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Royal Enfield, a legendary motorcycle manufacturer since 1981, is synonymous with exploration and timeless design. Their iconic bikes are known for both style and durability and cultivate a loyal following worldwide. To further strengthen their community of riders, Royal Enfield hosted a three-day event - Rider Mania.

The event solely focused on uniting enthusiasts and celebrating their shared passion for the brand and the open road. At Rider Mania, Royal Enfield's challenge was keeping attendees' energy high and fostering a connected experience. Social walls provided the perfect solution, transforming Rider Mania into a vibrant and interactive event.

Challenges The Challenges

Boosting The Event Hashtag #IntoTheMotoverse & Maintaining Engagement

Keeping attendee interest high throughout a three-day event can be a significant hurdle for any organizer. This challenge is particularly acute for open-air events where customers often drift apart, leading to disengagement and missed opportunities. To overcome this, Royal Enfield came up with their event hashtag #IntoTheMotoverse to keep the audience hooked and engaged. The brand wanted to promote their hashtag among attendees, inspiring them to post content using this hashtag and improve their social presence exponentially.

Challenges The Solution

Displaying User-Generated Content & Real-Time Interaction with Social Walls

Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts were there at Rider Mania, but Royal Enfield needed a spark to keep the initial buzz alive for days. Social Walls delivered.

Live Streams, Social Walls, & Real-Time Engagement: Social Walls transformed Rider Mania into a community with:

  • User-Generated Content: Photos and videos from attendees flooded social media, curated by Social Walls into a dynamic mosaic displayed on venue screens. This fostered a sense of community and encouraged more attendees to post under their #IntoTheMotoverse.
  • Interactive Excitement: Polls, Q&A sessions, and contests fueled real-time conversations, keeping attendees actively participating in the event and the brand.

Here's what they had to say about it:

We displayed the social wall to increase in-event engagement and motivate more audiences to use our hashtag #IntoTheMotoverse for our Instagram campaign. Social walls proved to be an outstanding tool to showcase all the collected content.
Challenges The Results

8K Collected UGC & 3x Engagement: Success With Social Walls

Social walls transformed Rider Mania into a social media phenomenon, sparking a 3X surge in engagement and propelling the event into the digital stratosphere.

This started a series of content from almost every attendee and helped the client to generate more than 8000 posts under the event's hashtags with more than 2.3k UGC videos and 6.3k Images.

Here's how it fueled the ride:

  • Amplified User' Advocacy: Attendees became brand champions, sharing their experiences on social media at an unprecedented rate. This exponential growth in content creation transformed Rider Mania into a thriving online community, boosting brand awareness and fostering a deep connection with the motorcycle enthusiast audience.
  • Real-Time Excitement: Social Walls facilitated dynamic two-way conversations through polls, Q&A sessions, and contests. This kept attendees actively engaged throughout the event, generating a constant buzz that amplified the event experience.

Want to hear from them?

Our experience with Social Walls was outstanding. We would 100% use it for our future events."

The platform transformed Rider Mania from a spectator event into a vibrant, interactive spectacle, leaving a lasting impression on the motorcycle community and solidifying Royal Enfield's position as a brand that ignites passion.

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  • Filter content based on visuals. Surface the best motorcycle photos and videos with ease.

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