25+ Creative Social Media Post Ideas for Events, B2B & Small Businesses

Supradarsana Chanda

14 minute read

Supradarsana Chanda

May 22, 2024

We eat, drink, and sleep on social media, making it an integral part of human life. 

Thus, it is obvious that each social media comes with a pool of audience to engage with. Audience engagement is the biggest call for businesses to use social media as their strongest marketing tool. 

Not only brands but event marketers are also incorporating the power of social media into their marketing game. However, playing with interactive social media post ideas is the biggest part for brands to build a strong online presence.

64% of the businesses have seen a boost in brand loyalty among customers who actively showcased them on social media. 

If you also aim to establish a strong brand presence on social media, you need to be creative. To make it less daunting here are 25 social media content ideas that would help event marketers, B2B, and small businesses. 

Let’s get started!

What are Social Media Posts?

Social media posts can be defined as interactive content posted on different social media platforms like Facebook., Instagram, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, etc. The social media post ideas include a variety of formats like images, videos, text, or a mix of all 3. These posts also include interesting elements like polls, surveys, and others.

social media content ideas

Social media posts are a smart way in today’s online era to interact with audiences, share real-time updates, and build a strong community. Moreover, social media posts are a vital tool for brands, to promote their products and services to larger audiences. Thus, to run a successful social media marketing campaign, social media posts play a vital role.

Why Social Media Posts are Important for Events & B2B Businesses

Now that we know what strategy can be considered an effective social media post idea, let’s understand what makes it so crucial. Following are some of the major benefits a brand might enjoy by implementing content ideas for B2B social media.

Importance of Social Media Posts for Events:

Planning to organize an event? Then you need to make hype about it so that a more interested audience can attend it. This is where the important role of social media comes into play. In this progressive age of online marketing social media posts are the fastest way to convey any news. 

Thus, you should take social media posts seriously and create a buzz about your event, to bring more attention. Setting up social walls is a great social media post idea for event marketing. 

Gathering social media posts and displaying them on social walls keeps your audience hitched. Furthermore, this technique will attract more audience to your events and improve brand awareness.

Importance of social media posts for B2B businesses

As discussed earlier social media has a huge audience base and here are some interesting statistics to support this fact. 

social media post ideas for b2b
  • Audience engagement made 95% of the B2B marketers take advantage of social media posts as part of their social media marketing. 
  • Moreover, social media counts as the top content marketing channel used by 85% of B2B marketers

Now let’s explore why social media posts are used in successful B2B marketing. 

  • They build strong brand awareness with regular and consistent posting keeping your business top of mind. 
  • Let your brand improve customer relationships fostering direct communication with potential brands through social media posts. 
  • B2B brands can establish themselves as industry leaders by sharing valuable content on social media platforms and staying relevant with their content.
Turn Your Social Media Posts into Sales With Social Walls

Social Media Post Ideas For Business With Examples

The audience pool of social media platforms is gradually changing the way B2B marketers work. Social media has become a prominent marketing tool helping brands to build a strong online presence. 

In B2B business, making strong connections is very important and that can be possible through publishing engaging social media posts consistently. However, running out of post ideas is a common issue that affects consistency. Here we have come up with some social media post ideas for businesses to make your work easy.

1. User-generated product demonstration videos

User-generated product demonstration videos

Let’s start with understanding the term user-generated.

To be precise user-generated is the term defined as created solely by the users of the product. So, the product demonstration videos that are coming directly from the users serve a huge value for your potential clients. This helps your clients to understand how effective the products are and encourage them to try them out. No doubt these videos are the best content ideas for B2B social media.

2. Spice up with behind-the-scenes

If you want to improve your brand image and make more loyal engagement, add behind-the-scenes (BTS) content to your social media post ideas for business. Sharing BTS videos and pictures of your company’s activities as social media posts can help to build trust. Offstage brand content conveys a positive picture of your brand to your audience. 

Moreover, B2B clients will take an interest in your brand due to the original content which enhances the possibility of gaining followers. The key aspect that you need to focus on is keeping the behind-the-scenes content authentic.

3. Post promotional videos

Try hands-on promotional videos for social media post ideas of your brand as such posts encourages the audience to take fast action. Promotional posts can reach wider audiences if able to get a better share from the audience. The wider your post reaches, the more people will know about your brand worldwide.

4. Post online word-of-mouth

social media content idea

Take advantage of customers’ positive online word-of-mouth and use it to build the trust and credibility of your brand among audiences. Online word of mouth from valuable clients can be the best social media post ideas for business. 

Posting positive testimonials on your social media handle like LinkedIn shows your brand to be reliable. This encourages other businesses to connect and work with your brand before competitors.

5. Engage with infographics

Add visuals to your social media content as they are more engaging than any textual content. When talking about visual content, infographics will work best as they are more gripping for the audience. As infographics are attractive, capture better attention, and the whole format simplifies all information and ideas.

6. Post images and videos

After infographics, creative videos and images are also one-of-a-kind and engaging social media post ideas. These kinds of posts are quite befitting for mainly B2B companies. Companies often find it difficult to show something exciting with their products and services. Thus, foster a compelling image of your brand among the audience with images and videos.

7. Article and reports

If you aim to gain a leadership position in the industry, take the stand with industry reports and news articles as your social media post ideas for business. Posting relevant news articles and reports on social media shows you want your audiences to be updated about the latest trends. Interesting news articles encourage audiences to like and comment, improving the discoverability of your brand.

8. Case studies

Sharing case studies or success stories on social media brings good attraction to your brand on a global level. People will be attracted to your brand because of the trust you can build among your potential audiences. When you share the success stories of your clients it shows your brand commitment towards customer support which will help enhance your brand reputation.

9.Post live-stream videos

Connect much better with your audience, brands, and potential clients in real time through live streaming. Live streaming not only helps to connect better but also builds the assurance and goodwill of your brand. It is the best way to share valuable and informative content with the audiences at large.

Reach Customers Everywhere with Social Walls

Social Media Post Ideas For Events

Let the audience go gaga over your events even before they start and don’t let the flame dim afterwards. How? With the power of social media. Take advantage of social media posts to make your events a big hit. 

Don’t know what to post on social media? Here are some of the social media post ideas for events below.

1. Display social walls

display social wall

With social walls, extend your event’s reach and success. At events, set live digital screens for your social walls, easily capturing social media posts through tools and pop engagement. Social walls show all the engaging posts to the attendees and encourage them to connect with your brand.

Know More – How to Create a Social Media Wall

2. Hype up your event

Create hype for your event before it starts to gain the attention of the attendees. Use the power of social media for this where the world lives. Share event links on social media so that attendees can reshare them and also mark if they are attending this will create hype.

3. Play with hashtags

When taking over social media platforms for the announcement of events, you can create hashtag campaigns specifically for that. Hashtags can bring your event into the social media conversation and let attendees use the same hashtag during and after events.

4. Polls and Q&A

Before the event, keep your attendees engaged with interactive social media posts. Thus, posting polls and Q&A is a great social media content idea for events to keep the excitement intact. It is a good idea to show your attendees that their opinions matter.

5. Post about performers

As a social media post idea you can share the performer’s details. Tell your attendees what they are going to experience at your events. You can create banners about the people performing in the event as a social media post. Reaching such posts to a larger audience encourages more likes and following.

6. Post-event testimonials

Take a survey after the successful accomplishment of your event. This will help you to gain information on what people liked and disliked about your event. So, take that data and create interesting social media posts to talk about your event. Isn’t it a fun social media post idea for events?

7. Tweet/retweet

Take it on to Twitter(Now X) and give the world a real-time update about your events. You can share videos and photos directly from the events on Twitter which catch the attention of your audiences. Also, retweet the photos and videos uploaded by the attendees. This way you can gather a crowd of your targeted audiences in your events and make it successful.

8. Go live on social media platforms

Give your audience who are unable to attend the event the chance to join virtually by going live on your social media handle. Live videos from the event let virtual attendees join the conversation.

Turn Your Social Media Strategy to Sales

Social Media Post Ideas For Small Businesses

Small businesses have to struggle a little more than others to earn a good reputation online. Thus, for small businesses, taking over to social media is very crucial to boost their online visibility. 

What to post for building good attraction and engagement of the brand?

It’s a bit confusing when you ask to bring something different to your social media post. Thus, to make it easy, below are some social media post ideas for small businesses. Take a look.

1. Collaboration post

As a small business, you need to do everything by being in a specific budget. Thus, if you are taking the help of social media marketing, a collaboration post is crucial to stay within your budget.

2. Short form contents

Today audiences don’t find long video contents that engaging. So, without draining them out, start posting short form videos like reels on social platforms. Short-form video makes features of your products more visible and to the point. Moreover, audiences love to engage with fun and creative videos. Thus, short form videos are best to showcase your skills and expertise.

3. Infographics

Social media post ideas for events

You don’t want to create confusion with too much complex data in a text description. So, instead of that you can play creatively with those data and show them through infographics. This is a creative and informative way to attract the attention of your audience.

4. Show customer testimonials

One strong social media post idea for small businesses is showcasing positive customer testimonials. Posting customer success stories helps you to build a strong picture of your brand online.

5. Run Contests

You can engage your audience and attract their attention toward your brand with contests and giveaway posts. Along with that, you can incorporate specific brand-related hashtags on such posts to strengthen the idea of the contest.

6. Give sneak peeks to your hard work

Show the world what makes you a successful brand your hard work. So, post behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of company activities on social media platforms. This fosters the trust of your audience in your brand. Moreover, this type of post makes your brand more human.

7. Celebrate milestone

Whether it’s your brand anniversary or the work anniversary of your valuable employees craft creative posts of that and show it to your audiences. This makes your small business look more authentic.

8. Post shoppable contents

Shoppable Post is a smart social media post idea for small businesses as it creates a seamless shopping experience. Add a CTA button on your posts or videos that redirects your audience to make easy checkout and payment. This not only lets you show the creative products of your brand but also helps to boost sales.

How to Repurpose Social Media Content For Engagement & Drive ROI

Repurpose all your high-quality and great pieces of content by gathering them and creating a social wall. Further, create those social walls display them on your business website, or showcase the social walls at events in digital standee. You can also display them on big screens like billboards but mostly it is used in events. 

Social walls give fruitful results to your marketing efforts establishing strong engagements. Channel a way to communicate with the attendees, improve brand recognition, and also gather real-time insights about attendees. The best thing about social walls is that it is a cost-effective marketing solution.

Turn Your Social Media Posts into Sales With Social Walls


So, are you ready to make the best use of social media for an impactful online presence? Create the best posts for social media and make your B2B, small business, and make your event the talk of the town. 

Here is the full picture of social media post ideas that you can use effectively to make a strong impact among your competition.

Keep posting and keep growing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are social media post ideas?

Social media post ideas are defined as the idea to interactively show your brand to large audiences with creative posts. Correct content will boost the discoverability of your brand from 0 to 100.

Why are social media posts important?

Social media comes with a pool of audiences and social media posts help your brands to reach them. You can spread brand awareness, build strong relationships with customers, boost ROI, and more.

How often should I post on social media?

The frequency of the posting is different for different social media platforms as per the audience. However, the average frequency of posting you can maintain is 3 to 5 posts per week.

Can I repurpose my old social media posts for new content?

The best way to repurpose your existing social media posts is by creating a social wall fetching the post in one place through a tool. After creating the social wall, display it on your website or at your events for better engagement.

How can I measure the success of my social media posts?

The success of your social media posts can be seen in keeping your eyes on the KPIs or certain data. You can either use an analytic tool or simply check the insight of the social media platforms. Elements like reach, impression, etc will measure the success of your social media post.