Top 22 Event Management Companies In USA [2024]

Dakshit Mathur

18 minute read

Dakshit Mathur

January 11, 2024

Irrespective of whether you are hosting an internal event, a successful trade show, an online webinar, or a work conference, your event’s success depends on its marketing, which helps it gain its due attention. 

How well your event is promoted depends on the event management company you decide to use. 

And did you know that 72.5% of organizers credited their event platform for positive conference outcomes to event management software, as it helps in outreach, organizing, smooth operation, and data analysis?  

In this blog, discover and learn the newest and top event management company to enhance your event strategy and execution. Achieve your event goals faster with this software. 

So, without further ado, keep reading!

What is Event Management Software?

Event Management software empowers businesses and organizations to promote their events seamlessly by leveraging event pages, social media, and cutting-edge technologies.

These tools are an all-in-one tool that helps plan, market, and execute events like conferences, parties, festivals, webinars, internal gatherings, or business meetings. Not only can they help in curating social content but also showcasing it on social media walls

Event management tool simplifies tasks such as creating timelines, setting up events and payments, tracking attendance, managing budgets, and engaging attendees.

The diverse platforms offer features like data analysis, badge printing, AI technology, live streaming, event gamification, and future planning. 

Get started and learn more about the best event management software to take event activation ideas to the next level.

Top Event Management Companies in the USA 2024

CventEvent registration, event operations, marketing and communicationsTysons Corner, VA
AllEventsQR Code Generator, Trackable Link Generator, Rank Your EventCreve Coeur, Missouri
vFairsEvent setup, Payments, Schedule, Reports, Check-in, Mobile AppsCarrollton, TX
monday.comEvent setup, Payments, Schedule, Reports, Check-in, Mobile AppsTel Aviv, Israel
AcceleventsGamification, event website builder, networking and live streamingBoston, Massachusetts
EventzillaLive Stream & Video Production, Attendee Engagement, Live Polls and surveys, Event CMSDublin, Ohio
HubiloRevenue impact dashboard, Branding tools, Broadcasting studioSan Francisco, California
AirmeetBranding and customization, data and analyticsRemote
6Connexvirtual event concept, Open universe of integrations, AI TechnologySan Antonio, TX
EventxEvent web and check-in app, lead finder, event management softwareCheung Sha Wan, Kowloon
StovaNetworking and content management, reporting and onsite servicesNew York
EventMobiCloud-based business phone systems, virtual PBX, unified communication, smartphone apps, Internet fax, professional services, VOIP, Open API/IntegrationToronto, Ontario
EventCreateOnline Event Registration, Event Analytics, Integrations, Check-in App, Event Management ToolsLos Angeles, CA
ClickMeetingWebinar cycle, Web conferencing, Webinar recording, Virtual Event PlatformGdansk, Pomorskie
EventbriteEvent planning, sell tickets, QR Codes for Event Check-InSan Francisco, California
RingCentral Events24×7 Human Support, AI-Driven Events, API Integrations, Email Marketing Engine, Event Website BuilderBelmont, CA
Eventcombo24×7 Human Support, AI Driven Events, API Integrations, Email Marketing Engine, Event Website BuilderCalgary, Alberta
WhovaAppointment scheduling, Facilitate 1:1 meetings between exhibitors and attendees, Sponsor and exhibitor tier packages, ROI reportingSan Diego, California
SwoogoEvent Marketing, Event Logistics, Security & Compliance, Data & Insights, Event Hub
Zoho BackstageWebsite builder, Exhibition Management, Sponsorship management, Attendee engagement, Analytics, Zoom integrationAustin, TX
BigMarkerStudio, Designer, Registration, Virtual Venue, Event Badging, Mobile Event Apps
BizzaboSmartBadge, Product Integrations, Security & Compliance, Enterprise Event Software, Insights & ReportingNew York

22 Best Event Management Companies

This section will discuss the top event management companies available in the market that can help you in multiple aspects of your event, such as displaying social media feeds. Choose the one that suits your brand needs and aligns with your goals and budget.

1. Cvent


Introduction – First, Cvent is your one-stop event management company for organizing events. From helping you connect with suppliers, get people excited, get in touch with sponsors, and grab all the essential event info, they do it all.

About – Cvent is your go-to event management superhero. With a one-stop platform, it simplifies everything – from finding venues to engaging attendees and tracking success.

Streamlined registration, custom-branded mobile apps, and interactive webinars are just a glimpse of what Cvent offers.

Host attendee surveys, get actionable insights and feedbacks from audience. Apart from that, Cvent provides 24/7 customer support to their clients.

What They Host/ Help In – Event registration, Attendee Hub web, Check-in & badging, Webinar platform, Venue sourcing

Industries They Cater To – Agency, Association & non-profit, Financial services, education, Life sciences, Technology

2. AllEvents


Introduction – Introducing AllEvents, with powerful features, empowers event organizers to create event pages effortlessly, streamline ticket sales, and receive instant payments. AllEvents is adaptable to various event types, effectively promoting a vast audience.

About – AllEvents is a fast-growing platform for managing events. It provides features to help event organizers easily create event pages, sell tickets efficiently, and get instant payments.

It is your go-to for discovering concerts, food festivals, yoga classes, and more. They help event professionals promote events on the fly – so you can focus on what you do best.

What They Host/ Help In – Event marketing and promotion, event ticketing software, engagement tracking, and real time analytics, event listing

Industries They Cater To

3. vFairs


Introduction – vFairs is a fantastic online event management company that allows event organizers to connect with their audience by displaying a live Twitter feed. It removes the headaches and allows organizers and exhibitors to concentrate on the vital part: event engagement.

About – vFairs is a one-stop events platform that helps organize different events. It’s great for conferences, trade shows, job fairs, and more. With vFairs, you can create your event site, have extraordinary 3D virtual events, and make check-ins easy.

It also improves the experience for attendees with unique mobile apps and works for any event size, from small meetings to big conferences.

What They Host/ Help In – AI-powered Marketing Assistant, event sponsorships, customer support, virtual environment

Industries They Cater To – Universities, Information Technology, Telecommunication,
Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Retail

Clients – Abbott, Microsoft, Amazon, Nestle


Introduction – Meet, your go-to no-code platform for effortless event management. Simplify your planning, manage marketing tasks, automate workflows, and collaborate in real time with your team.

About – is a leading Work OS platform streamlining tasks and workflows across various sectors. It offers customizable solutions for work management, sales CRM, and development teams.

The platform’s user-friendly design makes it a top choice for professionals seeking to simplify work and achieve goals.

What They Host/ Help In – Custom workflows, automation, and real-time collaboration

Industries They Cater To – Enterprise and Nonprofits

Clients – Glossier, Lionsgate, Oxy, Coca-Cola, Canva

5. Accelevents


Introduction – Discover a user-friendly event platform designed to set up and manage all events quickly, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid. Handling smooth registration, easy check-in, built-in badge printing, and robust lead capture with its unique tools.

About – Accelevents is like a super handy tool for organizing events – whether online, a mix of online and in-person, or just face-to-face. Accelevents is trusted for its remarkable features, like easy sign-ups and quick check-ins with printed badges.

It’s flexible for any event, giving attendees a mobile app to keep them in the loop. You can make event pages quickly, and it works smoothly with other software you use.

What They Host/ Help In – Customizable Branding, Event Scheduling, Email Management,
Social wall Integration

Industries They Cater To – Conferences, Tradeshows, Fundraisers, Seminars & Training, Product Launches, Career Fairs

Clients – Delta, Amazon, Deloitte, Xerox

6. Eventzilla


Introduction – Meet Eventzilla, a top-notch online tool for planning and promoting events. From taking care of your live or virtual event like a conference, fundraiser, concert, or sports event, Eventzilla has your back.

About – Eventzilla is a super helpful event tool – As a client of Eventzilla, you can easily show off short videos for big or small groups using simple tools. Attendees can chat, vote on things, and feel part of a big, friendly gang.

There are unique digital booths for sponsors and cool brands to show off their stuff. Additionally, you can make your event look amazing without being a tech expert.

What They Host/ Help In – Conference Management Software, Classes & Training, Event Website Builder,
Abstract Management, Custom Reports & Analytic

Industries They Cater To – Non-profit, consultancy, travel, education

Clients – Honda, Tedx, Oracle, Rolls Royce

7. Hubilo


Introduction – Elevate your virtual events with Hubilo. Enhance virtual events with its unique Virtual Event Platform. Unlike standard webinars, it provides a broad feature set, allowing organizers to access attendee lists, host 1-1 meetings, and facilitate business card exchanges.

About – Hubilo is an excellent platform for people who organize webinars. It’s made for marketers and can help double the number of potential customers you reach.

Hubilo has incredible features to keep people engaged, a team ready to help, and tools to make your branding memorable. They’ve gained excellence in giving people millions of minutes of exciting experiences and focused on making webinars and virtual events that work.

What They Host/ Help In – Webinar, broadcasting studio, Capture Intent, Prove Impact, Repurpose Content

Industries They Cater To – Demand Gen Marketers, Content Marketers, Event Marketers, Field Marketers, Marketing Ops, CMOs

Clients – United Nations, Roche, Informa Markets, Tech in Asia, Fortune, AWS, Siemens, Cognizant

8. Airmeet


Introduction – Airmeet is a popular platform for hosting events and webinars. With features like easy branding and interactive tools, Airmeet makes connecting with people and getting valuable insights simple.

About – Airmeet is an event experience platform that connects people through virtual summits, webinars, meetups, workshops, and more. Their unique Event Experience Cloud offers unlimited virtual and hybrid events, allowing you to host as many as you need.

You only pay for attendees, and our 24/7 live support ensures assistance whenever required.

What They Host/ Help In – Webinars, Conferences, hybrid events and job fairs

Industries They Cater To – Education, IT & SaaS, VCs & Accelerators, Communities

Clients – ComCast, Forbes, Volvo, SAP, HackerRank, University of Toronto

9. 6Connex


Introduction – 6Connex is an event management company that provides virtual, hybrid, and in-person event solutions. Our cloud-based tools include virtual venues, learning management, webinars, and more. It’s designed for anyone who wants to connect with communities online.

About – 6Connex is the premier in-person, hybrid, and virtual event solutions provider. This all-in-one event platform revolutionizes the events industry, facilitating seamless management and hosting of successful events on a large scale.

With a comprehensive range of functionalities, they support event planning, promotion, registration, and analytics, ensuring a tailored blend of in-person and virtual experiences for attendees worldwide.

What They Host/ Help In – Total Event Management, Multi-Language Support, Gamification, Reporting and Analytics, AI Content Suggestions, Custom Virtual Venues

Industries They Cater To – HR & Communications, Education & Training, Media, Entertainment, PR, Non-Profits, Retail & Commerce

10. Eventx


Introduction – EventX is the global leader in event management platforms, guided by a single objective: Empowering clients to minimize operational costs while enhancing quality, experience, and profitability.

About – EventX is the perfect tool for hosting events. With quick check-ins, support for different events (like in-person, online, or both), and a handy feature to easily manage attendees, EventX makes organizing events easy.

With a team that is always ready to help, it works well with other tools, making things even more straightforward. If you’re planning events, whether they’re in person or online, EventX is here for you.

What They Host/ Help In – interactive exhibition hall, dynamic exhibitor booths, online registration forms and interactive conference stages

Industries They Cater To -Conference creator, B2B marketer, marketing and event agency, internal or annual event

Clients – Bloomberg Businessweek,Sun life financial, Spark labs,

11. Stova


Introduction – Stova is the ultimate event technology ecosystem, offering solutions tailored to adapt seamlessly to events of any scale or location.

About – Stova is the go-to partner for brands looking to level up their events from one-time occurrences to long-term strategies. With solutions that fit any event, big or small, and regardless of the location, Stova goes beyond just tech.

Stova is about helping its users exceed their event goals with tailored solutions that adapt to the ever-changing event scene.

What They Host/ Help In – Networking and attendee engagement, content management, analytics and reporting and onsite services

Industries They Cater To – Education, Technology, Financial Services, Media, Associations, Agencies, Transportation

Clients – Pepsico, Informa, Databricks, Airbus, Valve

12. EventMobi


Introduction – EventMobi is another top event management company on our list that makes event planning easy with its user-friendly platform. Attendee engagement is a priority, offering various interaction options both in-person and online.

About – EventMobi simplifies event planning, promotion, monetization, and execution for organizers worldwide. Trusted by notable organizations like the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine and WHO, EventMobi is an event technology provider.

Their software enables planners to handle every aspect of the event.

What They Host/ Help In – Badge Design & Printing, Live Display, Social Media Analytics, Networking & Community, Integrations Services

Industries They Cater To – Associations, Corporations, Tech, Finance, Healthcare

Clients – Yale university, Visa, Ben & Jerry, Porsche

13. EventCreate


Introduction – Create a beautiful event website in minutes with EventCreate, another event management tool. Reliable and secure, trusted by people worldwide, including planners.

About – Save time and planning stress; build your website quickly—no coding required. Customize it, collect registrations, and track attendees hassle-free. Send invites and texts or share a link effortlessly.

Get real support from experienced planners, available 24/7. Simple, easy, and ready in less than 30 seconds.

What They Host/ Help In – Reunions, Weddings Workshops, Tournaments, Live Chat Support, CRM Integration, calendar websites, Funnel Analysis, Send invitations, Easy Payment Setup,

Industries They Cater To – Non-profit, Food,Corporate, Festival and more

Clients – Cornell, Hilton, Nike, Tedx

14. ClickMeeting


Introduction – Elevate your event management with our following event management software, ClickMeeting! This company offers a cutting-edge webinar and online meeting platform. ClickMeeting is your key to seamless and impactful event experiences.

About – ClickMeeting is a tool you can use on the internet to host online classes and meetings. ClickMeeting is for all groups, from small businesses to big companies.

It’s like a virtual meeting place where you can share information, show what you know, or sell things. You can talk to many people, show your screen, and even translate your words in real-time.

What They Host/ Help In – Automation, Live webinars, Online meetings, Breakout rooms, Screen sharing

Industries They Cater To – Non-profit, education, technology, IT, finance, HR, enterprise

Clients – Syngenta, Oxford, Alior bank, Siemens

15. Eventbrite


Introduction – Eventbrite is an online event management company that empowers event organizers to strategize, establish, and enhance the visibility of events, regardless of their scale.

About – Eventbrite is to discover various events, from educational summits, graduation ceremonies, and free seminars to music and food festivals. The user-friendly interface allows you to explore events based on your interests, whether business, health, or entertainment.

The platform also promotes online training sessions and offers a convenient way to share and save events.

What They Host/ Help In – Event ticketing, event registration, tickets, event planning, social commerce, event technology, ticketing, and event management

Industries They Cater To – Entertainment, health, holidays, business

16. RingCentral Events

RingCentral Events

Introduction – RingCentral Events is a global leader in cloud-based business communication and collaboration solutions. AI-driven conversation intelligence enhances customer and employee interactions, accelerating business outcomes.

About – RingCentral Events is for hosting virtual and hybrid events. With features like Reception, Stage, Sessions, Networking, and Expo areas, you can engage attendees, sponsors, speakers, and vendors through live video.

Whether you prefer simple setups or elaborate video production with pre-recorded content and live broadcasts, RingCentral Events has you covered.

It’s customizable for a better event with unlimited features for attendees, hosts, and integrations. It’s the first to bring AI to the global Event Tech market, offering pre and post-event engagement.

What They Host/ Help In – AI features, Analytics, Security, Administration

Industries They Cater To – Financial services, Education, Government, Retail, Professional Services, Manufacturing, real estate, Automotive, Consumer services

Clients – Spotify, Hubspot, Hugo Boss, Ebay, Vodafone Business

17. Eventcombo


Introduction – Regardless of the event’s scale, Eventcombo serves as your comprehensive partner. EventCombo provides you with cutting-edge technology with unparalleled customer service.

About – Eventcombo’s versatile software manages all events, using advanced tech to create engaging experiences.

It’s customizable for a better event with unlimited features for attendees, hosts, and integrations. It’s the first to bring AI to the global Event Tech market, offering pre and post-event engagement.

What They Host/ Help In – 24/7 Human Support, AI Automation, Powerful Reporting, Engaging Mobile Apps, Community Integration, Real-time Notifications, Integration with 200+ Tools

Industries They Cater To – Associations, Education, Financial Services, Government, Legal Services, Manufacturing Industry, Media Services, Professional Services

Clients – Toyota, Shyft group, Go media, GoTo

18. Whova


Introduction – Whova makes events more manageable and more exciting with its intelligent technology solutions. It helps create real connections among the audience and smooths every step of the event, like planning, signing up, and staying connected afterward.

About – Whova, perfect for conferences, trade shows, and more, offers features like personalized agendas, interactive maps, and document sharing, saving costs and reducing environmental impact.

The app also benefits sponsors and exhibitors with digital profiles, QR code scanning, and contest gamification for exceptional ROI.

Trusted by big brands, it’s a full-featured solution for in-person, hybrid, and digital events. Security is a priority, and their dedicated support team is available 24/7 worldwide.

What They Host/ Help In – Sponsor Banner Ads, Easy lead capture, Digital booth profiles Brochure, videos, chat, giveaways and coupons, Attendee passport contest, Double the booth traffic and lead generation

Industries They Cater To – For Enterprise, Media, Agencies, Tech, EDUs

19. Swoogo


Introduction – Enhance your event success and boost ROI with Swoogo’s all-inclusive marketing tools. Enjoy automated emails, seamless integration, and a user-friendly event site builder.

About – Swoogo is your go-to event management platform, offering tools for all event types. With customizable registration forms, seamless integrations, and a top-notch support team, Swoogo ensures your events are a hit.

Trusted by big brands, it’s a full-featured solution for in-person, hybrid, and digital events. Security is a priority, and their dedicated support team is available 24/7 worldwide.

What They Host/ Help In – Full-featured solution for various event types, Top-notch support available 24/7 worldwide, security and data protection, User-friendly with flexibility and customization options.

Industries They Cater To – For Enterprise, Media, Agencies, Tech, EDUs

20. Zoho Backstage

Zoho Backstage

Introduction – Following event management company, Zoho Backstage – is your go-to for easy event planning! Design your event website, sell tickets, market like a pro, connect with attendees, host sessions, and track performance—all in one place.

About – Zoho Backstage simplifies event management with a user-friendly approach. This all-in-one platform allows you to effortlessly create captivating, multilingual, and mobile-friendly event websites without coding.

Prioritize data security with SSL certification and reach a global audience by supporting multiple languages. Zoho Backstage covers event management, attendee engagement, and sponsorship management.

What They Host/ Help In – Onsite operations, Virtual events, Virtual trade shows, Hybrid events

Clients – LeBros, Amazon, BusinessNZ, ITP media group

21. BigMarker


Introduction – The following event management software on our list, BigMarker, is the leading platform for webinars and virtual and hybrid events. This platform enables businesses to expand, make meaningful engagement, and ignite demand.

About – It is packed with powerful features for interactive webinars, customizable virtual events, and a hybrid events platform, ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees and boosting your event activation.

BigMarker’s Studio delivers broadcast-quality videos, while Media Hubs engage audiences with on-demand content. With top-rated support, BigMarker hosts millions of events yearly.

What They Host/ Help In – Webinars, Virtual, Hybrid & In-Person Events, Revenue and monetization, White Label, Media Hubs, Networking, Marketing, Integrations

Industries They Cater To – Education, Government, Professional services and more

Clients – Pandora, Samsung, Dell, CNBC, TED

22. Bizzabo


Introduction – Combine your next award ceremony idea with Bizzabo, a leading event management platform transforming in-person, virtual, and hybrid experiences for top brands worldwide. Bizzabo enables leaders to manage events, engage audiences, and achieve impactful business outcomes effortlessly.

About – Bizzabo is the leader in B2B conference event software. Their Event Operating System is designed to supercharge them with revenue, brand building, and community engagement.

Bizzabo is the secret weapon for marketing teams, simplifying complex events with dynamic registration, multi-track agendas, and seamless CRM integration. With cutting-edge tech, they elevate attendee engagement and turn events into revenue-generating machines.

What They Host/ Help In – Event Content Management, Networking and marketing, Onsite Software and wearables, Broadcasting and media, Sponsors and exhibitors, Mobile Event App, Event Registration Software

Industries They Cater To – Corporations, Agencies, Nonprofits, Higher Education, Associations

Clients – HubSpot, Bloomberg, Hardware business review, Time, CNBC

Over To You!

As we reach the end of this blog, ensure that you pick an event management company that helps you get closer to your brand goals, stands out from others, and suits your budget well. 

As an event management platform, the tool you choose must market and promote your event, enhance your engagement, and provide the best experience to your audience. 

You can stream your event live on digital screens, get hashtag analytics, manage through event apps, keep attendees updated through event-specific websites, and analyze your progress. 

So make sure you choose the one best for your event and its growth, be it in-person, virtual, or hybrid.