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Social Wall offers your diverse customization possibilities to ensure the creation of amazing brand campaigns

Creative Themes For Different Purposes

The predesigned themes from Social Walls help you highlight your content perfectly to the audience. From themes that make your text easily readable & highlighted to the ones that creatively show your visual gallery, there are theme options for all purposes.

Complete Control Over The Content
Social Wall Solution

Integrate Brand Identity With Banner & Logo

Assign your brand identity and value to the collected conent by adding your brand logo to the social walls. You can also design your banner for the feeds and display it along with social walls to give it your brand image and build a sense of reliability & recognition among audience.

Personalize Backgrounds & Styles

Beyond banners & themes, you get the option to add your different font styles for your content, add a background to the social walls & feeds, change card styles, integrate CTAs, refine no. of posts, enable auto-content loading, add announcement posts, highlight hashtags, and much more.

Social Wall Solution
Social Wall Solution

Enrich Design With Custom CSS

If you want to add additional designs & customizations to your social walls/feeds then the custom CSS feature is for you. Just create & apply your custom design CSS to enrich the feed designs and make it more interesting and interactive.

Advanced Social Walls Solutions For Your Events


Multiple Themes

Choose from various engaging themes to make your social wall attractive.



Automate the removal of unnecessary posts and keep your social wall relevant always.

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AI Recommendation

Explore AI-driven suggestions for the best and least-suited posts for your social wall.

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Real-Time Update

Allow posts to appear instantly as soon as they are posted and keep the wall fresh.

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Enhance your social walls with “Reactions” that help audiences to instantly react to the content they like.

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Design & Customization

Customize your social wall to match your brand theme. Add background, custom banner, and logo.

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Snap Up

Let event spectators upload their content directly without using social media as an intermediate.

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Visual Search

Add tags to automatically filter content from your social wall's feed based on visuals.

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The ownership of the content always lies with the user who has posted the content.

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