Next Generation Event App Software For Events & Conferences

Dakshit Mathur

11 minute read

Dakshit Mathur

May 14, 2024

Brands used to juggle a thousand tasks at a conference: printing schedules, managing last-minute speaker changes, and fielding lost attendee questions. It felt like a constant battle. 

But what if there was a tool that streamlined everything, boosted engagement, and even provided valuable data? 

Enter event app software, a game-changer for event organizers. 

Let’s explore this powerful tool and see how it transforms conferences from logistical nightmares to data-driven successes.

What is Event App Software?

Event app software is a  application specifically designed to enhance the experience of attendees at an event. It acts as a central hub for all event information, providing features like:

Sports Event App Software
  • Detailed Event Schedules: Find the schedules of the speakers, session descriptions, and room locations – all in one place.
  • Enhanced Networking: Link up with other attendees, share contact details, and arrange meetings for a more effective experience. 
  • Interactive Features: Increase engagement by making use of live polls, Q&A sessions, gamification tools, and social media integration.
  • Up-to-date Information: Get quick and easy access to the latest event alerts, announcements, and important documents.
  • Offline Functionality: Savor necessary features such as personal timetable and venue maps even without internet access.
  • Lead Capture & Management: (For Enterprise Event App Software) Lead data of attendees get captured and managed easily.
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Types of Event App Software

An event app software is not a one-size-fits-all tool. There are some common features among the event types, but they also have different requirements. Here’s a breakdown of two prominent categories:

Sports Event App Software

Consider an audience of die-hard fans who are on the edge of their seats at a game that is too close to call. Sports event app software elevates their experience by offering features like:

  • Live Scores & Stats: Make sure you follow the game closely with the score updates in real-time, game statistics, and replays.
  • Concession Ordering: No more missing the most important moments while you stand in a queue. Place orders for food and drinks right away on the sports event app software for an easy and enjoyable experience.
  • Fan Engagement Games: Get the thrill going with games, polls and quizzes that keep the fans active during the event.

Enterprise Event App Software

The magnitude of big conferences and trade shows requires high-performance capabilities. Enterprise event app software empowers organizers by providing functionalities like:

  • Lead Capture & CRM Integration: Easily capture lead data from visitors and effortlessly integrate into your existing CRM system for efficient follow-up.
  • Personalized Agendas: Enable participants to personalize their journey via designing individual itineraries based on their specific interests and objectives.
  • Detailed Event Analytics: Add a treasure chest of attendee behavior insights through all-inclusive analytics. Conduct session attendance, networking interactions, and participant feedback analysis to improve the next event.

Key Features to Look for in Event App Software

With a plethora of event app software options available, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Here are some key features to prioritize to ensure a successful event:

  • Engagement Tools

Change the passive audience into active participants. Try to find the features like live Q&A sessions where users can directly ask questions to speakers. Polls, surveys, and game elements can be used to supplement participation and let the audience be more engaged and excited.

  • Customization

Your event’s brand identity should be center stage. Decide on the software that will allow you to personalize the app’s look, for instance, colors, logos, and fonts, to match the theme and brand of your event.

  • Offline Functionality

Provide a smooth experience for the users even in regions with poor internet connection. Give the highest preference to software that provides fundamental features like personalized schedules and venue maps. The offline mode must be available as well.

  • Analytics & Reporting

Step beyond mere guessing. Understand attendee behavior and engagement better, with the help of detailed analytics and reports. Keeping track of the metrics such as session attendance, app usage and feedback, you will be able to understand what is relevant to your audience and which areas need improvement.

  • Integrations

Make things easier for yourself by picking software that works with your event management software applications. This leads to automatic data transfer, without any need for manual data entry.

  • Push Notifications

Keep attendees updated and engaged. Use push notifications to send real-time updates, news, and reminders right to their phones so that they don’t miss any important events or news.

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Benefits of Using Event App Software

Implementing event app software isn’t just a fad, it’s a strategic investment that benefits both event organizers and attendees. Here are some key advantages to consider:

  • Improved Attendee Engagement 

Interactive features, real-time updates, and personalized experiences that results in event attendees’ high satisfaction and a more memorable event experience.

  • Enhanced Networking

Event apps bring attendees together by means of such features as searchable directories of attendees and messaging functions. This is a great way to develop contacts and is also a platform for the attendees to meet and interact with possible collaborators or customers.

  • Streamlined Event Management

Manage schedules, collect data, and send notifications effectively through an app. This saves organizers the precious time and energy to concentrate on the quality of an event rather than on the event planning process.

  • Data & Analytics

Receive information about attendees’ actions and likings by means of detailed event analytics. This data is critical for the improvement of future events, customization of content offerings, and enthralling the audience.

  • Reduced Paper Waste

It’s time to go green! Event apps completely eliminate the necessity of printing schedules and handouts and also promote the green approach to event management. It not only helps the environment but also is economical for the organizers.

  • Increased ROI

Engaged attendees, efficient event management, and the collection of valuable data can be the keys to success at any event. It all boils down to the fact that event organizers will get a bigger return on investment.

Top Event App Software: Powering Up Your Event Experience

With a vast array of event app software options on the market, selecting the perfect one can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. To help you navigate this landscape, let’s delve into two popular examples, each showcasing distinct functionalities:

Social Walls

Enterprise Event App Software

Imagine an energetic, live screen displaying the buzz and thrill of your event. The Social Wall takes this idea and turns it into a reality. This software is designed to build stunning social media walls that serve as the central point of all event-related social media activity. Here’s how it elevates your event:

  • Content Aggregation Powerhouse: Social Walls is a tool that instantly collects content from different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This way, visitors can post their photos, comments, and hashtags related to the event and let others have a look. Social media wall displays this kind of content in real-time, thus creating a sense of community and prompting more contributions.
  • Engagement Booster: Social Walls does not only show content but also fuels conversations. Participants can reply and comment on each other’s posts, making the forum engaging and interactive. Not only that, it would help to keep them interested but it will also grow the brand awareness by displaying the positive event sentiment.
  • Event Buzz Amplifier: A vibrant social media wall works as a digital magnet, pulling attendees into it and making them feel like a part of the show. Social Walls can incite sharing of the event’s energy and excitement, which can in turn encourage them to share their own experiences. This will, in turn, broaden the event buzz and attract new participants.
  • Customization for a Seamless Brand Experience: The Social Walls team understands the significance of brand identity. It is possible to personalize the wall to match any theme and logo of your event. It will ensure the integrity of user experience which will create a cohesive brand message during the event.


Event Management Software App

Tagbox is also a highly sought-after event app software solution with an array of features in addition to social media walls. While not as comprehensive as Social Walls around  social media aggregation, Tagbox provides:

  • Engagement Features: Interactive polls, Q&A sessions, and some gamification elements to keep the audience involved.
  • Social Media Integration: Effortless integration of different social media platforms to enable attendees to participate and for the brand to connect.
  • Customization Options: An opportunity to customize the app’s interface to match the event’s theme and branding.
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How to Choose the Right Event App Software for Your Next Event

Selecting the perfect event app software requires careful evaluation. Here are some key steps to ensure you choose the best fit for your needs:

  • Define Your Needs & Goals

Make a list of the principal objectives you want to reach via the app. What do you want to achieve? Is it to increase engagement, enable networking, or capture leads?

  • Consider Your Event Type

The type of event is the most crucial element. In a sports event, one can not do without the features like live scores and concession orders. At a business conference, it is recommended to prioritize lead capture and CRM integrations.

  • Budget & Pricing

Event app software pricing can differ based on features, the event’s size, and the vendor. Figure out your budget and compare different pricing models (per-event vs. subscription) before making a choice.

  • Read Reviews & Case Studies

Research potential buyers and read user reviews to have an understanding of how their software is performing and what kind of support they provide their customers. Case studies of successful event implementations are also good learning resources.

  • Free Trials & Demos

Several event app software companies have a free trial or demo option. Take the time to play around with the software, look into its functionalities, and make sure it suits your requirements.

Future Trends in Event App Software

The event app software landscape is constantly evolving, with exciting trends shaping the future:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI chatbots can be used to give attendees individualized recommendations, to answer questions, and simplify event navigation.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

AR/VR inclusion can bring forth an immersive experience, venue previews, and interactive product demonstrations.

  • Blockchain Technology

The blockchain can guarantee data integrity, implement tickets and access control, and even provide new approaches for attendance.

  • Focus on Personalization

Event apps are going to become more personalized, giving users customized itineraries, content recommendations, and networking opportunities based on their preferences.

Wrapping Up!

Event app software is the real game changer for event organizers, it is the one that brings the new world of event experience and attendees interaction. 

Through the process of selecting the appropriate software and exploiting its functionalities, you can organize an event that will be more interesting, more informative and more influential for all the participants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Event App Software Benefit Event Organizers?

Event app software benefits organizers by:

1. Improving attendee engagement
2. Streamlining event management
3. Collecting valuable event data and analytics
4. Enhancing brand image and professionalism
5. Reducing paper waste

What features should I look for in event app software?

Prioritize features based on your event needs, but some key functionalities include:

1. Engagement tools (polls, Q&A, gamification)
2. Customization options for branding
3. Offline functionality for crucial features
4. Analytics and reporting tools
5. Integrations with existing event management software
6. Push notification capabilities

Can event app software be customized to suit my event’s branding and theme?

Indeed, most event app software provides users with many customization options. You will be able to customize the app to suit your event’s branding by choosing the appearance, color scheme, and logo.

How can event app software improve attendee engagement and interaction?

Event apps boost engagement through features like:

1. Live polls and Q&A sessions
2. Gamification elements and contests
3. Social media integration and interactive social walls
4. Personalized schedules and content recommendations
5. Networking features and facilitated connections

Which is the best Event App Software?

The fact that there is no one “perfect” event app software. The best option would be to look at the information based on your event type, requirements, and budget. Research different vendors, compare features, and think about a demo before you make a purchasing decision.

Can event app software help with post-event evaluation and analytics?

Absolutely! Event app software gives an understanding of the attendee’s behavior through data and statistics. Through metrics analysis of engagement, session attendance, and networking you can determine what worked well and what needs to be improved for the next event.