Event Technology: The Ultimate Guide For Event Success in 2024

Supradarsana Chanda

15 minute read

Supradarsana Chanda

May 15, 2024

Have you heard about event technology? 

Event technology is the modern breakthrough solution for today’s event organizers because of the innovation and convenience it offers.  It makes the life of event organizers very easy offering a centralized platform to manage the A to Z of an event. You might wonder what exactly it is and why you should invest in it. Here are some insights we have provided. 

As per the reports of the B2B conferences, 68% of the organizers agreed that event software has brought impactful success to their events. Moreover, 62.9% of the attendees expected the in-person conferences to use this modern technology. 

event technology service will be a fruitful investment for brands wanting to work with budget constraints. This article will teach you about this modern solution and make your events more successful.

What is Event Technology?

Event technology is the technology responsible for execution, planning, and automation of any event. It is the latest innovation in technology that an event organizer uses to provide the best experience to the attendees. Brands are focusing today on hosting events for various reasons, one of the crucial reasons is to build a strong presence in the market.

As an organizer, your events can be in-person, virtual, or hybrid. It is the best of both worlds, it offers solutions for both the virtual event and hybrid event. Thus, keep your attendees engaged and provide the best experience of your event utilizing the breakthrough solution of event marketing technology.

Why is Event Technology Important?

Here are a few reasons why event technologies are important.

  1. Automate the invitation process

There was a time when businesses used to organize their events manually. Brands that frequently organize events know how challenging it is to organize a manual event. Crafting the list of attendees as per their contact is a task. Moreover, the medium of promoting events is also very limited, through mail, prints, word of mouth, and others (limited). 

  1. Automate the whole organization process

Thus, with the introduction of social walls that display live event technology, all the hassle behind organizing a successful event will stop being a difficult task. This technique will automate the complete process of capturing and showcasing posts in a single digital standee. Utilizing the perks of mobile event technology you can plan your events strategically quantifying each component. It makes it very easy to run both in-person and hybrid events. 

  1. Able to mark real-time attendance

This smart technology event lets attendees from all around the world attend your events in real time. The event engagement technology of socialwalls.com is the perfect tool to encourage more people to reach the events. 

Thus, it is a very clear shot of how important it plays a role in making your events successful without any extra hassle. Now, let’s move on to the other part of this article to gather more information.

How to Choose the Right Event Tech?

hybrid event technology

Moving forward you will gather deep-rooted information on how you can choose the right tech for your events to thrive. The secret sauce is very easy to follow and helps you choose the correct event technology that serves you and your attendees the best. Let’s take a look at the key points to remember below.

Know your event goals

You must be clear about the goals that you want to achieve for your business through the events. Whatever the goals are, with the correct technology events you can smoothly achieve them despite the type and format of the event. 

To define your goals first ask the following questions and clear them out. 

  • Why in the first place is your business organizing the event? Having a clear understanding of what you need to achieve will help you get the correct event technology that matches your goals. 
  • Identify the KPI that will make your events a hit. This means you must create a clear with what the parameters are there, using which you can evaluate the event’s success.
  • You must want your attendees to take action after attending your event. To do this, you should know about them and craft content and CTAs accordingly to engage your attendees.
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The right event format is crucial to choose

Choosing the correct format plays a vital role in planning and executing a successful event. The format we are talking about here is to plan a sensible goal, budget for your event, and identify the correct type of audience. 

There is no sense in planning a lavish event that will burn out your pocket as your budget can’t keep up with that. Thus, be very careful while choosing the type and format that goes with the right event technology type to make your next event a thriving one.

In-person events

So, you are planning to organize an in-person event? Those who keep organizing such events know the hassle of making them the talk of the town. The initial task that you need to move forward with is proper planning and full-fledged efforts. However, incorporating modern technology helps in strategizing a successful event. And here we are talking about event technology which has been utilized by many event organizers these days and is a total hit.

virtual event technology

Today event technology has become an integral tool for organizers that can be customized as per their needs. These event technologies are API-supported and can be tailored as per your requirements. They even match your workflow without any doubt will manage your online registration works, digital ticketing, and help attendees with an event app. 

Hybrid events

An event organized in a combined setting of virtual and in-person events is popularly known as a hybrid event. Hybrid events have become a new hit in the town allowing attendees to enjoy the feel of live events, remotely and also in person.

You must make attendees come for virtual and offline parts of a hybrid event to make it a big success. Both virtual and in-person events must successfully go hand in hand. Thus, to do so hybrid event technology is the perfect tool to make both in-person and virtual events booming. This tool will take care of everything smoothly from budgeting to registering the attendees belonging to both modes. It is not wrong to say that hybrid events are going to be a thing in the future as expected by 73% of marketers as per a recent study. 

Virtual events

To make a virtual event successful there are a lot of things that you need to take care of. The first and foremost crucial thing is the quality of the videos that you are going to broadcast in the virtual events. A crystal clear video is the top-tier requirement to make a virtual event successful which encourages better engagement of the attendees.

To make your virtual event a huge success the modern tech that positively helps your organization is virtual event technology. This innovative event technology helps you carry on your virtual events smoothly and make them a huge success taking them to a global audience. With the help of virtual event technology organizers can easily stream pre-recorded content to anyone and anywhere. Moreover, 68.8% of event marketers believe that connecting with the audience is a little difficult in virtual events. Thus, event technology is the breakthrough solution for attendees to attend virtual events through video conferences and virtual chat rooms.

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8 Event Technology Trends For 2024

Technology is an ever-evolving niche where you blink and something new is launched in the market. In the same way, event management technology has made way intending to help organizers run a successful event. 

Event technology trends for 2024 have approached and are determined to make impactful changes in your life both as an event organizer. 

If you aim to make your event a huge success for 2024 and beyond, let’s get to know the major event technology trends that will be the game changers.

1. Digital photo booths

Digital photo booths are one of the trendy technologies that organizers use in almost every event today. It is a great attraction for your attendees which boosts engagement and crowd in your events. These booths come with the ability to click pictures and videos like branded pictures, short videos, boomerangs, etc. 

Digital photo booths are used by the organizers for both virtual and live events. Moreover, by engaging the attendees the digital photo booth lets you improve organic SEO as well. This is because brands can embed user-generated photos in their website to keep the fresh flow of engaging content.

2. Uptrend Artificial Intelligence at events

This is the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it has been heavily used in every field of tech industries. The main transformation has been brought to the event industry by AI. The biggest example is the AI-generated social walls which automatically generate content of the events and show them live in a digital standee. 

By utilizing AI you can expect a smoother process in the whole event. Artificial intelligence automates the whole process of your event from connecting like-minded people to chatbots to answer attendees instantly. AI even provides insights analyzing data to the organizers helps in providing a better experience in the future.

3. Social media walls

Social walls are an innovative trending technology used by organizers that helps to spark conversation among the attendees. For events, social walls are the best event technology that allows event organizers to display their social posts directly from social accounts on large screens and signages.

social wall event technology

Social media walls display user-generated content gathered from social media handles through filters like hashtags and handles. Afterwards showcasing them on digital screens lets you showcase your brand to reach wider audiences. Attendees can share real-time feedback which helps you bring improvement to your events in the future. A social wall is a powerful tool that helps to boost event engagement and spread positive brand awareness.

4. Digital invitations

When it comes to convenience, digital invitations play their part efficiently and are a great event technology trend for 2024. It is a great tool for managing the overall process of an event. 

For event organizers using the trend of digital invitations is a great way to invite guests formally. This way you can engage your guests before they arrive at the events. You can create branded designs to impress potential partners and showcase promotional videos.

5. Experience AR/VR

VR and AR technology lets attendees explore products virtually but provide an experience resembling reality. VR lets you create a virtual exhibition place offering the best experience of the virtual events to attendees. Improve your real-time events with AR bringing the virtual objects to the physical world, creating immersive and accurate simulation. 

The best part of this technology is that it is suitable for event organizers even if they have a limited budget. This buzzing technology is exciting for the attendees to explore.

6. Mobile app

Mobile is an essential part of an individual’s life as it is the prime mode of communication and much more. 

The organizers aim to provide personalized experiences to the attendees making their event engaging and interactive through a mobile app. With these applications, your attendees can receive notifications, and real-time updates right on their device. Moreover, they can interact with each other very easily.

7. Holograms

The hologram is the next trending event technology that lets the organizers display life-size images and speakers in their events. These are the 4D holographic display that comes with a world of possibilities for the event planner. 

The holograms are useful in various forms for different types of events. Holograms are installed by the organizers for events like product launches, product demonstrations, celebrity endorsements, and many more.

8. End the gap between physical and virtual events

With the right event technology, you can get the opportunity to end the gap between virtual and hybrid events. You can provide a seamless experience to your attendees giving them the flexibility to participate in your events regardless of their location. 

When you bridge this gap, you can reach a wider audience establishing maximum engagement. In addition to that, organizing both virtual and hybrid events is a very cost-effective solution.

Choose the Right Event Technology Solutions

Each event tech is designed differently and does not offer you an equal solution. Few event technologies are known for their features, and others are known for their great planning. 

To make it less hectic for you here we have defined what exactly should be considered before choosing an event tech. Below it has been listed out.

a. Innovation must be the priority

Progress is a crucial mantra for brand success, so a company must keep itself updated with time to look more approachable. You must go for a company for whom innovation is the prime aspect and provides you with cutting-edge solutions. Thus, carefully go through the price plans, project history, and other aspects that you must consider before choosing an event technology.

b. Must be reliable

Events are a crucial part of any organization as they bring similar-minded people together, spark conversations, and build community. Thus, choosing a reliable event technology is a must to achieve all the above-mentioned goals. To know the reliability of an event tech, know what past clients are saying, and make sure it works smoothly and manageably.

c. Provide the best experience to attendees

It is the duty of event tech that it can automate the whole process of events so that organizers don’t have to hassle. Similarly, it must provide the best experience to the attendees through the event. Moreover, event technology must efficiently work to organize an event where everything is seamless and reflects the brand image.

d. Must be hybrid-ready

As already said, organizers today are putting their efforts more into organizing hybrid events. Hybrid events mean one that is the best of both worlds and can entertain both virtual and physical attendees. Thus, you must choose an event technology that is determined to provide a good experience for individuals attending the event in person and online.

Event Technology Examples

An event has multiple aspects to take care of and event technology is a great tool that can streamline the processes involved. If you want to provide the best experience to the attendees at your event, the right technology is what you need.

Let’s highlight some of the event technology examples as explained below.

1. A tool to plan events

With event technology, organizers can help attendees with easy registrations. This technology takes the responsibility to help the attendees easily register, sign up online, collect data, and manage sales of tickets. 

Event tech offers attendees a centralized platform through the event app to access events, and the location of the venue, and to get all the required updates just from the mobile device.

2. To run virtual events

Planning to run virtual events? Well, then event technology can be the best solution for that as it allows you to host conferences, webinars, and other events online. 

With the right tech, it will let you livestream, chat, and offer virtual networking opportunities with the attendees. It can offer the benefit of recording the live stream making it easier for the attendees to watch the event even if they miss the event.

3. In event tech help

This event tech solution offers AI assistants and software to design events. Don’t confuse AI with chatbots as AI offers more quality. AI offers personal recommendations, gives real-time answers to any question, and more to your attendees.

Organizers can design their event layout with the help of 3D modeling tools. And they can also optimize space usage and craft an impactful stage setup.

4. Technology offers safety and security

With event management technology organizers can manage their budget, coordinate with the vendors, and more to execute a secure event. 

Moreover, the access control system, a security tech that regulates who and what can be viewed, is part of event technology. The tools like scanners and facial recognition seamlessly manage the entry points, offer authorized access, and improve the security of your events.

Get Started with Event Technology Today For Next Event Success

Ready to Streamline Your Next Event – Choose The Best Event Technology Provider

Event technology is an innovation in the field of technology that has the potential to streamline the whole process of your events. If you aim to make your events the next talk of the town, event management technology is all you need.  

Whether you are planning to organize a live event, virtual event, or a hybrid mode with correct event technologies the whole process will be smooth as butter.

Now that you have knowledge of event technology and its examples, choose the right event tech and thrive before the competitors in the event industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by Event Technology?

Event technology is the smart solution to manage your events whether virtual, in-person, or hybrid. Seamlessly plan, execute, and manage your different types of events with this smart technology in one go.

What technology is needed for an event?

Examples of event technology are as follows, event apps, AI assistants, virtual event planners, management software, and access control systems.

What is the new technology in live events?

The technologies that are trending currently in live events are Social walls, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence or AI, and many more.

What is Virtual Event Technology?

The conferences, webinars, and other events that are held online are defined as virtual events, and to manage them virtual event technology plays a successful role.