Twitter Wall

What is a Twitter wall?

A Twitter Wall is a big screen that displays live Twitter feeds. Furthermore, it also showcases tweets posted under your hashtag campaign. As a brand, you can use it at events, conferences, and festivals. 

You can show a Twitter Wall on different screens, be it your TV screens, jumbotrons, or DOOH ads display, it's best that you strategically place it in an attention-grabbing space, like a networking space in your events or retail stores. 

Apart from that, you can exhibit your content using social walls on web pages to make them more engaging and fresh. This way, more people can see it and stay updated right on your website about what your brand is doing. 

A Twitter wall serves multiple purposes wherever social media engagement is required. For instance, your brand can use it to boost a product launch, amplify a social media campaign, or advocate for a cause.

Live Twitter Walls at events, parties, and concerts make things more exciting and get everyone talking. Whether it's a wedding, a charity event, or a music festival, Twitter Walls brings the buzz.

They work on any screen size because they're super flexible. Using a hashtag tracking tool you can check the progress and the performance of your social media hashtag campaign. 

Your Event with Twitter Walls

Let's understand how Twitter walls can help you get closer to your goals and gain maximum engagement. 

A. Before the Event – Get attendees excited

Imagine your event is near its date, and you want everyone talking about it and generating buzz. That's where the Twitter wall comes in! 

Before the event starts, share tweets from sponsors and speakers. It's like giving everyone a sneak peek and making them eager to join in the fun.

If you are planning on running a hashtag campaign around it, check out your competitor's performance using a Twitter viewer. 

Personalize the look of your Twitter wall to align with your brand, values, messaging, or event theme. 

B. During the Event – turn vision into reality

On your big event day, the Twitter wall becomes the center of a digital party. Put it in a cool and center spot near the stage to attract everyone's attention and make them take some positive action. 

It's not just a screen – it's a live feed of updates, announcements, and shout-outs. You can make your event guests and Twitter wall viewers get to be part of the celebration and make the event even more inclusive and interactive.

Twitter wall moderation effectively prevents the display of inappropriate and irrelevant content. Employ social media moderation offered by your Twitter wall to filter out offensive language and inappropriate tweets.

This tactic not only helps in establishing a great brand image but also places you ahead of the competition. 

C. After the Event – Tracking the Highlights

Even after the event is done, the Twitter wall keeps the excitement alive. Turn it into a statistic tracker that helps you know where you performed your best and where you can improve in the next event. 

Look at the numbers to see what everyone loved the most – which speakers or parts of the event got the most attention on social media. Use this info to plan even better events in the future, making each one more fun and memorable.

Utilize the analytics tools offered by your Twitter wall to gauge interaction, including metrics such as tweet count, retweets, and impressions. Additionally, analyze engagement trends, such as identifying speakers or sessions that garnered the highest tweet activity.

Over to you!

In conclusion, a Twitter wall is a great tool to boost social media interaction and create excitement for your event. 

Not only can you make a personalized Twitter wall but you can also moderate your Twitter wall to make sure that you only share the most engaging and well-performing content. Twitter walls also measure your event's success and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Remember to use good social media strategies, like using hashtags well and moderating content on your Twitter wall. With some planning and effort, your Twitter wall can play a crucial role in a successful social media campaign.