convey through your AI-powered social walls for offices.

Remember to balance official announcements with lighter, employee-generated content using office signages. Remember, your social wall is an extension of your brand. Ensure every post aligns with your values and messaging. 

Office Signages Moderation

Maintain a professional image by gently using social media moderation. This doesn’t mean censorship but ensuring posts are respectful, relevant, and accessible to sensitive information. Set clear guidelines for employees on what type of content is acceptable. 

Be open and communicate regularly to build trust and cooperation. Trust your employees, but remember, they’re not professional PR teams using social walls for events or websites. Turning your team into brand champions starts with making them feel valued and heard.

Encouraging Participation Through Office Signages:

Provide user-friendly tools and platforms for employees to share content easily from their devices. Run contests, offer rewards for participation, showcase social wall CTA, and recognize top contributors. Share company news, listen to feedback, and address concerns openly. This builds trust and encourages honest expression from employees.

Building a successful social wall for offices that involves collaboration, trust, and shared responsibility. By empowering your employees and blending EGC with BGC strategically, you can create a robust platform that reflects your brand and connects with your audience on a deeper level.

Leveraging Technology for Success:

social media wall in events

Social wall displays for internal communications are potent tools for employee engagement, but managing them effectively requires savvy and embracing new technologies. Here’s what you need to know to take your social wall to the next level:

Too much of a good thing can be harmful. Striking the right balance between diverse content and avoiding overwhelming your audience is crucial. Keeping things fresh and interactive is critical. 

Utilize AI to curate content, filter for relevance, and even personalize the experience for individual users using social wall designs and themes. This ensures they see content they’re genuinely interested in.

Over To You: Social Walls For Offices

Imagine your brand story as a tapestry woven with two threads: the authentic voices of your employees (EGC) and the polished narrative crafted by your marketing team (BGC). Social walls for internal communication become the stage where the magic happens, amplifying your message and forging deeper connections.

Picture a vibrant stream of content through your social media wall for offices: employee achievements, official announcements, and team celebrations intertwined with insightful blog posts. 

Unleash your workforce’s potential, listen to their stories, amplify their voices, and watch your brand story come alive in ways you never imagined. The future of brand storytelling is free social media walls for offices, and your employees’ voices are waiting to be heard.