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Insightful Analytics To Measure Performance

The in-depth analytics that shows how users interact with your feeds, engagement metrics, content type, word clouds, user sentiments, and much more

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Here are a few of the possibilties & benefits of using Socialwalls analytics for your social walls, shoppable galleries, & social media feeds

Detailed Insights Into Performance

Explore through analytics about the impressions of your feeds, no. of views, total posts, clicks, and more. Also, get detailed insights with graphical representation for total visitors, post clicks, CTA clicks, etc. to effectively measure campaign performance

Complete Control Over The Content
Social Wall Solution

Hashtag Tracking & User Maps

Track your event hashtag or brand hashtag easily with Socialwalls. Find out the in-depth performance review around your hashtags across networks. Also, understand the top locations from where the users are interacting with your campaign along with visual maps

Understand Audience With Sentiment Analysis

The rigourous sentiment analysis metrics provides insights into the positive and negative emotions of the audience towards your social walls. This will help you understand your audience and how your campaign is impacting them.

Social Wall Solution
Social Wall Solution

Find Influencers From UGC

Turn your users into your brand influencers by identifying who are the most active users with positive sentiments that are posting about your brand & interacting with the campaign. This gives you leverage UGC to boost sales & business growth.

Advanced Social Walls Solutions For Your Events


Multiple Themes

Choose from various engaging themes to make your social wall attractive.



Automate the removal of unnecessary posts and keep your social wall relevant always.

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AI Recommendation

Explore AI-driven suggestions for the best and least-suited posts for your social wall.

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Real-Time Update

Allow posts to appear instantly as soon as they are posted and keep the wall fresh.

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Enhance your social walls with “Reactions” that help audiences to instantly react to the content they like.

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Design & Customization

Customize your social wall to match your brand theme. Add background, custom banner, and logo.

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Snap Up

Let event spectators upload their content directly without using social media as an intermediate.

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Visual Search

Add tags to automatically filter content from your social wall's feed based on visuals.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

Taggbox Social Walls provides a dedicated support 24/7 support to make your events a success.

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