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What Is A Social Wall?

A Social Wall is like a live feed of posts from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. These posts show up in real-time on digital screens. You can show them on a big screen, add them to a live broadcast, or put them on your website as a social media feed.

It's a handy tool for managing and displaying social content at events, conferences, DOOH ads, websites, virtual meetups, etc. 

You can collect posts from specific hashtags, mentions, or accounts. When new posts with that hashtag are uploaded, the social wall automatically adds and displays them on your digital signage, and you can customize how they look.

Why Should You Use a Social Wall?

Social media walls are powerful tools for marketing and can help you achieve your goals. With just a few clicks, they gather content from all your social platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. 

Think of social media as a two-way street. Brands share content with their audience, but it's also a place where your audience can participate and share their reviews, visuals, and thoughts. 

Using Social Media Walls is easy and one of the quickest ways to get your attendees comfortable. You can check out your real-time event performance and how engaged your audience is.  

Social media walls are a common sight at all sorts of events, whether they're big music festivals or small store openings. The general idea is to create excitement and buzz around your event.

Imagine you're launching a new product at your next event. A social media wall can help build excitement by flaunting the product or highlighting new features. Once you reveal the product, your social wall can showcase how attendees react. This is super useful for media partners who want catchy quotes and content for their articles and press releases.

To make your event more social, you can run a hashtag campaign. Ask people to use a specific hashtag when they post about your event, which you can cast live on the digital screens.

Not only that, but you can also use a social wall to listen to people's opinions. Ask for their complaints, suggestions for improvement, and feedback through QR codes Q&A sessions. 

So that answers your question as to why you should use a Social Wall: It's a smart way to make the most of every opportunity at your event!

How to create a social wall?

To get started, you'll need a social media aggregator tool that gathers content from different places and shows it on a screen, making all your tasks hassle-free!

Setting Up Your Social Media Wall is an uncomplicated task! But first, here are some essentials to watch out for in your social wall software:

- Lets you manage your wall screen remotely from anywhere.

- Allows you to customize and personalize as per your event and brand style.

- Offers manual post moderation for maintaining quality and appropriateness.

- Shows content instantly without delays.

Now go ahead and learn the steps for creating a social media wall-

Step 1: A media wall aims to display web content on-screen effortlessly. First, connect your social media accounts to your social wall software. 

Step 2: After choosing your social account for content aggregation, pick the source from hashtags, mentions, or accounts. 

Step 3: the next step is crucial; you must moderate your collected feed to make it look more relatable, relevant, and appropriate. 

Step 4: Once you finish that, it is time for your layout, design, and styling of the wall according to your requirements, goals, and brand.

Step 5: That’s it! It is time to publish your curated social wall that will effectively engage your audience. 

Just as mentioned, it's as easy as 123!

In the next section, we discussed some places to take advantage of your social wall. 

Where Can You Use Social wall?

Using a social media wall can be a fun and effective way to engage with your audience in these different places! You can use a social media wall in various spots like events, offices, websites, shops, and restaurants.

Using a Social Media Wall in Different Places-

1. Elevated Events: 

A social media wall adds a sense of community, whether it's a success party, corporate conference, or virtual gathering. Show it on screens to engage the audience and make the event more exciting.

2. On Offices TV screens: 

Brighten up your office or lobby with a social media wall and entertain visitors, connect with customers, and get your team involved and updated. You can even display positive customer reviews to boost morale.

3. Your Website booster: 

Mix user-generated content with your brand's content and put it on your website. This boosts trust and conversions. A social media wall gathers content from social channels, and you can easily add it to your webpage.

4. On digital screens in Stores: 

Show social media posts from your brand and customers in your store. Encourage customers to share using your hashtag. This attracts more shoppers and creates a loyal customer base.

5. In Restaurants: 

Encourage diners to share their experiences using your hashtag. Collect the best feedback on a social wall. This user-generated content can boost your revenue and bring more customers. 

Your Social Wall Solution For Any Venue

Your Comprehensive Social Wall Solution

Use a Social Wall and simplify displaying top-notch branded and user-generated content, be it visuals or reviews. You can easily embed it on your website, use it at events, in-store displays, e-commerce platforms, and hashtag campaigns, and customize it for API projects, making it adaptable to different platforms and settings.

How to Use a Social Wall

Now that you are well aware of what social walls are and where you can use them, and If you're thinking about incorporating a social wall into your strategy, here's a straightforward approach:

Explore Social Wall Tools

Start by checking out different social wall tools and what they offer. Understanding their features and functions is key. Choose the one that fits your requirements, aligns with your goals, and falls under your budget. 

See How it Fits Your Strategy

Think about how these tools can boost your social engagement strategy. Here are some cool ways to use a social wall. 

  • Display Sponsored Posts

Feature sponsored posts to kickstart your social wall strategy. These posts can showcase your hashtag campaign and serve as examples for others, for example, an ad for a product. 

  •  Livestream Guest Speakers

If your event has guest speakers, share highlights of their talks on your social wall. This way, even people who can't attend the event can join the conversation, stay updated, and enjoy. 

  • Run a Contest or Poll

Start engagement with a giveaway, contest, or poll. Encourage people to participate by telling them what to post, get involved in activities, and how to become a part of your customer community. 

  • Hosten Sie ein Q & A.

Another easy way to get user-generated content is by asking a question and having your audience share their answers with a chosen hashtag. Alternatively, have your audience submit questions for a guest speaker to answer.

Provide Real-Time Updates and Reactions

Social events aren't just for in-person gatherings. Keep those who can't attend in the loop by sharing real-time updates on your social feeds. 

It's like having your own team of commentators sharing the best moments of your event as they happen, just like a play-by-play at a football game.

Benefits of a social media wall

Social media walls are displays for creating excitement about your new products, event line-ups, or sharing your customers' words. They're super effective at getting your audience curious and engaged. Here's why you need them and the reason why they rock:

1. Increased Social Media Reach

As a brand, you can expand your reach when you share your social media feed on social walls. This means more people see and interact with your social media posts, ultimately increasing your brand's visibility.

2. Better Landing Page Visits

As your brand reaches more audiences, they will spend more time on your landing page, learning all about your product. You can also flaunt your social wall on your webpage to help visitors explore your products or past events, which can pique their interest and keep them on your site longer.

3. Mundpropaganda

A social wall can spark word-of-mouth buzz about your brand as you can display authentic customer content on it. When folks see your social wall, they often tell their friends to check it out, which leads to a boost in conversion rate. 

4. Higher Sales

Seeing content from satisfied customers, especially if they are influencers or well-followed on social media, can significantly influence the purchase decisions of new and potential consumers, leading to higher sales. 

5. Kostengünstige Werbung

It's a budget-friendly way to promote your business and grow your social following. There is no need for ads or separate promos; all your posts are in one place, helping to reach close to your goals. 

Every social media business account offers cool stats about views, likes, clicks, and more. These valuable insights help marketers set their strategies for upcoming events and perform better.

Start your social wall journey today 

Get creative with social media walls at your gatherings. 

Now that you have in-depth knowledge of social walls: what, where, and how, you can too get started on achieving your marketing goals and making unforgettable memories. 

Don’t stop there, but you can improve sales, make more money, and get your brand noticed while creating exciting and eye-catching visuals for your audience to enjoy.