Live Hashtag Feed – Amplify Engagement and Visibility To Your Next Event

Dakshit Mathur

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Dakshit Mathur

May 30, 2024

Hashtags have become a social media mainstay for a reason. They’re simple, accessible, and undeniably effective. But what if you could harness the power of live hashtag feed to transform your event? 

This is where live feed enters: a dynamic tool that fosters attendee participation and creates lasting memories.

This blog post will help you understand the magic of hashtag feed and how it can elevate your next event from good to great. You can use them to create buzz around your events, increasing brand visibility and keeping your audience engaged. 

So, without further ado, let’s explore how a hashtag live feed can elevate your brand.

What Is A Live Hashtag Feed?

Simply put, a live hashtag feed is created by curating all the posts shared using a specific hashtag on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Live Hashtags Feed

It can be displayed on websites to increase the dwell time of your visitors, on digital signages at events to turn them lively, on DOOH ads to spread brand awareness, and whatnot!

As a brand, you can run a hashtag campaign, collect all the user-generated content, and display it on screens to build brand credibility and connect with your audience.

How Do Hashtags Work On Social Media Platforms?

Hashtags aren’t just decorations! They help people find your posts, discover your brand products, and convert customers. Here’s how to use them like a pro:

  • Pick A few: Don’t go crazy while adding a hashtag to your post! 1-3 hashtags that fit your post are best to get discovered and start a trend.
  • Short & Sweet: Keep hashtags easy to read and remember. People need help remembering simple and long hashtag keywords, such as #bakingfun.
  • Be Unique: Only pick clever and common hashtags. Use detailed and specific hashtags. They will bring better results than broad or general ones. Broad terms are unlikely to be searched, so using them might cause your content to get lost among unrelated posts.

Tip: Spy on your Competitors. See what hashtags your competitors in your field use to generate new ideas. 

Now, you can use hashtags to connect with more people and rock your social media! But what are the benefits of these hashtag feeds? Keep reading to learn the advantages of Hashtag Live Feed.

Display Live Hashtag Feed

Benefits Of Live Hashtag Feed?

Hashtag feeds capture social media buzz with your event hashtag, displayed live for all to see. Attendees stay connected and share experiences. Hashtag Live Feeds are more than a display; they’re an engagement engine.

Here are some of the top benefits of live hashtag feeds:

1. Build Brand Credibility

Building trust among your audience can help you grow your brand effectively. Building customer trust is tough, but it can help!  

Live Hashtag Feeds

Imagine showing off all the positive buzz about your brand on a big screen at your event.  People love seeing what others say, making them feel more confident about choosing you. It is a real-time showcase of happy customers that builds trust and excitement around your brand.

2. Increases Interaction

Keeping your audience engaged at an event can be challenging. We all know the feeling of sitting through a long, boring presentation. But your event doesn’t have to be that way!

hashtag feed

Liven things up with a live hashtag feed. This lets your audience participate through social media like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. They can ask questions, share reactions, and even answer your prompts using a unique event hashtag. 

The best part? They can see and interact with other attendees’ posts throughout the event, making it fun and engaging.

3. Cross-promotion

Showing a live feed of posts with your event hashtag (like #YourEventName) is a great way to collect content from your audience.  

This is called “user-generated content, ” which you can use for future promotions!  It’s like free advertising because it shows people having fun at your event.  

You can use this live feed on your website, emails, and other marketing materials to build trust and excitement.

Enable Live Hashtag Feed in Your Next Event

4. Mine Marketing Content

Want to show potential customers that your brand is loved and trusted? Here’s a free and powerful trick: leverage social media! 

Look for posts with your event hashtag and brand hashtag. These real people are sharing their experiences and honest reviews online.  When potential customers see others enjoying your product or event, it builds trust and makes them more likely to join the fun.  

Ask attendees to share their posts with hashtags and watch your brand reputation soar.

How To Create Live Hashtag Feed For Your Next Event?

Want to showcase what people are saying about your event or topic online? Know how to create a live hashtag feeds! 

how to create live hashtag feed

The first step is to Pick a catchy hashtag. Some tools can find all the social media posts using it. These tools can turn those posts into a live stream, like an ongoing conversation. 

You can customize the look and filter out anything odd before it appears on digital signages, DOOH ads, jumbotrons, and more. 

With this, you can boost engagement and create a community feel around your event or topic!

Hashtag Feeds – Use Cases

Bring Your Audience Together with it. They are powerful tools for engaging your audience and boosting brand awareness. Know the hashtag live feeds use cases:

1. Conferences And Meetings:

live hashtag feed at conferences

Keep attendees informed and engaged at conferences by displaying a TikTok Hashtag Feed on your social media wall displays. This allows them to follow along with the event, share their experiences, and participate in discussions using the designated hashtag.

2. Boost Engagement In Education:

live hashtag feed in education

Showcase student work, announcements, and upcoming events across campus. This encourages participation.

3. Fuel Event Excitement:

Take your events, concerts, and festivals to the next level with a Live Hashtag Feed Instagram. It generates excitement, encourages social media sharing, and allows attendees to share their experiences in real-time.

4. Showcase Happy Guests In Hospitality:

live hashtag feed in hospitality

With a hashtag feed live, build trust and showcase the best aspects of your hotel or venue. Display posts from guests enjoying themselves, highlighting your amenities, and creating a positive atmosphere.

Enable Live Hashtag Feed in Your Next Event

5. Increase In-Store Sales:

Live Hashtag Feeds

With a user-generated content feed in your store, let your products speak for themselves. Positive customer experiences with your brand build trust and encourage visitors to purchase.

6. Add Social Proof To Your Website:

live hashtag feed to website

Showcasing a live feed, convert website visitors into customers. This social proof demonstrates the value of your brand and builds trust with potential customers.

7. Engage Virtual Attendees:

live hashtag feed for virtual events

Create a social wall powered by a hashtag to make virtual events more interactive and engaging. Attendees can share their thoughts and experiences using the event hashtag to participate without interrupting the event.

Live Hashtag Feed Twitter can be used for almost any occasion: product launches, festivals, weddings, exhibitions, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Social Walls: Your Perfect Solution

Social Walls is one of the platform that can help you craft and showcase live hashtag feeds. Here’s a breakdown of how Social Walls is the best tool: 

All-in-one Solution: From gathering content to analyzing results for better future performances, SocialWalls offers multiple features. 

AI For The Win: Social Walls uses AI capabilities to help you curate the best and most appropriate posts, maintain your brand image, and keep the display relevant. 

UGC: Showcasing your audience’s love for your product or event can boost engagement and build brand trust. Social Walls offers features like SnapUp, which eliminates the use of social media and connects you directly to your customers. 

Additionally, you can gamify your displays to engage your audience better and get to know what they want to see. This can help you improve your performance effectively and reach your goals faster.

Over To You!

Live hashtag feeds boost engagement, fuel brand awareness, and keep your audience buzzing! As a brand, you can incorporate these feeds into your visual marketing campaigns and make your events and gatherings more vibrant than ever!

Take your parties to the next level and transform your events into vibrant experiences!

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