Live Instagram Hashtag Wall – Know the Importance of Hashtag Wall For Events, Venues

Dakshit Mathur

9 minute read

Dakshit Mathur

April 11, 2024

Curious about digital social walls and how they can elevate your events? Look no further – we’ve got the perfect solution for you. A Live Instagram Hashtag Wall!

Simply put, An Instagram Hashtag Wall is close to having a live digital billboard showcasing all the Instagram posts related to your event. It uses the hashtags used in your event to fetch data from Instagram and display it in front of everyone. Keep your attendees engaged with the most relevant and visually pleasing user-generated content (UGC).

What Is A Live Instagram Hashtag Wall?

The Live Instagram hashtag wall is a digital screen that showcases the content fetched from Instagram hashtags. It helps engage people in an event and keeps the viewers informed with fresh content. In short, it is a window to the Instagram content at your event.

It makes your event feel more alive, fun, and social and gets everyone talking about your event online, which is super cool. So, if you want your event or venue to be the talk of the town, the Instagram Live Wall is what you require. 

Live Instagram social walls are more than just elements that you use to make your events more engaging by incorporating them at your events and gatherings; read and see what you get.

How to Setup an Instagram Hashtag Wall?

Following are the easy steps one must follow to incorporate a live Instagram hashtag Wall on their event to engage the attendees. 

  1. Go to Social Walls and create an account.
  2. If you already have an account, sign in.
  3. Choose the “Create a social wall” option out of the choices given.
  4. Choose Instagram as the source network out of the various ones given on the left side including Instagram, X, Facebook, etc.
  5. From the source filters given to fetch content, choose the “Hashtag(#)” option.
  6. Add the hashtag people are using with the images and videos of your event. Click next
  7. You will see the posts that people have uploaded. Choose the moderation option on the bottom left to choose what content you want to make public or private to avoid displaying any inappropriate content. You can use the AI features we offer to filter out inappropriate or duplicate posts. 
  8. You can also choose the “customize” option near moderation, to personalize the content as per your brand theme. Use the latest themes to show the content of the wall and engage more users.
  9. Once you are satisfied with the content and looks of your wall. Click on “Publish”
  10. Choose the type of screen on which you want to publish the content from options like Chromecast, Android TV, Firestick, etc. Click on the suitable option and follow the simple instructions given there.
  11. That’s it, your Instagram Hashtag wall is all set up.
Leverage the Power of Instagram At Your Venues and Events.

Why Use Hashtag Wall for Events?

Using an Instagram hashtag wall allows a business to showcase content to a larger pool of potential customers. People attending the same event might also have similar interests which can be targeted to attract them. 

Strategically placing content on the hashtag wall increases brand awareness and showcases impactful social proof, elevating brand engagement and sales. Here are some of the major benefits of using a hashtag wall.

Benefits Of Instagram Hashtag Wall

  • Engaging Content

We live in a world that respects authenticity, which is why displaying UGC can attract alot of attention towards your brand. This results in a better brand reputation and brand awareness.

Instagram Hashtag Wall

A big screen displaying aesthetically pleasing Instagram content in real time makes more people want to post about the event. It’s like a never-ending stream of good times that keeps everyone hooked!

  • Establish Trust & Credibility

When guests share their experiences, it’s like a big thumbs-up for your event and the brand. It builds trust and shows that your place is the real deal.

The Hashtag wall acts as impressive social proof that the long run, would speak volumes about the event you pulled off.

  • Moderation

With the Instagram Hashtag Wall for events, you can decide what content to display, with just a few clicks. You can pick what appears on the wall and avoid any inappropriate content.

Take advantage of your digital display and showcase the most relevant branded content, ranging from visuals to reviews to increase conversions. 

  • Boost Your Reach 

More user-generated content means more eyes on your event. When your event’s hashtag gets popular, it acts like a virtual word of mouth, attracting new attendees and fans.

Hashtag Wall

Use your Hashtag Wall to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the digital excitement happening around your event.

  • Better Engagement

A Hashtag Wall isn’t just a display screen; it’s an interactive bash! Attendees can like, comment, and share the content displayed, making your event even more lively. People coming to the event would love seeing their posts up there, sparking conversations and hence engagement. 

  • Get Insights Into Event Audience
Instagram Hashtag Wall Free

Leave an impact on your audience using Instagram Wall for events and learn how the wall performed with the valuable insights offered. Analyze the performance metrics including views, likes, clicks, etc. to understand and make improvements accordingly. 

  • Brand Growth & Revenue Opportunities

With so much UGC being visible around them, it’s natural that the event attendees feel the need to visit your website. This ultimately leads to more people getting to know about your brand, eventually driving sales.

Make Use Of The Powerful User-Generated Content from Instagram.

What makes your Event Hashtag exceptional?

To truly make an impact as a brand, you need to craft a hashtag specific to your event or brand, as it can encourage attendees to use it when interacting with your brand or posting content on social media platforms.

Instagram Hashtag Wall For Events

Remember the following to ensure you achieve your goals through your event hashtag. 

1. Relevancy

Your hashtag should convey essential information about the event as it helps communicate what it is about and can help bring more eyes to it. 

Consider including the event name, date, or a combination of the event name and location to bring more earthiness. 

2. Uniqueness

Thoroughly research your chosen hashtag to confirm that it is not already used for a different purpose. Ensure your hashtag is new, not plagiarized or standard, yet keep it simple and short. 

Live hashtag feeds aggregate all posts with the same hashtag, so you want to avoid unrelated and irrelevant content from other events appearing in your feed.

3. Conciseness

Keep your hashtag short and sweet. Most event attendees likely use phones, which can make it challenging to remember or use long and complicated hashtags. 

A shorter hashtag is more straightforward to enter and can help you generate more user-generated content on social channels. 

4. Clarity

While abbreviations and acronyms can help keep your hashtag brief, ensure it remains easy to understand and straightforward to your audience. If your chosen hashtag has more than one word, consider using capital letters or underscore to enhance readability.

Instagram Hashtag Wall App

Adhering to these guidelines can create a powerful event hashtag that resonates with your audience and maximizes engagement and participation.

Examples of Successful Instagram Hashtag Wall


Cadbury’s #CadburyFestive campaign in South Africa shows how successful hashtag marketing is done through Instagram hashtag wall and user-generated content. By encouraging customers to share messages of appreciation with #CadburyFestive, Cadbury fostered engagement and promoted their Festive Range. 

Cadbury curated and displayed user content on billboards nationwide, amplifying brand visibility. Personalized influencer gifts and collaboration also expanded the reach of the campaign. Even international participation, like from Vienna, showcased the campaign’s global appeal. 

Cadbury’s strategic approach demonstrated how combining hashtags, user content, and social media walls can create a compelling and widespread marketing campaign.


Having a Live Instagram Hashtag Wall at your events is a total win for your brand because of so many benefits it offers. 

It fires up audience excitement and fuels social sharing, taking the attendee experience to a new level. Its user-generated content and real-time buzz transform ordinary gatherings into unforgettable moments in your audience’s memory. 

So, if you wish to elevate the experience of people attending your event, incorporating the Live Instagram Hashtag Wall is a must!

Display Instagram Hashtag Wall In Every Event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an Instagram Hashtag Wall?

An Instagram Hashtag Wall is a digital screen displaying Instagram posts related to an event, fetched via event-specific hashtags. It engages attendees by showcasing real-time user-generated content, enhancing the event’s social atmosphere.

How can I set up my own Instagram Hashtag Wall?

To set up an Instagram Hashtag Wall, follow the steps below. 
1. Create an account on Social Walls 
2. Select Instagram as the source network
3. Choose Hashtag as your content source
4. Add event hashtags, moderate content
5. Customize the display
6. Publish it on a suitable screen like Chromecast or Android TV.

What benefits does an Instagram Hashtag Wall offer for my Event?

Instagram Hashtag Walls offers benefits such as engaging content, establishing trust, moderation control, increased brand reach, better engagement, and valuable insights. It also provides opportunities for the brand to grow in terms of sales and revenue.

Are there any best practices for choosing hashtags for my Instagram Hashtag Wall?

Best practices for choosing hashtags include ensuring relevancy, uniqueness, conciseness, and clarity. The hashtag should convey essential event information, and be unique, short, and easily understandable to maximize engagement and participation.

Can I embed my Instagram Hashtag Wall on my website?

Yes, you can embed your Instagram Hashtag Wall on your website by following the instructions provided by the social wall platform. It allows you to extend the reach of your event content beyond the physical venue to your online audience.

How can I measure the performance of my Instagram Hashtag Wall?

You can measure the performance of your Instagram Hashtag Wall by analyzing metrics such as views, likes, clicks, and user engagement. These insights help you understand the impact of your event, audience preferences, and areas for improvement.

What are some inspiring examples of brands using Instagram Hashtag Walls successfully?

Cadbury’s #CadburyFestive campaign in South Africa is a successful example of leveraging Instagram Hashtag Walls and user-generated content for brand engagement. The campaign incorporated influencer collaboration, personalized gifts, and international participation to create a compelling and widespread marketing campaign.