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Bring in more visitors and create an impact on your club members by showcasing real fitness transformations, positive reviews, and workout ideas.

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Build Your Community of Fitness Enthusiasts ✨

Engage and motivate your attendees by enhancing your workout sessions with authentic UGC.

Feature positive visual reviews and fitness journeys of real customers on digital signages.

Allow members to upload engaging selfies and fitness challenges effortlessly with SnapUp.

Turn your fitness events engaging by connecting with attendees in real-time with Reactions.

Curate Compelling Social Walls with Personal and Shared Moments

Get content from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and more sources to create interesting and varied Social Walls.

Bag these and more Benefits of Social Wall


Hashtag, Handle, Stories, Mentions, Tags, Video

Bag these and more Benefits of Social Wall


Hashtag, Handle, Personal Account, Post URL

Bag these and more Benefits of Social Wall

Snap Up


Bag these and more Benefits of Social Wall


Hashtag, Handle, Personal Account, Post URL

Bag these and more Benefits of Social Wall


Page, Page Mentions, Albums

Bag these and more Benefits of Social Wall


Company Page, Handle, Hashtag, Post URL, Bulk URL

Bag these and more Benefits of Social Wall


Channel URL, Source, Playlist, Keywords, Location

Bag these and more Benefits of Social Wall



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Why Your Fitness Center Needs a Social Wall: Exploring the Benefits

Bag these and more Benefits of Social Wall
Heightened Engagement

Increase Memberships

Feature beginner-friendly workout routines to increase new memberships and share lively displays of social UGC to keep existing members engaged.

UGC Curation

Gain Trust

Showcase real customer stories and share live brand updates on social walls to improve credibility and tap into the power of reviews to boost brand trust by 3x

Brand Visibility

Fan Advocacy

Turn your customers into brand ambassadors by putting their authentic content under the spotlight. Showcase videos, selfies, and reviews effortlessly.

Data and insights


Use your social wall to share inspiring fitness content and wellness tips that motivate and guide members on their fitness journeys.

Shaping Fitness Experiences: Crafting Stories for Social Channels

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Snap Up

Enable your members to provide feedback or UGC on the social wall by scanning the QR code and posting directly from their smartphones eliminating the need to use social media.

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Tailor content by selecting what to showcase and filter out the ones you prefer hidden. Whether you opt for auto-moderation or a hands-on approach, ensure top-notch content through moderation.


Profanity Filters

Activating Profanity filter allows you to instantly prevent the display of offensive content on social wall. It utilizes our predefined word database to screen out inappropriate content, giving the perfect view.


Unique Themes

Explore engaging themes to curate a social wall for your fitness or gym community. These themes enable you to create a unique and captivating display, ensuring an unparalleled experience for your audience.

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Enhance your Social wall by utilizing customization options such as banners, backgrounds, colors, and more. Tailor these elements to align with your brand's theme, ensuring a seamless integration.

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Evaluate the effectiveness of the Social Wall within your gym facility or fitness event. Obtain analytics to assess the social wall's performance, and identify your impactful contributors.

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